Lack Of Demand For Cubs Tickets Continues For Yankees Series

CHICAGO (CBS) The Cubs have some pretty high-profile series coming up over the next couple of weeks, but visits from the Yankees and White Sox don’t seem to be doing a whole lot for the secondary ticket market.

As of 9:00 a.m. Friday, there were 1,890 tickets available on StubHub for the 1:20 p.m. game against the Yankees, and 1,158 of those tickets were for under $100. Fans could purchase tickets for as low as $30 for an Outfield Upper Deck Reserved seat.

Saturday’s Yankees game saw an increase in price, $54 for the cheapest Outfield Upper Deck Box seat, but has significantly more available, 3,228 tickets available on StubHub and 1,079 under $100.

It’s obvious that fans have finally had enough of rising ticket prices and embarrassing performances from the team. The Cubs have drawn an average of 35,355 fans per home game this season, down from the 37,814 in 2010 and the 40,743 in 2008.

The situation doesn’t get much better when the White Sox make the trip to the Friendly Confines. For the three weekend games from July 1-3, there are 16,875 tickets available on StubHub and seats are cheap as $29.

The Cubs-White Sox series from U.S. Cellular Field, which starts on Monday, has a good number of seats available for all three games in the $30-$40 range.

The decrease in demand for Cubs tickets is more visible in matchups with National League opponents. On Saturday July 23, for the 12:05 p.m. game against the Houston Astros, StubHub has tickets available for as cheap as $20 for an Outfield Upper Deck Reserved seat.

A quick search on StubHub shows that there are 19 games for the remainder of the season that have tickets available for under $10. Several of those games, like the Thursday afternoon game against the Atlanta Braves on August 25, have tickets available for $4.

  • Dirk

    In the early 90’s had 2 tickets for the weekend and night package, upper reserved section 525 at about 12 bucks each. probably not affordable anymore. $81 for the bleachers? are they nuts, even if they are winning that’s crazy.

    • Spoon

      2 Tickets in section 516 would be $18 for this coming Monday afternoon.

  • Larry

    These guys need to do better research. They’re saying things like tickets “as low as $30” in the secondary market. I’ve seen tickets for a buck or two on SH for upcoming games.


    Who cares about the secondary market. Scalpers hoarding tickets take the chance that people might not want to pay more than face value. This is a non-story.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Right…. $3 is over face value now, got it…

  • Mark, Sterling

    What part of “ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR YEARS” don’t these people get? Why are people surprised that no one wants to watch the Cubs NOT get to ANOTHER World Series?

    • Spoon

      Because of 104 years of evidence to the contrary? Possibly?

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    Who cares, and certainly not important.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Yet important enough for you to read and comment…

  • John

    Umm, according to ESPN, the Cubs are averaging 35,000+ so far this year, or 85.9% capacity. That’s taking into account the horrendous weather we’ve had in Chicago and lots of day games while school was still in session.

    The White Sox, on the other hand, are averaging 22,745 so far, or 56% capacity. 56%??? Are you kidding? Nearly half the seats are empty every game? And you still think you’re entitled to have a team?

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the anemic attendance on the South Side? Oh right, nobody expects U.S. Sell-Your-Name Field to be sold out, ever. Even in 2006 when they were the defending champions, they still drew less than the Cubs (with more capacity). Pretty pathetic.

    A lot of people, including myself, just don’t get to the game often because ticket prices are way too high. I suppose I could switch and be a White Sox fan. Then I could get into a game by bringing an empty Coke can. I could bring my dog too. And there’s fireworks! Oh, and we can have movies on the jumbotron and camp out with our sleeping bags in the outfield. LOL, even with all that, they still have half the seats empty. Pathetic.

    • Spoon

      everything after your first two sentences is complete drivel.

  • Toonces

    I watch the games for free in my air-conditioned living room on my 60″ flat screen and eat filet mignon sandwiches; why should I pay through the rear end for lousy seats, ripoff parking and junk food prices?

  • Baseball Guy 24/7

    I think said it best. Who cares about the secondary market? Those guys/girls are trying to get 4 t o5 times the face value of a ticket which is nuts. I just saw that today’s Cub/Yankee game drew over 42,000 in attendance. Just imagine if the Cubs were winning.

    Like Tom Rickets said, if the team wins the attendance will take care of itself. That is the truth. With that being said, Tom will be a busy man in the free agent market this off season if he wants to win and get better attendance.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      You’re both idiots, the secondary market has them available for as low as $3 at times… Try reading next time.

      “A quick search on StubHub shows that there are 19 games for the remainder of the season that have tickets available for under $10. Several of those games, like the Thursday afternoon game against the Atlanta Braves on August 25, have tickets available for $4.”

  • Brent

    Reading this article was an absolute waste of my time. If the blood sucking ticket brokers weren’t so greedy, you would see more fans at the game. The ticket brokers have ruined the atmosphere at Wrigley! Let the true fans buy the tickets.

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