Student Tries To Bring Gun Into Northwest Side High School

CHICAGO (CBS) — Students at Foreman High School in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood were likely looking forward to the last day of school upon arriving Friday, but instead they ended up on lockdown someone brought in a gun.

The 16-year-old boy is now awaiting criminal charges.

The teen, a self-admitted gang member, arrived at the school, 3235 N. LeClaire Ave., around 9 a.m., police said.

He had been expelled from the school, but tried to get in Friday morning. Officers recovered his book bag, which had a loaded semi-automatic handgun inside, police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak said.

Police said the teen was attempting to pass on the gun to another student.

The teen was arrested and charges are pending, police said.

It was the last day of school when the incident occurred.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Jerome

    This is good news. Put this gangster in prison and keep him there. He obviously is a complete moron, taking a gun to school.

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    I’m sure he thought it was show and tell day. Give the kid a little credit, at least he admitted he was a gang member. The majority admit to being honor students, and the media believes it.

  • Tyrell

    Does anyone know if this fool is black?

    • TOO SAD

      Tyrell, yes only in your eyes cuz you need and love to talk bad about BLACKS. By the way, why don’t you use a WHITE name, like Steve or Brian or Drew Peterson? Where is your talkative family, too?

      • Tyrell

        @SAD, I asked a simple question. This guy is a fool. He took a weapon into a school. Would you feel better if my name was John, Tim, or Richard? You sound like an angry, racist, negro. What really is the matter with you?

  • LOL

    lol….Here we go again…another KKK member Kowardly Komputer Klown….does it matter what color ihe is? Every day it’s the same thing….ignorant “whitey” has nothing to do so they hide behind their computer… (I guess mommy is too busy on her knees…and I DON’T mean that she’s scrubbing the floor) to check the parental controls. Life is too short…Grow up, Tyrell…I mean….Danny, Chad or Shane.

    • NWA

      Bravo, LOL but the question remains, who were they going to shoot? They did not bring this weapon to school for “show and tell.”


    • Tyrell

      @LOL, Here we go again, an angry, racist black person making nasty, abusive comments. Don’t you ever have anything nice to say? Why are you so angry, life is too short. Why do black people use mommy or momma as way of insulting someone?

      • LOL

        I would say if ‘black’ people are really an issue for you, move to the Dekotas….there are no blacks there…put a dome over the states & stay there…then there would be no ‘black’ problems for you….and another thing, if you’re so curious about blacks, why not ask them the question face to face instead of behind a computer? Something to think about. Go & find some friends…it’s very obvious that you crave the attention.

      • Tyrell

        @LOL, Black people are not an issue for me. No where in my postings have I made any hateful or abusive comments as you have. I also am not curious about blacks. Where is this Dekota place, it sounds like a nice place for a vacation.

      • LOL

        LOL….Wow…you’re much more of an idiot than I had imagined….welll…since you don’t know your states, North Dekota/South Dekota ….forget it….and…regardless of your thinking…and regardless of you being shallow & ignorant, have a wonderful weekend.

        No matter what color, you’re still my brother.
        Timmy Thomas 1971

      • Tyrell

        @LOL, I’m really not an idiot, and I do know my states. Open your atlas and take a really close look at those states. You will find the joke is on you. Who is the idiot now? HaHaHaHa !

  • Sean

    Two white ‘dudes’ were pretending to be policemen (read the other story) and all I see on that page is people suggesting that they do community service….hypocritical…and no racist comments….wow….lol

    • Tyreese

      Did you really read the story? They were driving around making siren noises on a loud speaker. They never represented themselves as police officers and never made any personal contact with anyone. No harm was done or intended. Maybe a stupid teenage prank, but still, just a prank. It’s a far cry from robbing, killing, and beating people up for a cell phone.

  • August

    Here is some info to fill the gaps:
    1. The “boy” was actually in the building and was walking around for a while, no one knows how long, but long enough to shoot someone.
    2. This was most likely in response to a fight after school on weds. between hispanic gang members and black gang members.
    3. The CPD noticed that he didn’t belong and responded, the principal and new principal hid in their offices the whole time. (Thank you CPD for preventing a possible tragedy!)

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