Teens Arrested For Pretending To Be Cops

ST CHARLES (CBS) — Two St. Charles teens could spend as much as three years in jail for pretending to be police officers.

Newsradio 780’s Debra Dale reports, Jeffery Stolzenberg and Michael McSweeney, both 19, were pulled over on Randall Road in South Elgin.

When police searched their gold Malibu, they found a public address system with no actual sirens.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Debra Dale Reports

“They apparently were making siren noises with their mouths through the PA system and telling cars to pull over,” South Elgin Police Sgt Mike Doty said.

Some cars did pull over, but the suspects did not approach the vehicles and nobody was hurt.

If convicted, Stolzenberg and Sweeney will face a sentence ranging from probation to three years in prison for impersonating a police officer, which is a felony.

  • billyd

    I used to do that kind of stupid stuff when I was a kid too. Let’s not punish them too severely for acting like dumb teenagers. Nobody got hurt.

    • for real?

      A possible 3 years in jail for this? Were they dressed like officers? Did they have a fake badge? A gun? They didn’t even have a real siren. Sounds like they were just being dumb teenagers. How about a few hours of community service instead?

      if anything they should arrest the people that pulled over for a gold malibu, driven by teenage boys, making siren sounds with their mouths. Duh!!!

  • dan

    They should have stuck to “hey good looking pick you up later tonight”

    • Craig Sturdivant

      Dan, that is an awesome comment. I loved those commercials because they were so corny and that line was the best!

  • Craig

    Siren noises with their mouths? Never approached anyone? Those cops need to find something constructive to do with their time, there’s homies bustin caps, and illegal sh!t Mexicans everywhere. These guys were only goofing off and according to the story, never told anyone they were police. They should have gotten a verbal warning to stop the behavior, that’s all.

    • TOO SAD

      Craig, your buddies act like fools and need to have community service cleaning toilets as in taught a lesson: and what would they eventually do next, actually wear the uniforms and make women strip to touch them.

      • Craig

        @SAD, These 19 year olds are not shooting people, robbing stores, or beating people up. Just a little bad judgemet with no harm done. These are not my buddies, I don’t know them. You are a sick individual, please get some help.

    • Craig Sturdivant

      The cops were doing something constructive. As somebody who lives in the area, this is not the road to act like an idiot on. Heavy traffic and road construction, then add in these two mopes being themselves, you could have a big problem.

  • kashsgurl

    Ya’ll say that, but the lil smack on the hands gives the teenagers a push to be more daring to succeed in an adrenilin rush, cuz they start thinkin they are untouchable. Especially teenage boys.

  • jim

    Are the posts from the 2 Craigs above from different personalities of the same person?

  • VIP, Cook County

    Impersonating an officer is a felony. If they’re old enough to drive, then they’re old enough to know the law. They’re lucky no one got hurt or killed. Law enforcement risk their lives every day because they’re trained professionals. Even pulling over a vehicle is dangerous. What these teenagers did was irresponsible and jeopardized their safety and others. They deserve a harsh monetary fine and some serious time in community service on probation.

  • Sean


    • TOO SAD

      Jermain, That is why we are in this story: cuz it is WHITE boys getting away with anything and it is called a cover-up. And what was that again you are calling names again to the BLACK and HISPANICS in general? Shame on you and your kids: cuz they will be like you.

    • Sean

      Whoa!!!! That was awesome, dude!!!! You made my whole weekend….thanks a lot!!!!!!

    • Jermain

      @Sean, Don’t mention it, my pleasure.

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