Weight-Loss Expert Wanted For Fraud Is Federal Fugitive, FBI Says

CHICAGO (CBS) – The owner of a Chicago-area chain of weight-loss clinics is wanted by the federal government on fraud charges.

Gautam Gupta, 57, owner of the Nutrition Clinic, is accused of defrauding a private health insurer and the Illinois Medicaid program, the FBI said in a news release issued Friday.

Gupta, whose has advertised heavily on local airwaves, has fled and is considered a fugitive, federal authorities said. He last resided in Rockford.

He is charged with one count each of mail aud, health care fraud and conspiracy – all felonies — in a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Springfield.

Gupta, or members of his staff under his direction, allegedly submitted false claims to both Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the Illinois Medicaid program for unnecessary procedures or procedures that were never performed. During the period of June 2001 through January of 2010, the complaint says, the Nutrition Clinic was paid nearly $25 million for claims submitted on behalf of clinic patients.

The Nutrition Clinic has locations in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Naperville, Rockford and South Beloit.

If convicted of the charges filed against him, Gupta faces a possible sentence of up to 35 years incarceration.

Anyone recognizing Gupta or having any information about his current whereabouts is asked to call the Chicago FBI at (312) 421-6700.

  • Bill S.

    Just goes to show you: Radio advertising on WBBM-AM makes millionaires out of fakes.


      I can’t trust any of WBBM NewsRadio 780’s advertisers.

      I would never use the services of any of WBBM’s advertisers.

  • Right

    Get him.

  • the hole in Adolfo Soriano's gold glove

    This guy is wanted for mail aud? That sounds cereal.He aud to get cinnamon life for this! Time to call Cap’n Crunch and General Mills to track his ass down!

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  • tyron jackson

    He might be somewhere in mexico or india, enjoying his a$$…

    • Right

      the women are cheap, there.

  • Jason

    I remember hearing about this guy while listening to Q101. The lesson to be learned here, don’t believe everything you hear in the media. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

    • Bill S.

      Yes, everything they broadcast on commercials on WBBM-780 is for fly-by-night stuff, like mortgages, lawyers and other bottom-feeding schemes. And their station music 780 jingles sux too.

      • Len Small

        You can listen to Rush Limbaugh and his pedling of gold investments. We live in a free market and you make your own deals. You are correct though, on the lawyer, Jeffery Leving–so called “Father’s Rights” What a crock. Courts look at the best interests of the children…many fathers get full custody….and not because of him. Everyone in the legal community is aware of this joker.

  • Raymond Prudente

    According to FBI between three and ten percent of all health care spending is FRAUDULENT–as much as $250 Billion each and every year. While $65 Billion is lost each year to fraud or over $135 Million per day in the medicare alone.

    Medicare crooks are robbing the American taxpayers each and every year of the amount it took Bernie Madoff decades to rob from his private investors. Like Madoff many healthcare professionals are able to get away with fraud because their billing practices often look legitimate and without added investigative capacity, authorities are unable to spot scams. What is disturbing is that, every dollar lost to health care fraud is a dollar not spent on patient care. In short poor and rich Americans will be forced to pay.

  • frankie

    Aren’t the radio stations also somewhat guilty? This crime was certainly helped by the advertising bought with illegal money.

  • constance haliburton

    According to the Illinois secretary of State’s Business records, this enterprise operated by Gupta was not registered as a corporate entity. How did he get away with conducting corporate activities whtout being in compliance? Is he really a qualified, trained and licensed practitioner? How does the public know?

  • Tanya Livingston

    Dr. Gupta is my hero! I lost 315 pounds in a year eating cookies, cake, pies, Arby’s, Golden Corral (3x weekely), steaks, potatoes, candy, dunkin donuts every morning…anything I wanted and he made me loose weight. Now I have a man, a new job, a new Aveo and my kids think I am the greatest. God bless him.

  • Joe Patroni

    The WBBM demographic is a middle aged, self-employed male like me sitting on the Stevenson at First Avenue, who needs to loose weight, has hair falling out, low T, amd looking to refinance his mortgage to purchase a used copy machine for the office and a new car. End of Story—The Bigeest no brainer in the history of Earth.

  • Eddie Murphy

    I agree. WBBM-AM needs to change its news music. Very tired sound.

  • Kenneth Mantel

    Since WBBM advertised his services, I believe this should have been disclosed. Also, it looks like grammatically this was not proof reed.

  • gposner

    He may be Sanjay Gupta’s relative…We must stay on top of this volitile situation.

  • vinny

    farcking icehole…i keel you

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