Cook County Arrests 80 ‘Deadbeat Dads’

CHICAGO (CBS) — A total of 80 “deadbeat dads” who owe more than $1.7 million in child support were arrested in a two-week Cook County Sheriff sting.

Sheriff Tom Dart announced the arrests the day after Father’s Day.

“It’s particularly troubling to think that even on Father’s Day – a day intended to honor one of the two most important people in a child’s life – there are men continuously shirking their duties,” he said.

The sting targeted dads across Cook County. Among those arrested, Cleveland Keys Jr., 46, of the 1200 block of West 90th Street in Chicago, owed the highest amount of unpaid support at $213,677.41.

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Keys owns a barber shop in Evergreen Park. He was apprehended June 14 after an undercover officer went in for a haircut in order to determine when Keys would next be at the business.

cleveland keys jr1 Cook County Arrests 80 Deadbeat Dads

Cleveland Keys Jr. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff)

Byron Portis, 29, of the 9500 block of South Racine, owes $59,227 in child support.

Inside Portis’ home, found more than $44,000 stuffed in a bag, as well as four loaded firearms.

Another man nabbed in the sweep, Yaser Hadidi, 51, of the 7600 block of West 63rd Street in Summit, has been arrested five times in connection with his failure to pay $50,935.48 in child support.

Investigators also are seeking David Fisher, 45, of the 1700 block of West Hubbard Avenue in Chicago, who owes $243,569 in back child support.

“We’ve got one guy that we’re still pretty actively looking for named David Fisher,” Dart said. “He owes about $250,000 in back child support. And we have information that he drives around in a BMW.”

If you have information on anyone wanted for failure to pay child support, please call 1-800-447-4278.

Dart says his website also has information on deadbeat dads they’re looking for – and tips are welcome.

“It’s all anonymous,” he said. “We don’t need to know who you are. We will then go out and make the arrest and then bring the individual before a judge where they’ll start doing what they should’ve been doing for years.”

  • KE

    YEAH!!! Way to go Sherriff Dart and crew!!!

  • Zastava

    How come you never read any stories about the deadbeat mother hoe’s that blow all the child support they get on themselves and the kids end up with nothing to eat and or nothing to wear and so on ??

    • Bill T.

      Excellent point !

  • Valpo35

    Where are the faces of all the deadbeat mother’s?? It’s not just a man thing..

  • KBT

    Well done Sheriff! I have 3 children and a deadbeat ex husband, who barely pays for his kids or spends time with them. while my husband and I pay for everything and make it our business to be good parents and be there for our children. There were years when my ex husband did not pay a thing. Going through cook county for Child Support is a long and stressful process,they have so many cases. It’s good to see…. any progress is good progress on this matter.

  • Centurion

    So, how did Byron Portis come to have $44,000 in cash? What will they do with those drug profits? Keep the money, or give it to his crackhead baby mama.

    • wish I had a brain!!!

      you put the money in the bank, they send it to the mother…duh!!!

    • NWA

      They probably will give the money to the baby momma. But, you are failing to realize that the dope proceeds came from your meth head parents.


      • LittleOldLady

        What the hell is the matter with you? What kind of filthy minded comment was that to make? You really need to get some help, NWA.

    • ChicagoCitizen

      Why would they be searching the home when they were only arresting him on a child support warrant?


      Sorry love…his son mother isn’t a crackhead, two college degrees and never been on walfare. Please do your research before commenting. Have a bless day.

  • Natasha Thomas

    You forgot about my ex, I have no kids with him thank god, but he got 7 baby mamas looking for his butt! Effin moron!

    • righttrack

      So why did you hook up with such a loser – no self-esteem/no education/no future/no job skills/or are you just a ho ??? Please explain it to those of us who pay your welfare bills !!!

  • TJefferson

    The cops don’t come after you if you owe your credit card money or default on your home and this should not be different. Those resources would better be served going after violent offenders. But, this is Dart, who loves the cameras (remember him going after prostitutes on craigslist?)

  • Yolanda

    How do I get the loser I had a baby with arrested?

    • busted baby

      Just dont worry about it..take care of your business and the rest will follow. You can’t make someone take care of “your child”. I am married and happy. This situation happen over 15 years ago … and the killing part he put cs on his self. Ignore the rest!!!

  • TJefferson

    In the future, make better decisions before opening your legs.

    • ArchaicNuisance

      I agree wholeheartedly! OR give the father the same choices you had: adoption or abortion.

    • righttrack

      Amen – my thoughts exactly !!!



  • righttrack

    Cleveland Keys owes the most money ’cause he probably knocked up the most skanks !!!

    • Early

      People should not judge. Cleveland Keys is a very good man who takes care of his children. All men are not alike and some women are greedy skanks!

  • SUPPORT your KIDS!!!!

    Neither is his second child’s mother, but the fact is that he need to support his children.

  • Lakila Henigan

    come get my kids fathers they not on yet but they will b….. im just patiently waiting on court dates………

  • msdee

    It should be a law, if you make a baby take care of it. Tax dollars should not take care of other peoples responsibilites. My husband didnt take care of our son but, life has not been good for him. I never really persued him, i worked hard and did the best i could.

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