CHICAGO (WSCR) Carlos Zambrano has been the center of several Cubs storylines this season, unfortunately they haven’t been because of stellar pitching performacnes.

A postgame outburst calling the team “embarrassing” stole the headlines after the Cubs were swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. And recently, there’s been some discussion of whether or not Zambrano would waive his no-trade, and if the Cubs would be able to trade the big right-hander.

“It would depend on how much money the Cubs are willing to pick up,” Ken Rosenthal, of FOX Sports, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “And if they were willing to pickup 2/3 of that, then it becomes a different equation. But when you talk to G.M.s on other teams about Zambrano, they have pretty violent reactions, and they’re very dismissive. And it’s not even the money, it’s the personality.”

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Zambrano’s contract will pay him roughly $18 million next season, so any team that trades for him, will have to want him for more than just this season’s pennant race.

He’s having a mediocre season, but Zambrano has a 121-78 career record and a career ERA of 3.56, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that Jim Hendry has been able to move much more volatile and disruptive players in the past.

“Is it possible to move him? Anything is possible,” Rosenthal said. “They moved Milton Bradley. But is it likely unless they take a little bit of a hit here on the contract? Probably not.”

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