CHICAGO (WSCR) The NFL owners wrapped up their Tuesday meetings in Rosemont. And while there are several reports surfacing about what was discussed, the main sticking point in the negotiations with the players still seems to be revenue sharing.

“This is the biggest 24 to 36 hours of Roger Goodell’s life,” Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “This is where his legacy is going to be decided in the next day or two.”

One of the difficulties facing Goodell is the group owners that Arkush describes as “The Hawks.” These are the handful of owners who only care about what they want, and not the issues facing the collective group of owners.

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“If you want to figure out who they are,” Arkush said. “Most of them are the ones with the newest stadiums, who have the highest mortgage payments to meet.”

It’s these “Hawks” that are trying to cut back on the player’s share of the revenue.

As the league moves closer and closer to missing parts of training camp, it’s Goodell’s challenge, as Arkush says, “to find a way to bring these guys together and get them all behind one deal, and that’s what these meetings are about.”

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