Gov. Quinn: Concealed Weapons Would Put Public At Greater Risk

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (STMW) — Gov. Pat Quinn today stood solidly today behind his opposition to allowing concealed weapons in Illinois even though Wisconsin is on the verge of becoming the 49th state with some form of such a law.

“We must ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, and allowing concealed carry does not advance that goal,” Quinn’s office said in a statement. “Our streets need to be safer, and a concealed carry law would put first responders and the public at risk by allowing more weapons – hidden weapons – in public places.”

But the leading proponent of allowing concealed weapons in Illinois sees the Wisconsin legislature’s to approve a concealed carry measure as a boost to his cause.

Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, said Wisconsin will give him momentum for a potential vote when Illinois lawmakers return for the fall session.

“It’s embarrassing. We’re the last one,” said Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg. “Every other state tends to believe this is a right, not a privilege, and they have let their law-abiding citizens do it, and I don’t know why we should be any different.”

Phelps’ legislation failed in the House by six votes in the spring. Phelps said he would consider retooling his legislation, including crafting a proposal that would allow citizens in every county except Cook to carry concealed weapons.

“It’s going to be considered even more now because we are the last one,” Phelps said. “We’ve got to do something. We don’t want to leave anybody out, but you know what? We’ve got to start looking at things, and maybe try a different approach.”

Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, said he is willing to search for a middle ground on the concealed weapons issue.

“My belief is that I’m actually open minded,” said Raoul, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I tend to think that both sides of the debate need to, in earnest, look at public safety. This notion that, ‘If we allow everybody to carry a gun, the streets are going to be safer,’ I don’t believe that that is the case. The notion that if we do everything to prohibit anybody from having a gun, the streets are going to be safer,’ I don’t believe that either. The truth lies somewhere in between.”

“Instead of being a battle,” he added, “there needs to be a discussion and negotiations and a study of what will actually make our streets safer with regards to gun policy.”

But Raoul said he does not “buy the garbage” that every state has a law similar to those proposed in Illinois because some are stricter and others are looser. He said proponents are glossing over the differences in state laws when they argue that Illinois stands alone. Raoul said any comparison of state laws also needs to be done in the light of the different characteristics of the states.

“You can’t compare Wisconsin to the state of Illinois, as you can’t compare the state of Utah or Idaho or many of those largely rural states with a state like Illinois, which has a metropolis like the city of Chicago, where young people are dying on the streets every day,” Raoul said.

In the House, Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, D-Chicago, is a longtime opponent of concealed weapons proposals and said no one is safer by carrying them.

“In fact, by the time they get the gun out, it may well be too late. And to the extent they get the gun out early, they may well be causing pain and harm and damage to a family member,” Currie said.

“We have enough mayhem, enough gun violence without the opportunity for people to carry concealed weaponry on their persons,” Currie added.

She also opposed any attempt to allow individual counties within Illinois to have different laws.

“I just don’t think that it makes sense for anybody to wander the streets with a gun concealed in his or her pocket,” Currie said.

Sen. William Haine, D-Alton, is a former state’s attorney from Madison County who passed a proposal several years ago that would have allowed retired police officers and prison officials to carry concealed weapons. The measure, which passed narrowly, received support from then-state Sen. Barack Obama, who was campaigning for U.S. Senate at the time.

Haine said he believed the Illinois Senate could pass a concealed weapons proposal but argued the biggest hurdle is in the House.

Republican Sen. Larry Bomke, who represents the Springfield area, said he supported having a broader concealed carry law and has sponsored legislation in the Senate to allow judges to carry concealed weapons. “All the other states can’t be wrong and Illinois right,” Bomke said. “I think it’s time we seriously look at passing some form of concealed carry.”

  • CC advocate

    Quinn= 1 term gov. Ive allways been a Dem, but this Quinn, with his record, just made me a Rep.

  • srdib

    what an idiot we have for a gov. so only the gang bangers can carry weapons? what you need is OPEN carry, so the punks know who is armed and who isnt.. why is illinois the only state fighting this? makes no sense to me. the cops cant do the job, time the people did.

    • OLD VET


  • The Truth

    I am a first responder, and I support concealed carry. This goofball Governor is using twisted logic. First off, concealed carry does not turn people who legally carry into police officers…it’s strictly to protect your life when put in a “fear for your life” situation. The job of cleaning up the streets to make them safe is the job of the police, and we see how successful they’ve been. The politicians are worried about one thing only: the majority of the violent criminals are black, and when the blacks start getting killed by people protecting themselves, the rest of the black “community” is going to riot, and cause grief for the politicians. Simple as that.


    QUINN IF YOU FEEL SO SAFE FIRE ALL BODYGUARDS THAT WATCH YOU AND YOUR NOT TO MENTION YOUR PROPERTY you don’t need all those high paid bodyguards because it is safe to walk the street’s in ILLINOIS your such a A$$HOLE.

  • Just Sayin'

    So the same politicians that didn’t pay in to public safety pensions are now interested in the well-being of first responders? The same politicians who have this state next to bankruptcy? I don’t think the people who would be able to legally carry are the threat here…this topic obviously needs to be decided by REFERENDUM…I don’t think the politicians are representing the views of their constituents any longer!!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ Just Sayin…. I like most of your comments. However, I disagree with this being decided by REFERENDUM. No, it is our 2nd Amendment Right, afforded to us by the constitution of the United States that allows the law abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms. This does not need to go to a Referendum. Thank you and Be safe!

      • Roberta Waker

        Sometimes a REFERENDUM is the only way to get the attention of our elected “representatives” and while I agree that we have the “right” to bear arms, we don’t want anyone and everyone carrying them. Anyone convicted of any crime, i.e., a felony or certain misdemeanors, road rage, drug or alcohol abuse. domestic violence should NOT be able to carry a gun. Rather than lose our 2nd Amendment Right altogether if the politicians have their way, maybe a referendum would guarantee it once and for all. Anyway, it just might be worth putting this issue in front of the people and not rely on politicians and anti-gun activists who have paid gun-carrying bodyguards. Just a thought.

      • Just Sayin'

        Mr. Justice, I completely agree with you on that point; however, the “justice” system doesn’t seem to accept that argument…that’s why I feel that IF it HAS to be a law at the state level, that we get it out of the hands of these politicians that are interested only in their own re-election (and maybe receiving an award from some liberal organization and seeing their name on the news), and put it to the people! Thank you, and be safe as well.

  • Skorps

    The US Constitution magically does not apply in IL. It is well past time to throw these fools out of office.

  • killrb95

    The old saying” Guns dont kill people, people kill people”

  • Mr. Justice

    Well, my comments are being censored by the liberals at CBS once again. They don’t want people to know the truth.

  • Bill

    The first opportunity I get to leave this broken down backwards state I will. How many more police will Rahm need if the citizens are armed? How many flash mob attacks do you think will happen once these punks realize people are armed? Right now they know they are helpless thats why this crime happens. These Chicago communist’s in Illinois do not want you to be armed instead they want you to depend on government to wet nurse you through life. Illinois is the laughing stock of the nation. Don’t you feel embarrassed when you tell people your from Illinois???

  • Mr. Justice

    Don’t forget everyone, Quinn has his own body guards, so does Mayor Rahm, Ed Burke. PLUS every Aldermen in the city of Chicago has a permit to carry a handgun. The citizens of Illinois are being discriminated against by the Democratic Elites.

    • Roberta Waker

      You are right. Someone once said “if I don’t have the right to carry a gun; how can I give that right to someoine else?” Interesting saying, don’t you think? Take away their gun totting bodyguards and let them walk around Chicago for an hour and see if they can survive without guns.

  • Garry

    Well, all you good citizens should relish in the knowledge that our governor has made this state the safest in the union. You don’t need conceal carry, and if you live in that sanctuary of safety called Chicago, you don’t even need to defend your home. We are so lucky to live in this non violent utopia of IL. Maybe we can keep those violent people from the other 49 states out of our territory, unless they are illegal aliens, then they are welcome, even with criminal records.

  • Jerry O Henderson

    Rember your elected officials at, election time.Why not do a recall? We have the power to do that. That”s what CALIFORNIA did,

    • Mr. Justice

      I like your thinking, but it will not work. The reason being, is the puking liberals bus people in to vote. Those voting in favor of gun control are overwhelming those who are on welfare, do not pay taxes, and continue to take from society rather than give to society.

  • Mr. Justice

    It doesn’t appear to me that conceal carry is a problem in the other 48 states of the Union. We do not have the “wild west” going on in any city or state by Law Abiding Citizens. No, Quinn, you are wrong. 48 and now 49 states are not wrong! WHEN ARE THE PEOPLE OF ILLINOIS GOING TO WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS???? Does anyone use logic anymore???? The criminals already have guns. We DEMAND our 2nd Amendment rights back! A man down in Lakeland, FL was stopped at a traffic light, minding his own business, when another man approached, and tapped on the passenger side window with a handgun in his hand. The driver pulled his firearm out of his holster and shot 3 times thru the window into the chest of the bad guy. Oh, yes, he was a bad guy, because he had just been released recently from prison, and now had a handgun and was trying to carjack this individual’s car. Well, no more bad guy now. Oh, by the way, the driver of the vehicle had a conceal carry permit.

  • NWA


    Guns do kill people. 83% of the murders committed in the U.S. are perpetrated with firearms. And the people who commit those murders are almost equally distributed between White-Americans (34%) and Black-Americans (37%). The remaining 36% was committed by race unknown or, people of other races. Therefore, Black-Americans commit murder at a 4% higher frequency rate then White-Americans. But, the most interesting thing is the age groups of these murders. As we all know, Black-Americans between the ages of 17 to 39 commit murder at a frequency rate of 20% higher than that of White-Americans of the same age group. But, here is the most interesting thing? The frequency rate of murder between the ages of 40 to 75 takes a shockingly leap. White-Americans murder at a frequency of 95% higher than Black-Americans. The victims of murders are distributed evenly between White and Black Americans (48%). All the victims tend to reflect the race or skin color of the murder. Meaning, Blacks kill Blacks and, Whites tend to kill Whites. Even though, more guns on the streets would be a bad idea for everyone. For Black-Americans between the ages of 40 and 75 may find more guns to be a boone. Black-Americans of that same age group, 40 to 75 are least likely to kill (5%), or be killed (26%).


    • OLD VET


      • NWA

        OLD VET:

        This is quantifiable data from the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI). I find it neat, because the older the African-American the chances they will kill or be killed is predominantly less than that of a White-American in the same age group. Of all the murders for the last year the FBI collected data (2010), the total number of murders between the ages of 17 and 39 who were White-Americans was, 3,596 murders versus those who were Black-Americans from the same age group there were 4,322 murders. But, the murders between the ages of 40 and 75, White-Americans total 1,291 murders while, the number for Black-Americans was 663. Wow!


    • Judy

      Your US FBI statistics have what kind of bearing on conceal/carry? How are these statistics related to the argument for or against conceal/carry? I would think that if you are going to research to find out if crime increases or decreases due to conceal/carry – it would not have to do with percentages in races and age groups. I believe you need to research further.

  • Jerry O Henderson

    Well,now that Wisconsin has passed a concealed weapon permit law,what about Illinois,Govenor Quinn?As a matter of fact 49 states cannot be wrong.

  • Mr. Justice

    I want to invite everyone to this free event taking place at the Illinois State Rifle Association’s shooting range. Whether you own a firearm or not, this is something you may want to see and experience. Click on this link for more details.

  • The Real Truth from a professor

    For Mr The Truth, Please review your stats. Per the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, the most dangerous person that law enforcement shall ever come into contact with is a WHITE MALE 17 to 35 years of age. The states show that they are the most prone to resist police and use a firearm in the commission of a crime. Police are taught this in basic training. The reason that you see the news chasing after so many blacks committing crimes is because they are attempting their best to portray blacks prone to violence. More than 68% of all violent crime is committed by a white male while more than 57% of the prison populations are minorities. You be the judge if you have any reasonable deduction skills.

    • OLD VET


  • Debutopia
  • Illinois Soon To Be Last State Without Concealed Carry « CBS Chicago

    […] One of those allies is state Sen. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg), who said earlier this month that Illinois should get with the program. […]

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