Kirk Concerned About Plan To Withdraw From Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (CBS) — U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) says he is concerned about President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

“I was with the President in West Point as part of the surge,” Kirk said. “Now, he’s overridden the decision of General Petreaus and sided with Vice President Biden on an early withdrawal program and that concerns me.”

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports, Kirk says Petreaus’ plan was to win the Afghan War, much as he did in Iraq by building up a local army.

“His plan was to put 400,000 Afghan troops to take the job of U.S and NATO allies. Right now he’s 100,000 troops short and he really needed another year and a half. Now the president has pulled the plug on that.”

Kirk says he understands families want their soldiers home now but he says in 1992, The U.S. ignored Afghanistan because it had no oil and no coast line.

“The policy of running away from Afghanistan and ignoring them already failed in the 1990s, and we probably should learn that lesson,” Kirk said.

“We paid the price on 9/11,” he continued.

Kirks says when U.S. troops leave, the strain on the Afghan military will be strained.

  • NWA

    “You people” elected a jerk. The amazing thing is that this jerk served in the Navy. Therefore he should know that the President of the United States is General Petreaus’s Commander-in-Chief. General Petreaus lends his recommendations to the President and if the President gave General Petreaus a direct order, the General would have two choices. Follow the order or resign.


    • John Boulas

      Who are, “You People”?

      • NWA

        “You people” who elected him. That’s who “You people” are! The other guy, Alexi Giannoulias had family connection problems, this guy has character problems. You don’t lie about military serve. If you’ll lie about that you’ll probably lie about anything.


    • Captain America

      kirk,wants the war to go on so he can say that he single handed fought of and killed osama ( not seal 6 ) he flew in the drones that killed the #2 guy, and the other 23 hours a day he’s teaching,building schools,roads, and babysitting…come on folks….ever time this guy moves his lips hes lying, just watch him talk, it’s not your father’s pot…lair and weiner are lairs, …and is he gay i know that reporter asked him, he looks like a bottom boy….

  • J. freeman Jr.

    This is a typical example of all the mine set of the right wings congressional members of both houses in our governemt system. They are only concerned with their own self agenda and that is enhance their own wealth by supporting and passing laws that that favort special interest groups, big corporation,mainly those that produces military hardware and have business ties with our government, which they are given kick back from the corporation.

    I would like to ask Sen. Kirk, how much $$$ did you personal received from the Israel government when you visite Israel last week? For your support especially when Netanyahu spoke in front of a jointed body of both Sente and the Houses of Representative on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

    Are you worrying that the troop withdrawal will cut into your part of the monetary reward that you will lose out on. If you are to bad because the rest of our troops will be out of Afganistan much sooner than what has been stated as 2014.

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