Jackson: Structure, Activity For Youth Is Answer To Stopping Mobs

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Friday said more structure and activity for Chicago youth could go a long way to prevent the teenage mob violence that has been seen in the city in recent weeks.

“We must have a plan for development for our youth,” Jackson said on the CBS 2 Morning News Friday. For nine months a year, they have breakfast and lunch. Three months, they don’t. They should have year-round access to breakfast and lunch.”

But there’s more to keeping teens out of trouble than just meals, he said.

“They need year-round, organized adult-supervised recreation,” Jackson said. “They need summer jobs, and they need access to transportation.”

Jackson pointed out that for the failed 2016 Olympic bid two years ago, the city was poised to devote a great deal of attention to public safety – particularly Olympic athletes. He wondered why the same kind of plan couldn’t be implemented among Chicago youth.

“We had an Olympic plan. If we’d won the Olympics; if children had come here from China; Japan – we’d have a plan for the youth that will keep them safe,” he said. “We need the same Olympic plan for our youth here at home. They should be able to eat year-round. They should have adult-supervised recreation, and summer classes.”

Jackson also weighed in on the recent spike in passage of voter ID laws, which he said was a major topic of discussion at the Rainbow/PUSH convention that just wrapped up. Six states have passed laws since January that require certain would-be voters to show certain types photo ID at polling places.

Jackson said the new laws stand to disenfranchise many voters.

“32 million Americans don’t have a government issued ID,” he said. For many seniors who don’t have a birth certificate, they’ll have to buy one, and that’s a poll tax. For many youth in school, as opposed to using their student ID – in Texas they want them to use a gun registration as opposed to a student ID – it makes it more difficult for them to vote. Or they use their driver’s licenses – 5 1/2 million blacks don’t have a driver’s license, so what you have is a scheme to suppress the vote.”

He called for intervention from the U.S. Department of Justice, so as to “not allow these schemes.”

  • cap10h8red

    no, give us our guns back, when some muggers die, people will aviod bieng a mugger. and maybe some gang-bangers will think twice about shooting someone if theres a good chance that 5-10 citizens will shoot back.

  • afinefilly

    The answer is PARENTS WHO PARENT…and that can’t be done from jail or while on the crack pipe.

  • afinefilly

    Jesse–requiring a photo ID when voting is nothing new. It just had not been properly enforced. I’m an election judge, and it’s a matter of routine. It’s not a “scheme”Jesse’s “32 million” friends and “5 1/2 million blacks” will just have to break down and get the proper ID. They’re the same 5 1/2 million, by the way, driving w/out insurance.

  • I KNOW........


  • R A

    20 yr old men should be at work not hanging around 16 & 17 yr olds. People have been woithout things to for ages so where does this flash mob mentality come from. Politicians and Rev Jackson and that Father Flager who have nothing but excuses.

  • ecarro

    flash mob = jessies gonna get paid again!! ya know for the consulting services he will now provide to rahm on dealing with the flash mob youths….

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    Jesse, the biggest fraud ever perptrated on the community. Youth Plan? sounds like $$$ in your pocket.

  • billyd

    I’ve got an idea. Let’s give this shakedown artist even more federal grants so he can solve the problem. He’s done such a fine job over the past three decades, why shouldn’t we trust the old pimp?

  • Tanya Livingston

    It was this man that said, “Hymie Towm” and Jew Town when he gave a speech about New York. He called it Jew York. Incredible that he still makes news. Nobody hears from Jimmy the Greek or Al Companis anymore.

  • tom Sharp

    Two suggestions for jesse: 1) hire them at “Operation Shove” for a “union wage.”
    2) Put them on the chain gang where most of them belong.

  • get real

    Rev. Jackson says: ” they need access to transportation.”

    They have access to transportation. They certainly don’t walk to North Michigan Avenue.

    “the failed 2016 Olympic bid”

    Rev. Jackson says: “If we’d won the Olympics”

    Dwelling in the past.

    • OLD VET


  • dag

    “They should have year-round access to breakfast and lunch.”

    All this violent mob action will stop if we give them a bowl of cereal and a sandwich?

    • billyd

      NEVER question the rev’s ability to get a free lunch, breakfast or dinner from guilty white liberals. He’s been feasting at that buffet table since the 1960’s.

    • OLD VET


  • Mr. Justice

    Sure, let’s give these little punks more freebies. Can’t people be responsible for their own actions?

  • Right

    jesse wants more money for negroes on the backs of taxpayers. That’s discriminatory. he’s a hypocrite and a racist.

  • Tanya Livingston

    Jesse Jackson will just iignore these comments as the rants of bigots; some are bigoted and stupid, but there is a kernal of truth to many of thiem—-and facts are facts, especially his Hymie Town comments.

  • Disgusted

    I absolutely cannot believe what I just read. Jesse finally steps up to the plate and says nothing to condemn the massive problem with the young negros in this city. Instead he calls for more free handouts. He refers to the young criminal element as youths. These are not youths, they are hardened criminals. Adult organized recreation? Is he kidding? How many gangster diciples are going to take part in adult organized anything? Also, his black racist babble about disenfranchising voters and scemes to suppress the vote sounds alot like saying the black man is being held down by whitey and the system. We all know that is a bunch of BS. Jesse should feel ashamed of himself, being such a worthless so-called leader in the afro-American community.

    • Right

      Well said.

  • mike

    HEY JESSE!!!! How’s the beer business going???

    • Right

      Another black handout.

  • Susan

    Hay peeps, paying for food cuts into cell phone access and $200 sneakers and hair extensions and corn rows and baggy pants and all that $#*! knowwhumsayn?

  • Mr. Justice

    Moral decay, ignorance and racism (black racism) leads to this type thuggery…. not unemployment…… This didn’t happen the in Great depression… WHY? Different moral character… plain and simple…..

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