‘Sugar Daddy’ Busted Trying To Meet Up With 17-Year-Old

DeKALB, Ill. (CBS) — Is it prostitution, or just two people developing a relationship beneficial to both? 

Some websites help so-called “sugar daddies” hook up with “sugar babies.”  Now a New Jersey man faces charges after cops say they caught him on his way to a rendezvous with a 17-year-old girl.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman spoke with the young woman, who asked not to be identified. She disputes the use of the term prostitution.

“They are like mentors,” she says of the men she has met. “I learned so much.  I traveled so much.  I really got great experiences from them.”

CBS 2 asked if sex was involved in the encounters.

“There is sex involved,” she said.

And the young woman says there’s payment – in her case, about $6,000 or $7,000 per month.

She finds her “sugar daddies” on SeekingArrangement.com. Earlier this year, when she was still 17, she says she met Nicholas Cereste.  According to prosecutors, the 47 year-old took a cab from Chicago to Northern Illinois University, where the teenage freshman was waiting for him.

The alleged plan was to take a cab all the way back to a Chicago hotel, but police found the pair first.

“This is sex for money — it’s prostitution via the Internet,” DeKalb State’s Attorney Clay Campbell said Friday. “There’s no question about it.”

Now Cereste, who was in custody and bonded out Friday, faces two felony counts. 

“I’m not too upset about it because I didn’t really know him,” the young woman told Hartman.

She says they were at the beginning of their arrangement and she lied about her age.

“Clearly we have a problem when we have a 17 year-old on a website selling sexual services to businessmen,” Campbell, the prosecutor, said.

The CEO of the Website that allegedly helped Cereste to find the teen defended “sugar-daddy” dating.

“We’re extremely clear that our website is really for people to form mutually beneficial relationships,” Brandon Wade told Hartman.

The state’s attorney says it’s not just about alleged prostitution. He said he worries that a young girl will go on a cab ride and never return.

  • NWA

    There is sex, and then there is payment for the sex. I believe that called prostitution. That would make the seventeen year old a prostitute and the forty-seven year old her john.


    • Toonces

      No sh y tt Sherlock.

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  • ad

    I know this guy. I worked for him before. It was an awful experience.

    • ad

      whoops- as I look over my comment I feel compelled to add “not as a prostitute.”

      • Linda Smithee

        too late…you obvisouly were his special pony. Ride you her did, day and night.

    • Toonces

      Bet his wife Ruth is thrilled.



    • Gina Pocan

      Vet that’s pretty presumptuous don’t you think? Women go to those means for various reasons. Just because Mom and Dad have money don’t mean they’re willing to share, Some parents are just greedy. Yeah they might pay for school, but for some people those are just brownie points. You could be right, but you may not be too.

    • lps

      Because she is a tramp and her parents are paying for college. It’s not her money. She’d rather get money by selling her body and soul instead of educating herself.

    • Gus Lewellen

      Where do you come up with such ignorant logic? for an “old vet” you sure don’t seem to know much. I was 17 and in college and certainly didn’t have money nor did my parents. Grants, loans and a part time job is how I paid for school. Most of my friends were in the same position. Seems like this 17 year old is paying her way by spreading her legs for any old fart dumb enough to pay her for sex….. any good lawyer will get this guy off with a slap on the wrist.

      • Robert Doodlein

        Roberta, you ignorant prostitute.

      • Roberta Waker

        Anyone under the age of 18 is a MINOR because the law says you aren’t old enough to make “good” decisions. If he gets off with a slap on the wrist, the prosecutors aren’t doing their jobs. They should BOTH be charged. Maybe someday she will want to marry a nice man and have kids – would you marry someone that sold their body for money?

      • NWA

        @Roberta Waker:

        The age of consent in the state of Illinois is 17.


  • krissy

    Not surprised at all…..sugar daddies have been around for centuries nothing new here…dirty old men!!!

    • Gina Pocan

      I know plenty that need them to survive, and they aren’t on drugs. You only hear about the ones that are, you don’t hear about the ones that aren’t’ because they know how to keep it quiet, because exposure only complicates things. Sometimes they’re in plain site, but you won’t know it cause it’s not like they’re gonna walk up and shake you hand and say “Hi, I’m a sugar baby, lets have coffee”. BTW, What about them Sugar Momma’s out there. there’s just as many of them too. Are the Sugar Boys all Prostitutes too???

    • Bill

      Dirty old men? If a guy in his 40’s can score some premium, all the more power to him. Age is irrelevant. If only all of us 40 something guys could score a young hottie.

      • aj

        that’s why he was paying- because no young woman really wants an old guy -they just want the money.
        I think they call the likes of you “suckers”.

  • BibleFan69

    Legalize prostitution. It is consensual. Stop sticking your nose where it does not belong. No victim, No crime.

    • Gina Pocan

      BibleFan? and you right a wrong? Hmm don’t think you know what a bible is.

      • Bikkhu

        Yeah, in Bible is only that father can sell his dauther to slavery, not that she can decide herself :-))


    WRONG! I Just had a very painful experience with a 21-year-old prostitute and crack addict from a VERY WEALTHY FAMILY = many would know the name, it is well known. The entire family, the girl, and everyone she comes into contact with, including anyone who loves her are victims. This fool loved her.

    The girls all have families, friends and loved ones – and they ALL Suffer scars that will last a lifetime. Young women who become involved in the “life” NEVER will enjoy a normal emotional/sex life, and many DIE as a result of their involvement. It may not be a direct result, but their lives are ALL Cut short substantially.

    Add to that ALL WHO LOVE Them – ALL are victims. Though this article does NOT directly mention DRUGS, any expert can tall you this normally plays a role. AIDS is another by product of this victimless crime – and if you’ve EVER seen an AID patient in the final stages, you’d realize the terrible consequences.

    • Laura DeSarco

      Because it is illegal in most places, women who want to make money by selling their bodies have problems. Legalize it and those problems will disappear.
      Sorry the above loser fell in love with a prostitute, and sorry for the poster after him who buys all the sob-stories she hears on Oprah and Maury. Some women don’t care about getting paid for sex.

    • Roberta Waker

      Amen. Ask any prostitute how they got into the business or if they would like to get out and most of them would say yes. The money might be good, but the price paid is often your life in one way or another.

      • Jaylene

        Frankly I think that’s aobsltuley good stuff.

  • Mike

    Everyone is attacking the guy, rightfully so, but what about the girl…Why isn’t she being charged as well? She isn’t excactly a victim, what a joke!!!!!

    • Toonces

      Yeah, she is a sweet youg girl lmao!

  • Roberta Waker

    I agree that the young “lady” should be charged as well. She may not be guilty of soliciting, but I’m sure there’s something she can be charged with. If SHE takes money, it IS prostitution. Maybe they should both be checked for AIDS.

  • Phil

    The only thing he did wrong is he was caught. Popo didn`t arrest her because they want to be her sugardaddy. They are immune from prosecution.this is how our system works.

  • ucity88

    For 6 or 7K a MONTH? I only wish I weren’t too old for a Sugar Daddy…

    • Gina Pocan

      Your not, believe me, there’s a Sugar daddy for every kind.

  • Truth

    If she was a year older, you would all crucify her for being a prostitute, but since she’s in college and a few months short of 18, she’s an innocent victim….

    • g

      victim of what?

  • freeedom fighter

    Wow this dumb ass was set up. She lied about her age the cops knew about what they were up to before the act. So when did intent become a crime? This girl should see a doctor she short a few cans short of a six pack.

  • Danna Calvert

    teenage freshman? at 17?

    • Roberta Waker

      Teenage COLLEGE freshman at NIU.

  • Arjay

    She should be prosecuted too.

  • Bob from tech support, India

    She’s making $6,000-7,000 per month from Sugar Daddies? Is she claiming all that income on her personal taxes? Just wondering.

    • Roberta Waker

      Probably not claiming it then; but she will be in trouble NOW that the IRS knows more about her income. Can’t imagine how much in back taxes, plus penalties she will owe. She said they are like mentors and she learned so much and traveled a lot. Hope these experiences were worth jail time in a federal prison.

      • Gina Pocan

        17 year olds are exempt from paying taxes. Its not enforced until they are of Legal age. Yes they can consent to sex, which IS stupid, and can be charged as adult for serious crimes, but they are STILL minors and teenagers, and if you want my opinion, anyone under 21 aren’t ready for adult decisions,

  • Roberta Waker

    NWA. You can’t own a car at 17, you can’t join the military at 17 without parental consent, you can’t drink at 17; so you can only consent to have sex at 17? Really smart law, if it does exist.

    • Louis DeFalco

      exactly right…they probably got a free bj for letting her go…Cops are the worst and should die off like buffalo.
      ROBERTA, in Illinois, and in many states, the legal age of consent is no more than 17. Too bad for fat broads like you who will never get any.

  • Smarter than the Average American

    You all do realize that in Illinois the legal age of consent is 17. Funny how the article doesn’t mention that……. Now why wasn’t she charged with prostitution?

  • Lyndia

    I am with you ucity88. 6-7 thousand per month for some humping ain’t bad.

  • Roberta McWilliams

    I wold not pay a chick that much for some lovin.
    Seventeen or not, that is a lot of money for a bang here or there.
    I mean, come on, you can get pretty good action for a lot less.
    All women have sex for money, they just call it dinner and a movie.
    And maybe flowers and a nice card, and then you lie and say you love them and boom you are inside, if you get my drift. Especially if they’re over 40. Then it’s not even funny how fast the panties come off. Ain’t worth six grand!!

    • Gina Pocan

      Roberta has anyone ever told you you you might need to see a doctor? I would recommend Prozack.

  • Concern

    charityusa.com, goodsearch.com, isearchigive.com, & fundraising-solutions.org(jimmy.org posts)

  • Shira

    Kudos to the author of this article for giving out the web address of the site where they met. Way to encourage prostitution. Also really classy: you used the term “sugar daddy dating”, the site’s marketing term of choice, interchangeably with the name of this illegal act.

  • Toonces

    …..eventually, these sweethearts move out-of-state and become born-again ‘virgins’. S.O.S.

  • Vicky

    NIU is trashy; I would not allow my kids to go there. Puke.

  • Tasha

    What a discussion!?! Comments, opinions, or “brainers” competition on “ethical issue” ….What was that?

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