1,000 CPS Teachers Set To Be Laid Off

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Public Schools are poised to lay off about 1,000 teachers soon.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bob Conway reports, the layoffs include a yearly cut in staff because of school closings and dropping enrollment, but the Chicago Tribune reports this time, they also include budget cuts to about 150 supplemental teaching posts, and reductions in programs.

District officials say any cuts to reduce the more than $700 million budget shortfall will not impact class sizes. But the Chicago Teachers Union does not agree, the newspaper reported.

The new administration of the Chicago Public Schools and the Teachers Union have already found themselves at odds with one another.

Earlier this month, the Chicago School Board voted to cancel a promised 4 percent raise for teachers, on the grounds that the school system simply cannot afford it.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bob Conway reports

CTU president Karen Lewis said afterward that the union will sit down to renegotiate the pay package that the board canceled. She would not make any predictions about how the talks might end, but said a strike is a possibility.

  • Chivi

    Work all year!! City of Chicago students are way behind. They should not have a 3 month vacation and neither should teachers. As it is we have more bad teachers than good. Why so much time off??

    • Tammy

      How do you define “Bad Teachers”? How do you know a failing kid isn’t the result of lazy irresponsible parents, or should I say mothers, who don’t take time to make sure homework is done and curfews are enforced? The best teacher in the world will fail if the student isn’t being supported at home with discipline and good study habits.

      • Private School Teacher

        CPS teachers whine all the time about bad parents. If CPS teachers cannot overcome bad parenting, why should they get a raise? Throwing more money at a situation doomed to failure is financially irresponsible and a crime against taxpayers.

        The reality is that CPS attracts bad teachers because it is a union job and the teachers can get away with being failures while still getting a paycheck.

      • Tammy

        @Private, The fact still remains, if a kid goes home and is allowed to blow off his homework, to go hang with the homies in the hood, Or stay out until 2AM slinging crack, the teacher can be the very best and not get results. Don’t forget we are talking about alot of ghetto mama’s, too lazy to even work for a living. The teachers simply can’t force good study habits at home, the parents have to do that.

      • Steve

        If it’s impossible to get good results because of bad parenting, why do teachers deserve a raise?

    • Gerald Spencer

      I will never believe there are more bad teachers than good, that is like saying there are more bad people in our society than there are good people; it cannot be true. Surely there are inadequate employees in every profession from law, nuclear physics, accountants, politics, down to on-foot street sweepers but it is never “more bad than good.”

  • tom Sharp

    Great move: fire 1000 teachers wipe out the teachers’ raise, but keep 20 “Area Instructional Officers” (AIOs) at more than $110,000 each plus office space expenses and give them and all other big shot administrators a raise. THAT’S THE WAY TO SHOW COMMiTMENT TO THE STUDENTS AND PARENTS!

  • Bill Sola

    It’s about time they cut spending somewhere, rather than increasing it. 1000 salaries, that has to add up to alot of money saved. Of course there will always be whiners to every decision made. You can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time.

  • Gerald Spencer

    If the increase in salaries is not there to give then they cannot give it. It is like no increase in Social Security for two years, it isn’t there to give (too much unemployment) so it wasn’t given. There have been salary freezes from the top down in governments, teachers are government employees; this stands to reason. When raises are warranted and affordable, so be it; isn’t that the way most people think?

  • Chivi

    I can only count a handful of good teachers I had when I was in school. Now it has gotten worse. The union must be abolished. It is like many of our flawed laws that let criminals get away with murder. The unions let teachers get away with poor teaching habits. How can teachers get so many days off in a year if they only work for 9 months? They should work the full year. No exuses!! Our children need to stay in school all year especially if they are failing. Unions are bad news!! We want QUALITY!!! Not quantity!!!!

  • Judy

    All of you teachers that voted for this guy, you are getting exactly what you deserved. It is truly unfortunate that the firing of 1000 teachers are left to the discreation of the principal. They are part of the problem. There are many extremely poor principals out there and the community and parents picks them. If a person does not have at least two years of college, they should not be on a local school council. I saw a woman on the council that had 10 children and was living in a homeless shelter. If you want quality, not quanity, put your child in a private school.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/07/01/cps-considering-property-tax-increase/ CPS Considering Property Tax Increase « CBS Chicago

    […] this week, CPS said about 1,000 teachers would be laid off – partially because of school closings and droppin…, but also due to cuts to about 100 supplemental teaching positions and reductions in programs. […]

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