Back Seat Passengers Must Wear Seat Belts

CHICAGO (CBS) — Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a bill that will require all back seat passengers to wear seat belts–with the exception of those riding in cabs.

Quinn said Illinois had fewer than 1,000 traffic deaths in each of the past two years a first since 1921.

And, he said, its because of seat belt laws, which have no gotten tougher.

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Quinn noted that the July 4 holiday is coming up.

“When I was growing up,” Quinn said, “They used to keep a sad statistic indeed of how many people died in that three or four day weekend, and we want to not have that kind of statistic, we want to save lives.”

Senate President John Cullerton says requiring seat belts for back seat passengers will do just that.

“I would anticipate we’ll save at least 25 to 30 lives,” Cullerton said.

Police will be able to pull over a vehicle if the backseat passengers aren’t wearing seat belts.

The law takes effect the first of next year.

  • Disgusted

    This guy is truly pathetic. We do not need more restrictions in our society ! On the contrary, concealed carry, like the 49 other states, and medical pot, like many other states, are far more important issues to spend time getting passed. This fool should be working on increasing our options, not eliminating them.

  • Roberta Waker

    I want to see how many politicians get pulled over in their limos for not wearing a seatbelt. This is the dumbest law EVER. Don’t we have more important things to worry about in Illinois, like jobs and crime? How can someone on a motorcycle not wear ANY safety equipment and people surrounded by metal in a car have to be strapped in? Where’s the law for safety equipment for motorcycles? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Manny Marti

    They keep treating Illinois residents as children, we are in the top 4 least free states in the nation, more and more restrictions, more and more taxes!! when will illinois residents stop voting for morons!! companies are leaving the state because of taxes, now I want to leave as well because of all this restrictions, everyday we loose more freedoms in ths state!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Why is it that Taxi Cabs are exempted? I’d bet my money on the Union pressure!

  • Danover

    In typical Illinois style, our sorry leaders choose to care about inane things rather than focusing on the things which will bring the state out of its current status as bankrupt. Honestly, only Alderman Burke of Chicago could be more inane than these jugheads. WAKE UP AND SEE THE SMOKE!!!!!! Focus on what will make us better and not more controlled!

  • What!?!

    This state is at least $15 billion in debt, and what do the clowns in Springfield spend their time on? That’s right, seat belt laws. Honestly, can we just stop this stupidity? Can we fire every one of these morons and just go without a government at the state level for a few months, and just see how things run? This state is literally crippled by politicians that we have in charge.

  • notsurprised

    A 200lb body flying around inside a car with 65mph (or even 35mph) of momentum can maim or kill other occupants. Emergency room visits cost everybody. It jacks up your premiums if you have private insurance and taxpayers get the bill for those who don’t. Even though I’m not surprised, it’s still pathetic to me how people can find a way use a story about a sensible law as a reason to talk about their right to have guns.

    • Mr. Justice

      @ notsurprised…… you are an idiot and do not know what you are talking about. My daughter works in a ER Trauma 1 and rear seat injuries are not a problem. In regards to the gun issue, WE, are sick and tired of our RIGHTS as citizens being taken away or trampled on the ground. You obviously are one of those puking liberals who enjoys sucking on the nipple of the “Illinois Nanny State”.

  • JP

    Maybe there is fewer deaths from driving because Gas is so expensive and less people are driving.

  • srdib

    i cant see straight i am so mad!. this moron on governor we have is all gung ho on gay unions and back seat seat belts, but what has this jerk done about concealed carry? NOTHING. what has he done about this stupid stupid summer/winter blend of gas? NOTHING. go to gasbuddy and see what the rest of the state is paying for gas. thugh and gang bangers can carry auto weapons the police cant even get and the citizens who are law abiding cant carry a cap pistol, taser, stun gun, nothing. this quinn has to go. he should be right beside blago getting hit with all those guilty verdicts. we need a gov. that is for the people not a tyrant who has his own agenda. how many more gays is he going to marry? quinn, do you have a girlfriend? female i mean?

  • southside

    Quinn is an idiot. Glad to see he remains focused on the micromanagement of people’s lives, instead of LEADING THIS STATE OUT OF BANKRUPTCY!!

  • Sue

    This is so wrong. Motorcycle riders need no helmut and I have to wear a strap inside a metal box for extra protection. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! When cycles are banished, then I will be happy to wear my seatbelt with out complaint. When I am strapped in on a hot day and the cyclist next to me is just sitting there with no protection, it really ticks me off!

    • notsurprised

      Okay, let me see if I understand; because there’s no helmet law, if some other driver causes you to have a wreck (because we know you’re too good a driver to have an accident that’s your fault),then you want to fly around inside a metal box at 70 miles an hour and/or be ejected onto the pavement or impaled on a guard rail. Did I get that right?

      • David

        That should be solely his choice to make.

  • WhereHasFreedomGone

    Anybody see that cab wreck this morning? Yet they are exempt. More feel good legislation from the nanny’s.

  • James

    Just proves again what a moron our gov. is. Anything to create more money for the state. Large firms are moving because of the high taxes he has imposed, we have the highest gas taxes in the nation, people getting robbed in the gold coast area everyday, teachers are loosing jobs while ex mayor Daily gets 183,00 a year pension . Conventions are leaving because the contractors and trade show assc. are gouging them, not the unions, now if you get hurt on the job you are just about out of luck getting workmans comp unless you jump through all the hoops the gov has imposed, move over Detroit we are going to be just like you

  • south looper

    How ridiculous! Nanny state to the max. We cannot even enforce the cell phone law. You can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but you cannot ride in the back seat of your own car without a seatbelt? And, it doesn’t apply to the backseat of a cab? Get real. If this us the only thing our legislators can accomplish, we need new legiislators. NOW

  • Lazy eye guy huntin squirrels

    Note to self: When going to dump cadaver in back seat , buckle it up.

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