Car Hits Police ATV; Officer Injured

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago Police officer is recovering Monday morning, after a car hit his all-terrain vehicle on Belmont Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood.

The accident happened just after 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the 800 block of West Belmont Avenue, police said.

The area was busy with revelers following the Gay Pride Parade, which stepped off earlier in the day at Belmont Avenue and Halsted Street just to the east.

The officer was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center with minor injuries.

As of Monday morning, it had not been learned whether any tickets had been issued.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • ChicagoCitizen

    What a waste of a story. Who hit him? Why were there no shots fired? Why were there no tickets issued?

  • Chi girl

    Hmmm. I was sitting in my car when this happened. The officer was not hit by a car.. our cars were surrounded by people dancing in the street, we couldn’t move.. people were jumping on our cars, and the next thing you know there is a cop on his bike racing toward the crowd, he rammed right into the crowd and cars, flipped over his handle bars, and landed on the ground unconscious. It’s unbelievable how this story got twisted by the media…… so, that answers the question why no shots were fired or tickets issued.. because the cop hit the cars, not vice versa.

  • shadax

    Completely right, Chi girl.

    This is absolutely bogus. I and 3 of my friends watched the whole thing go down from the second floor of a building right in front of the ‘accident’. Here’s what really happened:

    Some fool decided to -park- his car in the middle of the street and blast music. This provoked the crowd of people to run over and dance. The owner of the vehicle then got out of his car to dance with everyone else.

    Within a couple minutes, an enraged police officer drove within ~50-75 feet of the vehicle and stopped, then revved his ATV. He then proceeded to accelerate at top speed, aiming for the crowd of people surrounding the parked vehicle. In his rage, he did not manage to slip between the two vehicles and injure ~15-20 people; instead, he crashed head-on with the parked vehicle, flipping himself over the handlebars of his ATV and diving face first into the asphalt.

    What a pathetic attempt at police brutality. And to make matters worse, when several concerned citizens ran over to help and make sure his neck wasn’t broken and hold off the crowd of advancing people, the idiot officer pulled his gun on the crowd. It took the efforts of several brave citizens to hold him down and peel the gun away until another officer arrived. They should be -awarded- for saving more than a hundred innocent civilians from injury.

    This officer had a vendetta, and made two strong attempts at killing several in a crowd of people. There’s no way he should walk away with minor road rash.

    • ChicagoCitizen

      The people thet stole the officers gun should be charged with assault on a police officer !!!!

      • Chi Girl

        Are you kidding me ChicagoCitizen?? I saw the entire event, and no I was not drunk, I also have nothing against the police. He rammed into those cars head first. There’s no reason to lie about that. Now for the officials to cover it up – there is reason for them lie… Why do you think they say, “it had not been learned whether any tickets had been issued.” Well, DUH! If a driver really did strike an officer, don’t you think there would be a 100% chance someone was taken to jail or at least ticketed?
        I personally did not see him pull out his gun (the crowd of people around him was too thick), however he definitely did try and ram into the crowd of people. There are pictures posted of the event prior and post on Try and explain those, if we’re lying.

        To believe the media’s every word is to be naive.

      • shadax

        The officer attempted to seriously injure a crowd of people, then pulled out his gun after failing miserably. Do you really think that kind of person, police officer or not, should be holding a gun? He was enraged, and the few brave citizens that held him down instead of fleeing may have saved several lives last night.

        Taking out his gun is the -worst- thing he could do, much less aim it at a crowd of innocent civilians. No officer in his right mind would do that.

      • ChicagoCitizen

        @shadax, I give absolutely no credibility to these police haters’ rendition of the story. I don’t believe the cop tried to run people over or that he would have fired into a crowd. All BS.

  • NWA

    Fantastic! Finally creditable proof that the po po’s are a bunch ham-fisted klutzes. I wish someone has video.


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