LISTEN: Guillen Goes Off After White Sox Lose

By Adam Harris-

(WSCR) — With two outs in the bottom of the 13th and Troy Tulowitzki on first, Ty Wigginton blooped a Will Ohman pitch into shallow center in front of Brent Lillibridge scoring Tulowitzki from first, and beating the White Sox 3-2.

Despite the unorthodox way this game ended, Ozzie Guillen’s issue was with how his players performed earlier. Guillen addressed the media after the game and was not shy in pointing fingers as to why the Sox have been playing mediocre baseball lately.

LISTEN to Ozzie Guillen’s rant

Guillen took centerfielder Alex Rios out of the game after Rios failed to run hard on a fly out in the 7th.

“That’s a message for everyone out there,” Guillen said after the game. “If they don’t run the bases they out of the game. I don’t care if it’s Konerko or Adam Dunn or anyone. If you don’t play this game right, they are out of the game.”

Guillen also said he was happy the White Sox lost last night. He said this in a sarcastic tone.

“I was kind of glad…because we had opportunities,” Guillen said. “We do this and we do that, (bleep) it, just get this game over with and go home and hopefully we get it tomorrow. Today was the worst game we played all year long, to me.”

Guillen and the Sox will take the field again tonight against the same Rockies, and can be heard on WSCR 670 The Score at 7:05pm.


    Look for him to get Minnie Minosa’s jersey out of the display case
    and eat a banana split.
    Look for him to don a nude suit and streak across the field.
    Look for him to, also, drag the World Series trophy behind his car in a parking lot,
    while shouting insults at Jerry Reinsdorf.

  • southside

    Time for Ozzie to go. Nobody respects him.

    • rivroowalker

      Ozzie is not the problem – Dunn, Peavy, Jackson, Rios, Beckham, Morrel, Teahen, and Thorton are. Thorton is coming around, finally, but the rest of these guys are stealing from us. Taking big paychecks and not coming through.

      • FED UP

        ” the rest of these guys are stealing from us.”

        All they do is contribute to the losses. Obviously they don’t care about winning.

        Sox, forget about “saving face” and “hoping” somebody wakes up.

        Is Adam Dunn a real baseball player? I have never seen anybody THAT bad. Bring back Manny Ramirez. ;-(

  • tom Sharp

    Good for Ozzie! Now he needs to look in he mirror and tell himself he has too many bad Hispanic players on the team!

    • rivroowalker

      Ozzie is not the GM. Ignorant and idiotic comments don’t really help.

  • idicula1979

    Find a way to bring Diyan Viciedo up. I know Ozzie is loyal to his guys and that is a good thing, but the imparritive here is winning .

  • DeeS

    The only bad thing about the White Sox is that we have Ozzie as manager. He had one good year – 2005. Now we need someone to take over who does not favor an all Hispanic team and who knows better than to take out the starting pitcher in the 6th or 7th inniing – FOR NO REASON AT ALL – leaving the parade of relievers to lose the ball game. Our players have so much talent that is wasted because of this filthy-mouthed, no class man who blames everyone else but himself when they lose a game. I’m a life long White Sox fan and am proud of all of them, no matter what the manager rants and raves about.

    • MJB

      Not to mention not having a clue on playing small ball … or walking a dangerous hitter to pitch to someone else… 2005 all he did was fill out the lineup card.
      Look at the worldseries 4 complete pitched games no pitch hitters no lineup changes…. why did he get so much credit???

  • Jim

    I wouldn’t be able to work for anyone like Ozzie so I understand why these players wouldn’t either. He needs to go so fans can start supporting the Sox again.

    • MJB

      Amen Jim I have been saying that for years


    You could tell Ozzie was fed up with having to make excuses after every game for the lazy multi-millionaire slobs on his team.

    They always say “something’s gotta give”. The “something” for the White Sox has already exploded.

  • MJB

    When will Trump come to chicago and pay Ozzie a visit…
    YOUR FIRED …. what other manager would ever get away with saying Ithey are happy they lost?????

    • rivroowalker

      You are the same type of ignorant fan that would have had Joe Torre leave NY. Ozzie can’t bat for Dunn or pitch for Peavy. Do you think he forget how to win? Do you think the World Series was an accident? Half of the comments on this thread are racist, anti Latino rants that have nothing to do with baseball. Ozzie was a winner as a player, as a coach, and continues to be a winner as a manager. Dunn, Rios, Beckham, Morel, need to hit. Pierre needs to steal. Danks, Peavy, Jackson need to pitch. Ignorant fans like you need to cork it.

      • Erik Peterson

        LOL!! well said ;)

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