Walter’s Perspective: How To Save 625 City Jobs

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel has been telling us all week he’ll have to fire 625 city employees if he can’t raise $20 million. That’s hard to do, he says.

But maybe it’s not heard. How about this, Mr. Rahmbo: Call your pal Mr. Obahmbo in the White House to see if he’ll slip you $20 million out of the $1 billion he’s now raising for his personal politics — a billion dollars to run his campaign for re-election.

He’s chalking up fundraisers coast to coast, picking up $5 million a shot, padding his pockets with 20 to 30 times what you need, Mr. Mayor, to avoid firing 625 city employees.

With just half of what the president will spend on his campaign, he can wipe out your entire budget deficit.

So how about it, Mr. Mayor? Ask of your pal in the White House what you’re asking of your workers in Chicago – a little sacrifice, to save 625 jobs.

  • tom Sharp

    Just maybe, before he hits up the Prez for all that money, Rahm might take a walk thru City Hall and Ward offices. When he he’s finished, if he isn’t blind, he’ll have found that he can layoff a lot more than 625! Then he can use those savings and any money the Prez cares to give him and cut the fees and taxes in Chicago

    • Daniel

      That is so true. City Hall is FULL of departmental offices loaded with lazy, useless, ignorant blacks who are incapable of performing the most basic functions. They were just hired to fill quotas.

    • hope not to be jobless

      you wouldn’t be saying that if it was one of your family members or your job on the line!

      • tom Sharp

        I was ‘laid off” with thousands of others when Vallas and Chico decided patronage pimps from City Hall knew more about eduction than teachers and people who had been there for a life time. You” notice the school system still sucks. . They were wrong more than they were right, but they left a ton of losers from City Hall all over the CPS and I’m sure the same is true for the dysfunctional Streets and San, CTA , etc…. You can find 625+ losers on the city payroll blindfolded. Let’s just hope he picks better than Vallas and Chico

      • Rob

        If you survive on the government teet , you would really hate to have to get a real job. RIGHT HOPE ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jim Bailey


    You should be ashamed to call yourself a reporter. I used to think that you were good at your job, but that was MANY years ago. Now you are just a cynical old man that should be at home and not in the public eye. I was insulted and offended by your unprofessional references to our President. If I were your boss, I would terminate your contract immediately. You need to grow up.

    Jim Bailey

    • Pothead

      I agree 100% Jim.

  • Tom Sweeney

    You should go out with at least a shred of remaining grace , Walter. Your increasingly irritating, unrealistic rants can’t be winning your station any new viewers and are driving this one away.

  • Pothead

    Wally , If you are so worried about it, why not dip into your pile of money to help out ? MMMMMMMMMM ?

  • Eagle 1

    Thank you for having the guts to speak truth.
    Thank you for standing up for the little people who fall prey to the uncaring power brokers.
    May your number increase.

  • Kathy Smith

    Walter, I now no it is time for you to retire.The way you talked about our president is a disgrace. George Bush who I am sure you voted for and the man responsible for the mess we are in , which most republicans seem to forget. I am sure that you would have never said those things about him. People are just watching people like you and others who disrespect our president , who is trying to fix the devastation GEORGE BUSH created. i just wonder how much money George Bush lined his pockets with. You never talked about that in eight years. Oh i forgot who cares because this is what republicans do. Dont forget Obama does not need anyones money. Unlike Bush he has created his own Wealth and it was not inherited from the family.

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