CPS Considering Property Tax Increase

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Public Schools administrators, still faced with a deficit of more than $600 million after making significant cuts, are considering more job cuts and a property tax increase.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s David Roe reports, the Chicago Tribune says administrators for the school system are seeking to take in $100 million more in property taxes.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s David Roe reports

The Chicago School Board is considering whether to go ahead with the highest tax increase permitted under state law, which would translate into higher property tax bills for residents.

The system is also making more job cuts at the central office in middle management, the newspaper reported.

CPS has already made $75 million in cuts to the central office, by scaling back the school bus fleet, cutting back on custodial service, and renting out space in the schools that is not used, the Tribune reported.

The School Board also canceled a 4 percent raise for teachers for a savings of $100 million, even though the raise was in the teachers’ contract.

CTU president Karen Lewis said afterward that the union will sit down to renegotiate the pay package that the board canceled. She would not make any predictions about how the talks might end, but said a strike is a possibility.

Earlier this week, CPS said about 1,000 teachers would be laid off – partially because of school closings and dropping enrollment, but also due to cuts to about 100 supplemental teaching positions and reductions in programs.

  • Daniel

    It is outragious that CPS would even consider a property tax hike in this economy. CPS is riddled with waste. For instance, why are ghetto kids being provided with both a FREE breakfast and FREE lunch when their families are already receiving tax-funded welfare and LINK benefits? Hardworking, taxpaying citizens cannot afford to raise the families of others. They must start doing it themselves.

    • Gregory

      You will be surprised if you go into a Jewels in the north suburbs and see who is using LINK cards

      • friend....NOT!

        poor white people!

      • Mike

        It’s Jewel, dufus and Daniel is right. Further, most of those people don’t contribute to the tax base. Start by taxing them. Not the people who already pay.

      • Mary

        Kids in the northern suburbs are not attending CPS schools, moron.

      • Mike

        mary, you and gregory are obviously products of cps. The article was about cps and both of you changed it to the Northern suburbs. Go back to school, idiot.

  • MJB

    for YEARS CPS has been wasting Millions and their answer is always Throw more Millions toward the problem.
    When you give people free stuff it is never enough and they ALWAYS want more. This is Nationwide….
    Nobody wants to send their kids to Public schools and enrollment is down BUT they need MORE Money????
    At least Finally someone stood up to the Union 4% raise iis Crazy… But they would have their union Brothers and Sisters Laid off instead of giving up the raise because THERES NO MONEY???

  • Fed up

    ABSURD. CPS overspending is ridiculous. Superintendent is overpaid. Teachers continue to lose their jobs and teachers getting their pay cut. And all they do is demand more taxes. And the kids get caught in the middle with overcrowded classrooms, poor education, lack of nutrition from junk food program, little to none physical activities because gym and sports have been cut, and the list goes on. NO MORE INCREASE IN TAXES. It’s time to buckle down and cut frivolous spending. Enough is enough.

  • av

    Get read of unions.Divide school money per child and let parents send them to private schools.
    Stop Robin Hood practice.Take from rich give to poor.We pay to much in taxes.

  • Guest

    They want to increase property taxes when so many people are already having trouble paying their mortgage and taxes? If find it odd that the banks are speaking out against all these property tax hikes.

  • Guest

    correction: are NOT speaking out against the property taxes hikes.

  • Nauseated

    C’mon people. Don’t you mind paying some extra property taxes to pay for teachers pay raises & lavish pensions while you’ve taken pay cuts and lost your jobs. Remember it’s for the CHILDREN!! If they don’t get their pay raises and pension increases, they’ll make sure your kids don’t learn anything.

  • dan

    Here’s an idea, CUT the taxes substantially of parents like myself who provide tremedous financial relief on CPS by PAYING tuition and sending our kids to private schools (in my case Catholic) I am not rich and the measly $500 state tax credit does not even put a dent in the cost yet we pay twice- The tuition and then the taxes to support CPS. I think I deserve to be creditied the cost of sending a kid to CPS since I am opting out-No free breakfast or lunch either-I should get that money too!

  • Gregory

    People the problem lies with the government insistence that the super rich, the top 1 % like these sport player, Wall Street Barron’s, and major importers of good from China keep their taxes low. So, you the common man must make up the revenue shortage by raising your taxes. This is a simple way of keep the economy growing.

  • Just Me

    There is so much waste in all the public schools. And the Admin. will defend a lot of the programs because it is grant or federal money which is MORE TAX dollars!

    Get rid of all freebies in the schools. Make parents pay something for their kids’ education. No more free anything – field trips, lunches, buses, supplies, book fees, etc.

    • GM

      the blacks would cry racism if they actually had to pay something.

      • Rufus

        Ain’t dat da trufe.

  • TJefferson

    I believe it is a state law that allows the Chgo School Board (mayoral appt) to unilaterally raise taxes. This issue should be placed in the hands of taxpayers via a vote/referendum. Call your state rep, state sen. and have them take away the ability of the Board to raise taxes.

  • TJefferson

    And BTW, the problem will the system isn’t due to lack of funding. They spend thousands per pupil and still get poor results. We can spend $30k per student and nothing will change. The main problem is that you have lazy parents who don’t give a damn about their kids and provide no follow-up, along with some teachers that don’t know how to teach.

  • Chivi

    It’s unbelievable how some CPS schools provide their counselors with new laptops. I know of some teachers who have sold their laptops and then reported them stolen and got new ones. Oh no!!! Not a teacher!!! Impossible!!!

  • Judy


  • In your face corruption

    ” more job cuts and a property tax increase.”

    Proof that all that money goes right into their corrupt wallets.

    They’ll tax us up the ying-yang again and will have their stupid shortfall and tax us again.

    We all know where the money goes, and it’s never for the students.

    • friend...NOT!


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