CHICAGO (CBS) – It’s a holiday weekend for most of us. But not for Chicago police officers.

Sources tell CBS 2 News that officers from gang and tactical units throughout the city and those from bike units are working on their scheduled days off and being paid overtime, which is at a pay rate of time and a half. 

The goal is to increase the police presence at the Taste of Chicago, on the Magnificent Mile and the lakefront when the temperature rises. The thought is warmer weather brings more crowds –- and potential trouble.

“Warmer weather infuses the downtown area with larger crowds, enjoying the attractions, beaches and festivities, including the Taste of Chicago,” a statement from the Chicago Police Department’s News Affairs office said. “Days off have been cancelled for a contingent of officers working within this area, to provide supplemental resources during peak times.”

Police say this is not a new practice. Similar methods have been employed over warmer months in the past.

Officers working on their days off have the option of selecting “comp time,” or future time off, instead of overtime pay.

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