Dad Foils Would-Be Child Abductor, Who Is Quickly Arrested

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police say a man tried to snatch a small boy at North Avenue Beach in broad daylight on Saturday morning.

The father who pulled his son to safety credits a large police presence with catching the suspect before the man was even able to leave the beach.

 Armando Uvalle says the attempted abduction of his 2-year-old son, Isaiah, happened in an instant while his son was next to him. It occurred on the east side of the boathouse.

A stranger “just came out of nowhere and grabbed my kid,” Uvalle told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot.

Uvalle pulled his son away and said the man walked away.

The father immediately went to a female officer from the 18th District at the beach and explained what happened. 

The fast-acting officer immediately put a flash message out via police computer, alerting all officers nearby with the description of the suspect: an African-American man carrying several bags, wearing a black shirt with a white logo and black pants. 

Two officers assigned to beach duty, from Area 3’s gang-enforcement unit, heard the alert on the radio. The officers saw the man matching the description at the North Avenue Beach turnaround. 

Police arrested him.

“Don’t be afraid to get a hold of the police immediately,” Chicago Police Cmdr. Leo Schmitz told reporters at a news conference later Saturday. “If he didn’t do it that quickly, this guy might have gotten away and what if he got somebody else at another time.”

Uvalle said the whole process took seconds. His advice to other parents: “You got to be careful on the beach. People can just come right here and grab your kid.”

Police have not charged the suspect but sources tell CBS 2 he’s a convicted sex offender. He pleaded guilty and was convicted in 1998 of aggravated criminal sexual assault of a child under the age of nine. He served nine years of a 12 year sentence.

  • Vicky

    Would have loved it if Dad had a concealed weapon; one less turn on the road.


      Concealed carry would have been an immediate end to that problem. Someone tries to pull my kid out of my arms? Yeah right, go for it, loser.

    • LeeBean

      Absolutely Vicky!

    • Rob131

      yeah yeah…he would of course not miss and hit anyone else..after all everyone who owns a gun is a sharp shooter….

      please….it would have been nice if everyone around just beat the pervert to death to send a good message to those damn animals.

    • Mr. Justice

      Agreed! Just one more reason why we need conceal carry here in Chicago and in Illinois. This time, it worked out for the best as the pervert was arrested. However, the police are not always able to make an arrest.



  • Louise

    Prosecutors are determining whether to press charges? Hello?

    • Rob131

      I am pretty sure that has to be some typo…Prosecutors are considering what charges to press….I HOPE!

      • LeeBean

        I hope so too because I read that twice with the same look of disbelief both times.

  • dj

    They are thinking about pressing charges. What??? The guy needs to go back to jail and throw away the key. Think about what? So, he can do it to someone else. Didn’t take him long.

    • Roberta Waker

      Amen. They should put a tattoo on the foreheads of these sex offenders so they can stand out in a crowd and castrate them as well.

  • Natasha Thomas

    Glad I wasn’t at that beach today, I have a 3 year old daughter and I can’t imagine that happening to her. They should lock that guy back up and throw away the key! BTW, why are prosecutors thinking about pressing charges, this guy tried to kidnap a kid, HELLO?!?

  • DiaK

    Big Kudos to the Chicago Police! What’s wrong with the courts??? Press charges, dad. You know you won’t be the last!

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  • Hachipisali

    Well, when he gets to prison he might be determining whether to see a dentist.

    • bob

      or a ASS docter

    • LeeBean


  • LeeBean

    Okay that’s terrifying that someone is so bold to take your child out your arms. After 12 years this pervert is still at it. Why let these jerks out on the street to continue preying on children? smh

    • Roberta Waker

      They let these perverts out because of “overcrowding” in our jails. Maybe it’s time to build new jails which would put a lot of people to work building and staffing them. Sheriff Arpaio has a jail in Arizona that would be a fine blueprint. Criminals that leave HIS jail don’t want to go back. Inmates don’t need most of the “perks” they enjoy after all aren’t they being “punished” for a crime?

  • bitney

    this is one of the few times that carrying a weapon would come in handy i would shoot that a- holes head off

  • hush hush

    dad would have brought his magnum hand gun, the bullets would go through suspect, along with six other people.

    • Roberta Waker

      Are you a gun owner that you speak with such knowledge? When a cop shoots a suspect, six other people don’t get hit, so why should this happen with a legal gun owner carrying a weapon? It’s all in the training and training is available for ANY gun owner.

  • DiaK

    Hope they post his name and photo soon so everybody knows who he is.

  • Brandyman

    It is time we raise the punishment way up on all types of crime, we are way to easy on people who do wrong. They are trying to get back in for heaven sakes, that alone should tell us we are way to easy on criminals. We need to make this place so bad no one wants to come back there under no reason. People are not scared of prison at all. Then we need to have the guards checked out better and more often and the wardens also.
    We need to do more than we are doing and it will get worst all the time not better.

    • Roberta Waker

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona has the solution to jail being jail and we need to follow his example. We also need to build more jails so criminals aren’t released because of “overcrowding”.

  • Farmer Bob

    Anybody remember the case in Louisiana years ago? The TV was showing some cops walking a convicted child molester across a train station. As the camera followed the convict, you could see a man on a pay phone in the background. Suddenly, that man rushed up, put a gun to the convict’s head and . . . lights out. The “killer” was the father of the boy the convict had molested. Naturally, the authorities put the man on trial. What an embarrassment for them! The “rule of law” had to be re-asserted full force. And it was. The jury let the father off scott free. Justice was done, just as the Founding Fathers intended when they instituted the jury system to befuddle the legalists. Juries were put there to nullify the judges, lawyers and even the law in the interests of justice.

  • asdf

    Send the Sex offender back to Africa in a Body bag!

  • JZ

    There should be a law that once convicted and registered as a sexual predator these monsters should stay in prison for life or get executed by death penalty…These ppl won’t change, they come back from jail to just keep on doing the same crimes over and over again. No mercy for them, death punishment and that’s it! They threaten the lives of our children!

  • Lucy

    I really like the tattoo on the forehead (and possibly castration) idea. The forehead would alert all of us to watch out for that jerk and the possibility of castration might be helpful in reminding these jerks that they might not “enjoy” their lifestyle so much!

  • mark

    This is the second time he has ben caught. He should not get a third chance.What needs to be done is cut him for parts and give them to people who need them,and would make better use of them.



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