CHICAGO (WSCR) Before this season, the Chicago White Sox did something uncharacteristic to the organization: They went out and spent a lot of money to make themselves a contender.

However, to this point in the season, the White Sox haven’t lived up to the high expectations that come with a high payroll.

As a result, both Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams have been criticized. Among those criticizing Williams has been Chicago Sun-Times columnist Joe Cowley. But Cowley says it’s not personal, he praised Williams when he deserved it, and now he deserves criticism.

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“I think he should stay the general manager,” Cowley said on the Danny Mac Show. “I think people misconstrue that I Think that he should be fired, and that’s not what I’m saying.”

What Cowley wants is simple. He wants to see the same Kenny Williams that built a World Series Champion.

“Have a plan,” Cowley said. “Stick to the plan. I don’t even know what his plan is. Usually you have a feel about a general manager of what they want. I don’t know what Kenny wants anymore. I don’t know if Kenny knows what he wants anymore.”

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