By David Schuster–

(WSCR) Just about everything concerning the Major League All Star game is goofy and if you’re a White Sox fan you can now add to the fact that Paul Konerko was not named (yet) to the team while Carlos Quentin was.

Quentin got the call early Sunday morning and was incredibly surprised, “It was unexpected honestly and when they told me I was shocked” I thank my fellow players for showing me respect and voting for me and that means a lot. But, I have mixed feelings because the guy that has carried us all year, Paul Konerko, and I have some mixed feelings because he should be there and I hope he will be added.”

And truth be told, Konerko could still be added as he is one of the 5 players up for the extra fan balloting which goes until Thursday. The other four are Alex Gordon (K.C.), Adam Jones (Balt.), Victor Martinez (Detroit) and Ben Zobrist (T.B.). You would think that Konerko has a pretty good chance of being voted in because his numbers are the best and because the Sox have a bunch of home games this week in order for the fans to vote.

The Sox have also teamed up with the Dodgers to co-promote their respective players as Andre Ethier is up for the balloting in the National League. Konerko and Ethier both went to high school out in Phoenix so they are both behind the promotion.

As for Konerko’s feelings on not initially being named, ” I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s a tough process and ultimately a numbers game. I’ve probably made it in the past when maybe I shouldn’t so I can’t be too upset with this current situation.

What ever happens this week I’ll deal with it. I wont promote or politic for myself. If people want to vote and think I should go I’m fine with it and if they think someone else is more deserving that’s ok too. It kind of puts a player in an uncomfortable spot. If I’m good enough to go then I’ll go and if not then I’ll rest up the three days.” 



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