(WSCR) The Cubs didn’t start this season with lofty expectations from their fans. But as the midway point in the season approaches, the team has failed to meet the modest of expectations.

As a result, fans have been clamoring for someone to take the blame. One of the first names mentioned is general manager Jim Hendry.

“I would hope they know me long enough to know that, you know, I certainly have always tried to have their best interests at heart too, and feel terrible when we don’t put ourselves in a contending mode,” Hendry said on Hit and Run.

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Since Hendry took over as G.M. in 2002, the Cubs have gone 764-777, winning three NL Central titles, finished fifth in the division three times, and finished last in 2006.

“We’ve had such a disparity of having like some really good clubs, and obviously, some ones that fall way out of it before we even have a chance, or thought we could contend,” Hendry said. “So it’s been kind of hit or miss the last four or five years: Win a couple division titles, right in the thick of one in ’09, and then obviously the last year and a half has not gone well at all.”

Over the last year and a half, fans’ impatience and dissatisfaction seems to have grown significantly.

“I certainly not only share their disappointment…you know, I feel it a lot more than them,” Hendry said…”I certainly have always understood the obligation [to] our great fan base, and was very proud of the fact that we got ourselves in a really good spot for, you know, pretty much the better part of five or six years. And to have it be like it is today, is certainly not something that I’m pleased with, myself, or for them.”

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