CTA Security, Attendant Failed To Help Mugging Victim

CHICAGO (CBS) — A CTA passenger says he got jumped by a group of men at a bus stop Tuesday night, but security guards and a CTA customer assistant refused to call for emergency help.

As CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, John Hernandez said it happened while he was waiting to get home at the 47th Street bus stop just outside the 47th Street Red Line station.

“As I’m walking to the bus. I didn’t get two steps and they jumped me from behind and basically started hitting me,” Hernandez said.

He said he had taken out his iPhone to check the CTA Bus Tracker, when “I realized there was a couple of guys hanging around and they kind of gave each other a signal. So i put my phone away.”

He saw the bus coming, so he thought he was safe, but instead the men beat him to the ground.

“Before you know it, they were on me,” he said. “They punched me, from the side, I didn’t even see it coming, really and I just got pushed to the ground and the whole thing lasted like 10 seconds.”

That’s not all. Hernandez said he ran to a CTA attendant and two security guards, begging them to call the cops.

He said one of the security guards asked him, “why didn’t you yell.” He also claimed the CTA attendant just pointed him to a pay phone.

“He just looked at me and he kind of got up slowly and said well, the pay phones are over there,” Hernandez said. “At that point I realized that I was not going to get any help and I was scared to be there by myself, so I turned and I saw that the bus was still there. So I ran to the bus and I got on.”

The CTA issued a statement, saying the customer assistant or security guard is supposed to contact the CTA control center to report that a customer needs assistance. Control center personnel will call the city’s 911 center.

But Hernandez said that none of that happened.

“I’m not so much angry, as I’m really disappointed, because I needed help and people there that are supposed to help me, supposed to help us, didn’t. They didn’t raise a finger.”

He was left with a couple of cuts and questions about whether a security camera recorded the attack, not to mention why no one would help.

“It was just beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my life,” Hernandez said.

He said the CTA did email him, apologizing for the workers’ failure to help. He also said a bus driver told him the camera on the bus caught the incident.

The CTA said it also could help to identify the workers. The video will be turned over to police for investigation.

  • Just Axin

    Good job, Gabe. I couldn’t have said it any better. Not that it would happen, but could you imagine whites attacking a black and nobody calls for help? Just look at that attack in boystown where you now have gay blacks complaining that they are being targeted by cops and residents.

  • Neeta

    If you want to blame someone, blame CTA. The guards are not allowed to call 911, as stated. The guards call control center and control center call 911 and inform them of the situation. It seems to me that CTA needs to ammend the way their guards handle emergency situations. You are a very ignorant person in the sense that you don’t know. Why don’t you keep your racist comments to yourself. I think you should know the facts before you even beging to make comments. I pray for your soul.

    • Pothead

      Ok Neeta, and the CTA is 90% what race ?

      • Neeta

        Do you understand what I am saying, it doesn’t matter what race the employees are. The problem is the rules that CTA has for the employees as far as dealing with crimes that happen on or around their property. If those are their rules it wouldn’t matter if the employees were white, which there are white guards that work on CTA rail lines. There are a diverse of nationalities that workd the CTA rail lines. People need to look at the facts and not race. I agree 100% that the guards should have contacted the control center. I am saying that CTA need to change it to where the guards shoul be allowed to call the police and then contact control center. In my opinion the time frame of contacting the police could make a big difference in catching the perpetrators that commit a crime.

      • Lil Timmy

        Race doesn’t matter but statistics do. I am from Chicago and the CTA employees I have seen from North to South are 95% black. Therefore, when someone messes up, they will tend to be black. Now if 1/2 the black employee cannot go above and beyond their lackluster role, race does matter.

  • briar patch

    since the voictim still had possession of his iphone, why didnt HE call 911?

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  • Margaret

    Actually since it is 47th street and you have a Hispanic male waiting on the bus, my guess would be that 47th street is not a strictly black area. If you’ve ever been down 47th you would know on one side of the expressway you have Mexican neighborhoods and on the other side you have black neighborhoods. But my bigger concern would be what types of race problems do you think need to be fixed?This man was not targeted because of his race. He was targeted because there were two punk kids walking around deciding they needed to beat someone down and steal something. Because I can’t tell, but it doesn’t seem like your point is to get people to be more tolerant of others. Aside from that, your spelling errors and lack of a clear focus in your “sentences” leaves me boggled as to what else you were trying to say.

    • rc

      What was the race of the attackers?

  • Uncommon

    The CTA gave out information at the Taste, “see something, say something.” CTA should inform their employees to do the same. I was on a bus being harrassed by another passenger, the bus operator did nothing. I’m suppose to pull out my cell phone and call 911 if the operator is being harrassed?

  • watcher

    why dosen`t the news media look into the racial problems in Chicago,an awful lot of black don`t like white people!!!

  • working man

    I grow up in the back of the yards , The 47th street L stop was a problem 40 years back.

  • Roberta Waker

    The CTA employees that did nothing should be fired. They could have called their control center for assistance for this poor man. I hope he sues them for his medical bills at the very least. The CTA should be ashamed of having employees like this. What if it had been them?

    • KE

      1) the CTA employees SHOULD be fired.
      2) The victim should not sue the CTA for any medical bills, etc because the CTA did not inflict the injuries
      3) I am sure the CTA is embarrassed and ashamed — as all of us citizen should be about how people behave

  • Lazy eye guy huntin squirrels

    Does looking at your I-phone to see when the bus is coming make it get there faster ? I don’t see the point in it, I mean if you need to take that bus, you’re going to wait anyway.

  • jim

    Here is a solution I think I will create-an app for a smart phone that blows it up when someone steals it. Maybe have a key chain with a button or something and when the democrats steal your phone you click a button, the phone explodes and the thieves arm gets blown off, or better yet if he stuck it in his pocket he loses his reproductive equipment

    Then the media can run stories about all the one armed fine young men on the south side and the rest will get the message.

    Oh and by the way, I am not a racist, I just have thugs and criminals and unfortunately the majority are young black men.

    • Big Tiny

      Thats a great idea Jim…like the car exhaust that shot flames at would be carjackers in South Africa…unfortunately, the majority of carjackers in S. Africa were young black men and racism was shouted out to high heaven, so the product never seen the open market.

    • Cliff

      Jim you may not be racist, but you comment was very racist. Would it be fair for me to counteract your statement and then say the majority of MAJOR criminals are white men who steal: elections, city contracts, lands, run ponzi schemes, create one of the worst markets ever with the Wall Street Mortgage Security crash (in case you didn’t know a lot of the financial institutions are being sued and have been forced to pay as they were fully aware of the situation and market they created).

      Who have the longest history of violence as their ancestors raped and brutally attacked the African continent for years for slave work, who brutalized and damn near eliminates a race of people in the Native Americans, who attacked women and children during the civil rights movement.

      And to this day they continue to run large corporations that deplete our planet of natural resources, dump toxins and other pollutants into our environment, and then pay off politicians from their lobbyist positions?

      I mean damn, when you look at the present and past of white people, I can also make a ignorant racist statement and say all white people are crooks and even worse just evil. Instead what I’ll say is that some whites are bad, just like some blacks are bad, just as some hispanics and etc. are bad.

      • Timin Phoenix

        You are a racist or more likely some White Liberal on a self-righteous crusade. You know that the point of the comment is that Black on Black crime and Black on White crime is off the charts when you factor in percentage of crime and percentage of race.

        And for you to go to the Native Americans…why not go back to ancient Rome while we are at it and talk about slavery there?

        By the way, if you think the black politicians in Detroit, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and everywhere else are not as crooked as their white (fellow democrats) are, you are as naive as you seem to be.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Look at how many attacks and rapes, and robberies is happening on the CTA this day. All residence should boycott, this city is going down the tubes fast. Our weak mayor can’t hel[p us. The Police chief is weaker than an overpriced margarita down town.

    CHICAGO IS GOING TO HELL fast. They wont tell you how bad it is, the Mayor has a deal with the local media. It’s true look it up. Attacks are up 90% this year. Why isn’t this on the news.

    During my investigation into the mob attacks I found out, it is a drug king pin sending out his minions to disrupt the city, as the king pin put it “The city is taking food off our plate, so we sending the shorties out to take food off their plates.” PEOPLE the crime is an attempt by a drug syndicate to impact the city like the cops that stole 10 million in cash did to him.

    And local media is too scared and pocketed by the politicians to look into this. EVERYONE be scared, they are sending the neighborhood thugs to your neighborhood! If you live in a safe neighborhood it will it be long.

  • Robert

    lazy and uncaring is exactly that – does not matter the race, color or creed – CTA higher ups (those who wear the suits and make a butt load of money) need to spend some time in the stations and see what kind of lazy @ss peeps they hired

  • Gityomamatopooshdacar!

    Robert and Gabe,

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. CTA workers (yes, most of them are black) are among the laziest, rude and downright incompetent people I have seen, except for the Post Office or maybe the DMV (mostly black workers at those places too, I’m afraid). They know they can get away with it cause if anyone fires them for being the lazy, incompetent people they are, they simply play the race card and say they are being discriminated against. A good friend of mine is a Supervisor for the CTA and he tells me this is a fact of life he has to deal with so we are doomed to lousy attitudes and at best, mediocre service, my friends!

    • Roberta Waker

      Best way to avoid discrimination and racism is to NOT hire them in the first place. People should not be hired by race; but by their ability to do the job. PERIOD.

  • Nauseated

    It’s not in their job description to help anyone. They’re not going to risk their job, pensions or get sucked into something they may not get paid for ie. court if police catch the bad guys.

    Remember the hole city workers fixed in a fence leading to the harbor but didn’t bother to follow the tire tracks to find the car in the water with the dead driver still in it that had been missing for months? Also remember the Hoffman Estates worker that stood and watched 2 guys steal someone’s dog out of the yard and didn’t report it.

    Public workers simply aren’t going to lift a finger unless it’s related to their job.

  • Hating All You Haters!!!

    There are a lot of overt,ugly racist comments posted here.

    Incredibly, these posts have been posted on here for quite some time.

    That means that either nobody is reporting them, or CBS Chicago is clearly not monitoring the comments section.

    I’ve reported all you racist idiots. And I will continue to do so. Your vitriol has no place here.

    CBS Chicago – please do your job and erase the hate on here. Literally!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ Hating All You Haters!!!….. What you are asking for is censorship. Censorship is wrong and should not be utilized by CBS or anyone. Some of these comments are rude and way out of line, but then again, some of these comments are valid. So, please just don’t read the comments and stop asking for censorship. The comments of the CTA workers being lazy is totally accurate.

      • KE

        Well said

  • Mohammed Bin

    Its seems strange in yesteryear’s when one did not have to travel to China to work, things of this nature weren’t the norm, Could it be because all the rich white corporate executive have move the job to China. I frequently deliver to north shore area and I see a lot of Links card in those Jewel Stores. Maybe the problems of is caused by the greed of the American business man. You think?

  • Mohammed Bin

    Furthermore, I sense a great deal of whites who beg for the those CTA jobs that in yesteryear they would not have if the pay was doubled. Oh, I know you have called me a sand ????

  • Lynne

    I reported a man exposing himself and masturbating on the Brown Line in the middle of the day – full description with the car number and I got the same result. A blank stare, conversation between the CTA employees and absolutely NO action on their part! It’s disgusting/

  • CGL

    Sadly, I was not surprised to read about this incident. My experience with the CTA is that, in general, there are more lazy, disinterested employees than caring, pro-active ones. There is general lack of common courtesy and common sense among the employees, and it comes from the top, where the rules are made. The CTA booth at Midway airport station is a good example. Visitors to the city can expect no courtesy and no assistance there from most employees there, not to mention finding no maps. And why in the world can’t the machines give change? Imagine coming to Chicago for the first time, having no experience with public transportation, and trying to understand how to buy a train ticket to the Loop, and without correct change. In addition, the handicapped doors have never worked at that location.
    There are some employees who do take pride in their work, but not enough. I used to report incidents where bus drivers talked on cell phones or to friends, were speeding, and ran red lights while operating their buses. I have no idea whether CTA ever followed up, but I do know that the numbers of these incidents have increased to the point where they are actually expected by the public. I’m not sure what additional horrible accidents have to happen before public officials change the culture of Chicago public services and public servants.

  • Simon Garcia

    John H (the victim) should reverse roles and become the hunter. If he had a tazer he could have lit up the two assailants like a Christmas Tree, Further, he knows where the CTA workers work now.

  • Mabie

    I’ll bet those “CTA employees” are not CTA employees. The people who work in the stations are generally contract workers, making $8-$9 an hour, no benefits, no pensions, no job security. So I can kind of see why they don’t want to do anything they’re not authorized to do.

  • Gerald M.Onasch

    Chicago likes for their people to live in fear.They like”flash mobs”attacking people randomly without fear of reprisal.It means that without an alternatine(conceal carry) the people will cryout for more law enforcement.If the people cryout for more law enforcement,it would logically follow that more taxes and administration are necessary,more revenue flowing,and more union jobs that owe their livelihood to the powers that be.More power,more power,more power.That is how the Chicago Machine has and always will work.Welcome to Illinois,puppet state to Chicago.

  • Darrell

    This is why I a law abiding Hoosier and black man with a gun never come over there. I would feel stupid being without a gun in the midst of all that madness and having nothing with which to defend myself from the predatory dope addict vermin who freely roam the city.

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