CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel says he’ll deal with Ald. Edward Burke’s police detail–when it’s time.

With so many alderman and community leaders calling for additional police protection, Burke’s four-officer detail has become a symbol to some of what’s been wrong with the force and its priorities.

“I understand all of the attention,” Emanuel said.

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“I’m not casting a judgment or an opinion on it. I understand why the four officers, because of the alderman, get the attention. It doesn’t mean it trumps how I have to spend my time in the first 45 days.”

Since Emanuel took office, the department had redeployed 650 officers to street patrol.

Emanuel said increasing the capacity of the city’s “Safe Haven” program from 1,000 to 5,000 children is also intended to keep the lid on trouble.

The search continues for additional officers.

Asked about school patrols, he said some schools need them more than others and said he has already asked Chicago Public Schools administration to review security plans, but said it is already clear that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot work.

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