CHICAGO (WBBM) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel is turning up the heat on organized labor by disclosing some of the work-rule changes he is asking union leaders to accept in order to save the jobs of 625 city employees.

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As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bob Roberts reports, city employees who work overtime currently get paid double time; Emanuel would like to reduce that to time-and-a-half. They work a 35-hour week; Emanuel wants 40 hours. Workers actually get time-and-a-half to prep vehicles at the start of a shift. He wants straight pay for that chore.

“I’ve made nine individual recommendations of workplace reforms that total in value around $19 million,” he said. “Now, the good news is, one of them they like, or they’re open to it.”

Emanuel unilaterally did $20 million in belt-tightening last week to try to erase the $30 million shortfall created by his decision to end mandatory furlough days for city employees. He is asking the unions to come up with an additional $11 million through work rule changes or other means.

Union leaders have another 10 days to counter those proposals before layoff notices go out.

WBBM is attempting to contact Chicago Federation of Labor officials.

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