CHICAGO (WSCR) A lot of things were expected of Adam Dunn when he signed a big offseason contract with the Chicago White Sox. For starters, he was expected to hit a lot of home runs and help carry the White Sox to the postseason.

While that hasn’t happened yet, he is doing one thing that was expected.

“We knew he was going he was going to strikeout a lot,” White Sox radio analyst Ed Farmer said on the Danny Mac Show. “But we thought he’d be, or at least I did and I’m sure every body else did, we thought he’d have 15 to 20 home runs right now and be hitting somewhere around .255 or .245 or .265.”

Dunn has had a lot to adjust to this season: A new team, a new league and a new position. Farmer believes that his bad first half coupled with expectations to instantly produce, led to some added pressure from fans and the media.

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But there’s still a second half of the season, and 74 more games to be played.

“I still think he’s going to hit,” Farmer said. “I still think he’s going to hit 30 home runs.”

Through the first 88 games of the season, Dunn has hit only eight home runs. His home run percentage (2.6%) is the lowest of his career and his strikeout percentage (36.1%) is the highest of his career.

“If he does [hit 30], it’s going to be a heck of an end to the season,” Farmer said. “I just hope that we’re playing well enough to either be ahead or be within a few games of the lead.”

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