Fan Dies After Falling From Stands At Rangers Game

Updated July 7, 2011 at 10:18 p.m. CT

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) The Texas Rangers say a fan died after falling out of the stands while trying to catch a baseball tossed his way during the game.

Rangers president Nolan Ryan said after Thursday night’s game that the team was “deeply saddened” to learn that the man “has passed away as a result of this tragic accident.”

The Rangers did not identify the man; they said he fell about 20 feet.

The fan fell head-first and landed behind a 14-foot-high wall supporting a video board that shows replays and scores from other games.

The accident happened in the second inning after Oakland’s Conor Jackson hit a foul ball that ricocheted into left field. Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton retrieved the ball and tossed it into the stands.

Replays on Oakland’s television broadcast show the man reaching for the ball and apparently catching it before tumbling.

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  • Bob

    This is so sad. Why was that area left open so someone could fall 20 feet to their death?

    They should ban baseball. If it saves one life…

    • Paul

      then perhaps automobiles should be banned to guarantee the saving of thousands of lives….

    • Mark, Sterling

      perhaps they shouldn’t allow more than one row of stands at any given stadium!??! The problem isn’t the stadium design, this falls directly on the fans. Who somehow think that catching a ball tossed by a MLB player will be the highlight of their lives. It sucks the guy died, but he really did it to himself.


    Maybe, MLB should take up a collection for the son (and the family). I feel awful for everyone involved.
    Blaming anyone isn’t going to make this any better.

  • Deacon

    One thing I notice after watching the video of this tragic incident was that the father was wearing those open flip flops,several years ago I read and article that shoes like this when doing any aggressive movement are dangerous because you lose control of your body because of the sloppyness and no support and no control of your feet and leg movement,watch the video and watch the fathers leg movement as he reaches over to catch the ball.


      They aren’t the safest shoes.
      And, please, people, don’t drive in them or let kids wear them on a playgrounds with a lot of ladders and steps.

      • Mark, Sterling

        I drive with them all the time, just need to not be stupid and they will be fine. It’s not the arrow, it’s the indian.

    • Glp

      couldnt agree more!. The first thing i noticed was he wore flip flops, and im certain it was the reason he fell. Watch the video, just as he catches the ball it would appear he is in a position where his center of gravity would allow him to lean back up, unfortunatley, at that exact mometn, you can see his leg go flying upward. It is obvious his flip flop lost traction, catapulting him over. When you lean over a rail, your weight is being pushed down and back, imagine doing a calf stratch against a wall. If he was wearing shoes, he should have maintained traction easily on his planted foot. Smooth concrete and flat soled flip flops are a recipe for disaster. Too sad. If you are going to be actively walking, standing, and next to crowds, its always smart to wear shoes. By the way, the man who nearly fell at the home run derby last night was not wearing shoes at all. That is just as bad as flip flops. bare feet have very little traction on smooth concrete. Youd be surprised how far you can hang over the edge of something with the right foot were. So sad for Shannons family. This is a deeply saddening story that i cant forget.

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