(WSCR) With the second-worst record in baseball, the Chicago Cubs don’t really have a realistic chance of making the postseason. For the long-suffering organization and fans, they must once again turn their focus to next year.

Part of the shift in focus revolves around promoting prospects to give them valuable Major League experience. The other part of that focus revolves around potential trades.

“If you’re going to make deals, what are you looking to get out of them?” Cubs TV broadcaster Len Kasper said on the Danny Mac Show. “Are you looking to get salary relief? Are you looking to get prospects? Are you looking to get Major League-caliber players right now, who can help you this year and then in the next couple of years? Remember, the Reds made a Scott Rolen trade that was a head-scratcher at the time because they were out of it, but clearly Rolen had a huge impact last year.

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“Those are questions only Jim Hendry and those above him can answer. But at the Minor League level you have to decide who’s ready to come up and play at this level, at the moment. And you have to make sure that guys are ready. You don’t want to bring them up before they’re ready. You also have the arbitration clock that starts to tick if you bring guys up sooner than you’d like to. So there are a lot of very complicated factors that play into those decisions.”

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