Swimmers Beaten By Angry Boaters In Northwest Indiana

HAMMOND, Ind. (CBS) — You’ve heard of road rage, but what about lake rage?

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, it apparently happened last weekend in Northwest Indiana.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Police say swimmers next to an anchored boat were beaten up by people from another boat Saturday evening just off Lakefront Beach along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Hammond, Ind.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports a cruiser was moving erratically in the water near the swimmers, who tried to guide the boat away from theirs and other boats.

The people in the cruiser apparently took offense, and several of them jumped into the water and attacked the swimmers.

Three men were injured, one of whom suffered broken cheekbones.

After the attack, the assailants jumped back in their boat and took off for the Illinois side of the lake.

The victims, who are from Hammond and St. John, Ind., are set to meet Thursday with Lake County sheriff’s detectives, the newspaper reported.

  • Jerry

    Ladies & Gentlemen ___ THUGS & CRIMINALS! If the first have not learned as yet we are dropping very quickly to CAVEMAN ERA! I say to the others may laws in force act aqainst you harshly and hard!!!

  • Roberta Waker

    Bet the boaters were drunk or on drugs. Hope they catch them and take away their boating licenses and press charges against them as well. What is wrong with people lately? They are becoming more violent and doing very stupid things. Maybe it’s time for the judicial system to cool lthem down for about 30 days or more.

    • OLD VET


  • civilized

    How can this happen over there in Indiana? Don’t they have conceal and carry?

  • Dan

    This is what happens when generations of people keep giving God the finger.

    • foxy

      No, God gave us the middle finger to use with our free will. It’s OK.

  • Rick Mason

    ron, i have to side with you. ONLY IF WE KNEW FOR SURE THAT THEY WHERE BLACK.Otherwise YOU are RACIST, But then again it can be seen what you might be.

    • Ron

      Hey Rick,

      Saying “if we knew for sure they were Black” is like saying, “if we knew Casey Anthony had something to due with her child’s death.” Do you really think it’s possible that a group of Whites jumped into the water to attack a group of Blacks? If I could wager you $1000 that this was a Black on White attack, would you take me up on it? If you’re a smart man, of course you wouldn’t- you’d be out $1000. Live in the real world, buddy .By the way, when using all caps to make a point, only use them when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

      • sweetness34

        How about thinking its possible it was a white on white crime?

      • Reason

        They were in a boat and could swim, probably not black.

  • Simon Garcia

    Ron’s premise holds water if this were on dry land. 0.1% blacks are boaters hence it was very unlikely black on white. However, if you factor in drug running, boat jacking or even piracy – then the odds would increase and possibly explain the poor seamanship which initiated the confrontation. Pirates wouldn’t jump in the drink and beat them – just rob them at gun point and or shoot the victims motors. Therefore, white on white.

  • Americandad

    Just blame it on black people it’s easier that way

    • Timin Phoenix

      And most often true. But like the others, I don’t think many boaters are blacks.

      I know you wanted to have some sort of self-righteous point to make, but you know that the majority of such assaults, at least on dry land and with percentages factored in, is insanely Black on Black or Black on White crime.

      Sorry that the truth might spoil you Saintly view of yourself.

  • Hoosier

    Well I know the men who were attacked, and they white Italian Americans and they were attacked by African Americans. The whole thing was videotaped by sunbathing Americans on shore via cell phone. The video has not been released but I sure would like to see it. One of the African Americans hit one of the victims with a beer bottle, knocked him unconscious so he was floating face down in the water. The black attackers hit another white victim and tried to drown him. They left the men, possibly believing they were dead. The white men were rescued by people from shore who were witnessing the whole indecent.

  • 24 Hour News Line

    This news is very sad as there are many cases of this kind that are increased these days. It becomes very much necessary to stop these kind of crimes.

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