Boystown Stabbing Victim: ‘I’m Happy That I’m Alive’

CHICAGO (CBS) – The stabbing victim from last weekend’s videotaped brawl in Boystown says he is grateful police have a suspect in custody.

Rubin Robinson talked with CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot.

“I’m happy that I’m alive,” he says.

On July 3, Robinson says he was walking with two friends on Halsted when someone in a nearby group made an obscene comment. Robinson responded and found himself surrounded by 15 people.

“Once I broke away from the crowd, I remember being hit in my ear,” he says. “That knocked me off balance.  That’s how I fell into the wall.  When I got up, I realized I was stabbed.”

He showed his stapled stab wounds to Le Mignot, including lacerations on his chest and a puncture to his shoulder. A wound on his back was perilously close to his spine.

 “In hindsight, I shouldn’t have given power to that negativity because it ended up with me being almost dead,” Robinson says of the original insult.

Police have charged 24-year-old Darren Hayes of Hammond, Ind. with stabbing Robinson.  Authorities say they were able to match Hayes’ image from the highly publicized video of the attack with a photo found on Facebook. 

A tip from the African-American community also helped give police a name. 

“I’m just happy that people are still compassionate,” Robinson says.

Robinson says he and other friends have always seen Lakeview as their sanctuary.  He says it’s his mission to make sure something positive comes out of this negative experience.

“These things need to stop. They need to stop in Boystown. They need to stop everywhere,” he says.

Robinson, a third-year community psychology student at DePaul, says he’s looking forward to moving on with his life.  At the same time, he wants to use this experience as a teaching tool to bring awareness to issues of violence.

He says he hopes gay African-American men in Lakeview don’t become targets of discrimination following the attack.

  • duane

    I’ve lived in Chicago since 1966. Since 1975 when I was 9 years old, I learned never to respond to things people yell. It is horrible what you have gone through. Next time just keep walking. In the 80’s gang-bangers would ask the question “what you ride” all you had to say was CTA and you got a pass. Keep your EGO in place next time.

  • David

    I wonder what this guy was doing in freak town to begin with. Maybe hoping to get a little?

    • NWA

      What if people who are like you didn’t have places you all could go to too party and have a goodtime? I mean what if? What if there was only one place you all could go? Historically, the LGBT community had to hide. Today there is a place for them in all communities. Therefore, let’s allow them the right to assimilate by afford them the right to congregate.


  • Freak

    David, tell us more. Sounds like you know all about the neighborhood.
    Been there? Or do you just stay home and hope someone will talk to you via your computer because, as I would guess with your narrow-mindness, you are socially unacceptable.

  • David

    Wow, you guys are brutal. I was only making a simple observation. Take it easy.

  • Freak

    Were brutal? Did you see the video of what those cowards did to that guy?
    It wasnt a joke. I’m sure if it had been your brother or your son or your nephew your “observation” would have been much different.

  • Tommy Avant Garde

    I have had Town Hall Meetings in the Past in which I assembled the youth, Center on Halsted and the North Halsted Business mechants assoc. We always had discussions but no body ever moved forward.. It is very Sad to see that if we had made attempts to create more safe spaces for young adults that can’t get into bars, and positive programming or events for them , there might be a reduction in situations like this. The Fact of the matter is that Boyztown has always been a place where youth and young adults that could not feel free to express themselves in thier own neighborhood ventured to. It’s been that way since I was a youth over 25 years ago. Residents knew before moving there about the “Nightlife and Exoects it to Change. If the Bars don’t Move then it will remain the Same . You have Center that could provide later hours but they do not for what ever reason. We asked that the merchant”s associatyion assist us with developing and opening a juice bar for young Adults, I even told them i would be responsible for overseeing the young adults once they came to a venue such as that .. and guess what . iT WAS IGNORED . i WILL SAY IT AGAIN AS i SAID IN THE PAST. AS LONG AS YOU BIG GOLD POSTS WITH RAINBOW FLAGS EXPECT ALL MANOR OF LGBT TO FEEL COMFORTABLE COMING THERE . Thats why Boyztown is Boyztown. People fought to be included and great things came out of it , Don’t try to be Exclusive now
    Tommy Avant Garde

  • moses

    Lmao@ Freak Town. The guy should have just kept walking.

  • Gray Shindler

    Ha HA! It is Freak Town. Nothing but lispy AIDS-carriers. And, come to find out they are racist too. Too funny. You can smell the stench of feces when you drive by the area. It is just gross.

  • Joy B

    When will Chicago realize that a knife ban would stop all of this senseless violence,.

  • Freak

    Gray who is racist? The offender was African-American and so was the victim. You are obviously not educated enough to put all the stories together inorder to get the big picture.
    Your ignorant, Gray. And the only stench in the area when you drive by is coming from YOU.

  • Citizen for a Liable Chicago


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  • Berkeley

    The state of the black male (especially teens) is NOT good. More black teens are entering the criminal justice system & have wrecked their lives by the time they turn 21. They drop out of high school, which means it is a certainy they will enter the penal system. The low life negro who stabbed this man is a prime example of why the state of black teens is at an all-time low. They blame whitey for their problems but do nothing to correct temselves. Politcally it is also grim. Chicago is getting more white & spanish meaning black politcal power is in decline because most black leaders rather back the criminally minded than the student who almost lost his life. Blacks are the only race of people in America who rather celebrate a drug dealer but comdemn this man ( & others) who is on his way to earning his degree. All racial/ethics groups have seen an increase in single parent homes but Blacks disporportionally have it worse with the family when only 1/3 of black kids have a mother & father in the house,meaning the father is missing & the mother is awol, usually hittin’ the pipe. Also meaning to fellow whites who read this, the ‘hood is coming to you. It is time for blacks to stop following Al, Jesse, Louis, & Jeremiah for leadership because the race hustling/shakedown business enriches them while other races watch in bewilderment why do they have so much power over blacks. Other racial ethnic groups (yes even Native Africans & even the gays) want nothing to do with black male teens because they think they are all linked to crime. Black people, wake up.

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    […] of violence have sparked concern – and racial tension – in the busy gay nightlife district. Most infamously, Rubin Robinson, 25, was stabbed and beaten on July 3, in an attack that was caught … A suspect has been charged in the […]

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