(WSCR) While team chairman Tom Ricketts has said that he’s happy with the job Jim Hendry has done, there seems to be a sentiment from the baseball community outside of Chicago, that the Cubs will likely have a new general manager next season.

“From the outside look in, it’s very easy to say: ‘Oh, something has to be done. Jim Hendry has run his course there, there needs to be change,'” former Cub and current FOX baseball analyst Eric Karros said on the Boers and Bernstein Show. “Change, just to make change, isn’t necessarily always good. And how much of it is Jim Hendry’s responsibility? Well he has to wear the hat because he’s the general manager, but there’s some other things that have gone on … that are not in his control.

“The reality is, is that’s a ballclub, right now, that has a lot of pieces that don’t really fit well together. And if you want to say that that’s all Jim Hendry, then I guess you do that and then you make you’re changes.

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“But you can also look at it on the flip side: Well, he’s also the type of guy that, you know, put together some teams that, you know, went to the playoffs, and were close.”

While Hendry may not have put great products on the field the past few seasons, if a change is made, the new G.M. will have to take time to adjust to Chicago, and the Cubs specifically. Which as Karros said, isn’t the easiest thing to do.

“I had no idea the passion, the excitement for the Cubs, you know,” Karros said. “I learned the history while I was there. There’s something to be said about having experience and being there. And like I said, I’m not so sure that change for the sake of change is necessarily the right thing.”

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