Good Samaritans Help Find iPhone Thief

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police and the victim are praising some Good Samaritans who got involved and helped find the thief who took a woman’s IPhone. It happened in the Lakeview neighborhood Wednesday night.

As CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports, near the Treasure Island store at Broadway and Cornelia, Anna Golonka was walking home holding some groceries and her iPhone.

“Someone hit me on the shoulder,” she recalls, “grabbed by cell phone out of my hand and ran.”

William Stanger was passing by on his motor scooter, his dog Oliver was along for the ride.

He says “I heard a lady call for help and I kind of came to her rescue.”

Says Golonka, “I was screaming, you stole my phone, you stole my phone. I was pointing toward him.”

Stanger and Oliver took off down Lakeview side streets after the fleeing suspect. At one point, the young thief gave up Golonka’s phone and tossed it to another man who was chasing him on foot. The suspect was then joined by three other young men.

But Stanger persisted on his scooter, on the phone, telling police where to find them.

Finally police cornered the quartet, right where Stanger said they could be found. He says “it was amazing how many police converged on the situation. That was nice to see.”

Golonka was grateful. She finally met Stanger and Oliver Friday night and thanked them for their help.

Said Stanger, “It was my pleasure.”

A 17-year-old youth was charged with strong arm robbery in the case. The other three taken into custody were not charged and released.

The detective handling the case says Stanger and the other good Samaritan “did a good thing. It’s important for people to be involved.”

  • rc

    A real joy to read that some people get involved. Good to hear the predatory savage (a/k/a “youth”) was caught.

  • LMAO

    lol all this to get a phone back from a psycho?

    • Vin

      let someone steal your phone and we’ll see if you feel the same way..ass

    • Jim

      It is amazing that people can NEVER put their idiot phones down! Even when walking to their car!

  • Paul Speredes

    It’s time for concrealed carry in illinois.

  • I Am Not Wearing Any Pants

    Your phone should not cost more than your first car.

  • victor pedretti

    Why were the other 3 not charged? Especially when the stolen property was handed off during the chase!

  • Officer Jones

    wrong….guess again. i’m white and work in the area and saw the whole thing happen and the kid was white. because of his age(17) he’s considered a minor/juvenile and information can not be released regarding his name as he will have the opportunity to get his record expunged at a later date depending on the outcome of this case. btw,his buddies were all white as well. i suspect he did it on a dare. next time don’t be so quick to point the finger because let’s be honest white’s commit crimes everyday. if you don’t believe me just look at the police blotter…,0,4078555.photogallery. i counted 27 whites out of the first 100 perps. the other 73 perps were blacks and spanish split about evenly at around 36.5 crimes per each race. criminals are not racist they come in every color,just ask John Gacy or Timothy McVeigh.

  • eugene2010

    Where does it mention the race of the offender? Sadly you form opinions without factual basis which is probably why you live in complete paranoia.

    • rc

      Look at the pattern. Street crime is largely a black affair.

      Blindmess can dangerous to your well-being.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Great work by the Chicago Police with a big assist from Mr. William Stanger. You guys are the best! it does seem like that was a mob style robbery but I don’t have much info in this report.

  • Jay T

    I am so happy to see the cops catch the juvenile. Iam disturbed at the racist that assumed that the criminal was black.

    Iam familiar with the dysfunctional class in the black community. I’m also familiar with the growing dysfunctional class within the white community as well.

    We can have our blinders on and turn crime into something that feeds racialist attitudes if you want. That will never solve the problem in lakeview. Meantime the rest of the country will be looking at the community as a gay enclave of white racist. That ain’t pretty!

  • beatleschick88

    I agree with Officer Jones, crime has no age, race, and gender limits! I am a minority, I am hispanic. I feel that people who play the race card are the ones that allow people to that by acting that way. If race isn’t an issue then don’t bring it up!

    • rc

      You are correct in a trivial, platitudinous sense. However, you ignore percentages and probabilities.

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