(WSCR) For most fans, the pain of the Chicago Bulls losing to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals in May has long since subsided. But for Derrick Rose, the youngest MVP in league history, getting over the 2010-11 season hasn’t been a quick process.

Mark Spears, of Yahoo! Sports, had the chance to sit down with Rose after a recent workout in Los Angeles. Just like prior to last season, Rose worked out with fellow NBA star Russell Westbrook and shooting coach Rob McClanaghan.

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“It was certainly a no nonsense workout,” Spears said on the Danny Mac Show. “I mean, they did drills for an hour straight, maybe one water break throughout the whole thing. And by the time it was over, they were drenched. It was Derrick’s first workout since the season ended.”

After that intense workout, Spears and Rose talked about the previous season, and the period of time that followed the Game 5 loss to Miami.

“When [the season] was over, he was just so down that he stayed in his apartment for a week,” Spears said. “[He] just had pajamas on and was ordering takeout and watched movies, and basically cut himself off from the outside world. He was just that down about it. And he was just like, ‘man, I was that close. We were that close and we didn’t get to the Finals. So I was just really really down.’ He said, ‘I’m just starting to get over it now.'”

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