State Decides Not To Renew Adoption Contract With Catholic Charities

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Following a legal dispute over the right to turn away same-sex couples in civil unions, the State of Illinois has decided not to renew adoption and foster care contracts with Catholic Charities.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has elected not to renew the contracts, the Associated Press reported. The move involves about 2,000 children, but state officials say their foster care will not be affected.

The gay rights group the Civil Rights Agenda was pleased by the decision, and said it was not acceptable for a group receiving taxpayer funding to discriminate.

“Not only is Catholic Charities trying to work around the Civil Union law, by not providing services to a certain group of people, they are also trampling all over the Human Rights Act and ignoring constitutional protections,” Civil Rights Agenda executive director Anthony Martinez said in a statement quoted by Gay Chicago Magazine. “That is unacceptable, and it is appropriate that the state of Illinois agree that it is unacceptable. Catholic Charities is acting on behalf of the state when they provide these services, and it is guaranteed by the laws of Illinois that when you accept public funds as an agent of the state you must treat those you serve equally, period.”

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office had previously said Catholic Charities, as a taxpayer funded entity, had to abide by the state’s definition of a legally recognized couple.

The civil unions law, which went into effect at the beginning of last month, grants domestic partnerships with many of the same benefits of marriage to both gay and straight couples.

But attorney Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, representing Catholic Charities disagreed. He says Catholic Charities provides adoption and foster care services to married couples and civil unions don’t count as marriage.

“Catholic Charities does not make child placements with unmarried couples, same sex or opposite sex,” he said last month.

Breen says the agency operates under Catholic teachings, which state marriage is defined as between one man and one woman.

Catholic Charities in Springfield, Peoria and Joliet have been suing to forbid enforcement of a law that would forbid them from turning away same-sex couples when placing wards of the state. A hearing on the case is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in Springfield.

Three attempts to pass legislation restrict adoption by same-sex couples have failed.

The most recent attempt was last month, when state Sen. Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) attempted to amend an ethics bill by inserting language that would allow adoption agencies affiliated with religious groups to turn away same-sex couples, Gay Chicago Magazine reported.

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  • Tammy

    This whole issue has nothing to do with discrimination, hatred or any other conspiracy. It is simple, the Cathlic church chose not to expose children to a gay couple. The last thing we need to to teach kids is, it’s OK to choose a gay life style. It’s all about protecting the children. I’m sure most would agree.

    • Keith C

      Who was protecting the kids when the Parish fathers were bending them babies over the table…….Hypocrites!!!!!!!!

      • Father Suck'em Off

        now ho are the3 priest going to molest and suck off….guess pope nazi is goosestpping to the kool-aid…

  • Kathy

    I hope the gays of this world are happy now, since they threw a wrench in the middle of a lot of adoptions for children with “NORMAL” Families!
    Families where they would have an actual “Male & Female” MOTHER & FATHER! This world has become such a “Pathetic Place”…Thank God my time is almost over!
    For The Record: Gay people use to be put in Mental Institutions, because as we all know…THEY AREN’T NORMAL!
    Now we condone their behavior & run our country around them!
    What a Sick World This Has Become! Don’t Forget That One Day You Will All Answer To God!

    • Keith C

      And you will too cause God is the Judgement and when your freaky deaky priests made that ride upstairs only to be sent down south to Hades for ur finger friiggin ways, then and only then can the kettle call thepot black. All that molestation from men of the cloth???????Come on woman clean up ur house before u goinspectingothers………Sick a** hypocrites!!!!!!!

      • Native Chicagoan

        you are a absolute moron. you judge an entire religion based on a few wolves in sheep’s clothing. obviously you have an agenda to sell. but you, yourself are still a pervert.

    • BM

      Separation of church and state, if you don’t like it, the vatican with your pedo pope is that way–>

  • Keith C

    Then Damm catholic,,,,,,,,U rape ur kids and then wont right by the law….What? U saving from what? All them freaky priests you got walking around these kids puttin ur fingers where they dont belong and u deny kids an opportunity to be loved….Talk about a confused bunch……

    • Native Chicagoan

      you are a pervert. get help before you end up in jail. u are distorted and dangerous and pathetic.

  • southside

    More evidence of the idiots that run our state.

  • Jack

    who cares what body parts the “mother” and the “father” may or may not have – who cares what you call your “parents” – there are many loving caring “couples” that would do A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER as parents as some of these so called “NORMAL” couples do.

    Do the NORMAL parents stop their brats from stealing – according to the crime stats – NOT SO WELL

    Just my two cents and waiting for the next hug pedofile priest story to break…. Have a Nice Day….

    Do the NORMAL parents stop their brats from going on drinking binges – NOT SO WELL

    If the adult cares about the well being of a child then let them adopt – gay, straight – WHATEVER…

  • Guest

    I wonder who the state is going to contract for these services. The Catholics were all chipping in money for these adoptions and having fundraisers, etc. One lady that lived near me took in quite a number of children and she was so good with them. They are going to be losing some wonderful people. It is probably going to cost the state more money unless they find a charity organization willing to chip in. The state will probably be begging for them back, like they did when they tried to close down the Catholic group home for troubled youths just to find out nobody else would take the living children there.

    • Native Chicagoan

      Oh! Fabulous! Someone finally courageous enough to mention one tiny good act the Catholic Charities have been doing for so many years. Careful Guest, the haters are here. These are the ignorant people who are know nothings about the Catholic Faith and it’s role in all the good it has done in the world and here in Chicago. The same religion that was abused by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, i.e., the pedophiles, who falsely and fraudlently infested themselves in a great religion and among other priests who were unequipped to know how to deal with these evil frauds. I’m glad Thomas Breen did not waver. These haters are abusers also.

  • Fed up with Hatred

    I’m a straight Catholic woman that is disgusted by KATHY’S comments. I to am glad that your time on earth isn’t much longer because people with your level of hatred towards others is disgusting and ignorant. The Catholic church has enough problems to deal within the church and has NO business judging others. Kids are just happy to have someone love them and provide a safe environment. They don’t care if they have 2 mommies or 2 daddies they are just happy to have loving parents.

    • Native Chicagoan

      you lie. you are not fed up with hatred. you want kathy to die. you are an anomaly of the lowest order and know nothing of one’s passion for one’s religion. KATHY is she is free to state her opinion. like you are. although you disgusting called for her demise to be sped up. you are a sick, like Keith C. and a liar, you are not a straight Catholic woman and an ignoramus and know nothing of the history or tenets of the Catholic faith. The real Catholic faith.

  • Fergie

    Great for gays, but not so great for hurting kids. I guess as one who works with abused kids the answer is that many will simply be stranded without any options in life. The gays have their rights and the catholics have their beliefs and their right to their beliefs. Kids under state protection are usually the hardest to place. While the gay community is glad handing and drinking toasts another difficult to adopt kid waits for a family. I hope the gay community will step in and provide some of these kids with a good home through the State. Batter up!

  • Lyndia

    I really have mixed emotions concerning this issue. First, I used to feel that if gay people want to marry or have civil unions, so what let tem have it but leave children out of it. Then my life came before me. I was ABUSED by my mother and I was insitionalized 5 times by the time I was 13 due to this crazy woman. (My father died of cancer when I was 6.) I am going to be honest, if I had the choice of living with 2 woman or 2 men that was going to raise me properly and give me the love, support and guidance that any child needs to be successful, I would choose a gay couple over a straight abusive parent any day. Yes, my family would have been different and perhaps people would stop and stare but I would not care. It is better to be in a home where you are loved and cherished than to be in one where you are hated, beaten and scorned. There, I have said it.

  • Judy

    Oh yes, the Catholics have a lot of nerve. All of those children the priest molsested and waere sent to other churches to do the same thing. Something is wrong with those people.

    • Native Chicagoan

      your blanket comment “those Catholics” shows you are prejudiced and your unmeasurable ignorance.

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