Walter’s Perspective: Clemens On Trial For Doing What Pols Do Every Day

CHICAGO (CBS) — The big news in sports tonight is not that All-Star Game in Phoenix, but an All-Star pitcher in a criminal courtroom in Washington – Roger Clemens, on trial for a crime that could land him in prison for 30 years.

Now, what in the world could Roger Clemens have done to get himself 30 years in prison?

What he’s accused of doing, what federal prosecutors are trying to prove he did – God forbid that he did – was mislead the Congress of the United States.

Clemens may not have told the whole truth and nothing but the truth about using steroids to make himself bigger muscles.

Can you imagine that? Some fibbing during a hearing on Capitol Hill?

And a federal investigation, and a grand jury indictment and a criminal trial.

And Roger Clemens maybe locked up for lying one time to members of Congress, who lie all the time to everybody and get elected for it.

  • tom Sharp

    I told you so:

    tom Sharp

    Sue Walter J., I’m sure his “Perspective” tonight will be an affront to common sense and good taste.

    Walter obviously went to a Law School where “two wrongs make a right”!!!

  • Bobby

    So, Walter, it’s okay to lie to people if you are a high paid sports star or a talking head media celebrity? Why does it always seem like you are making excuses for yourself and other celebrities that you admire? Lying is lying, and saying that “the other guys are just picking on us and they lie more than we do” is not acceptable. Morality is not relative … it’s constant.

  • Pam

    Could you imagine double parking outside a hot dog stand and being charged with DUI?????

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