GRAYSLAKE, Ill. (WBBM) — When the power went out on Monday, 250 animals and volunteers were left in the dark, without air conditioning, refrigeration and water.

“The last time there was an extended power outage was measurable in years and back then the main generator in the building actually worked. Our building is quite large. The generator should have been running but it’s old and not working,” said Marc Portugal with Save-A-Pet, 31664 County Highway 49, Grayslake.

Portugal says they scrambled to find a working generator, buy fans and water, but they remain closed for business.

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“When we got to Home Depot, they were out of generators. We were fortunate to have three lent to us so right now we have several fans going”

He says keeping the animals fed and cool are the most important things right now.

“They can sense something is wrong but they are holding up remarkably well,” he said.

Portugal says if power doesn’t return by the weekend, they may have to relocate the animals.

“If things get really bad, we’ll move them to veterinary practices, daycare facilities or even into our foster homes until the power company can sort this out.”

The center is closed because it has no running water and no air conditioning which means there are no adoptions.

Donations of funds are being accepted on its web site for fuel, water, and other critical supplies. Please enter your donation in the field marked “My contribution to the residents.” On page 2 of the donation form, please type “power outage” in the field marked “my gift is in honor of.”

If you would like to donate supplies directly, please drop them off on the North side of the adoption center between 9AM and 7PM.

Save-A-Pet has been in Grayslake since 1995.

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