Rep. Walsh Tells Obama ‘Quit Lying’ About Debt Ceiling

CHICAGO (CBS) — North suburban Republican Congressman Joe Walsh has a new YouTube video on his website – where he tells President Barack Obama to “quit lying” about the impact of not raising the national debt ceiling by Aug. 2.

In a nearly three-minute video released Wednesday, Walsh says, “President Obama, quit lying.” He claims there is plenty of money to pay federal debts and cover the costs of Social Security benefits, even if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by the deadline.

“Have you no shame, sir?” Walsh asks in the video, telling Obama to “show some leadership for once.”

Obama has said the nation will default if Congress doesn’t raise the national debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion by Aug. 2. The president told CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley that he could not guarantee that Social Security checks would go out next month if a deal on the debt wasn’t reached.

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Walsh says that’s not true, but Republican leaders don’t dispute it. However, they have disagreed with the White House on the best way to make up for more borrowing. The president wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, but Republicans favor major cuts in spending.

White House representatives did not immediately comment on Walsh’s video.

  • catsoman

    Joe Walsh is a real American. obama; not so much.

    • Harry Putter

      And Obama “the useless” isn’t capable of handling MY dwindling finances, much less those of the USA.

    • Chippy55

      Obama is responsible for 5 trillion in new debt since he took office, and is still spending 8 times what the Treasury takes in each month, and that money can never be paid back, half of American don’t work, and he wants to put more taxes on Corporations WHICH ARE ALWAYS PASSED ON TO THE CONSUMER. The wealthy will simply move to France until he gets thrown out in November 2012, just like New York has seen $80 billion get up and leave the State because people are tired of Liberal Tax And Spenders who never get enough of your money. For every $1 in new taxes that Congress enacts, they spend $1.17, that’s why we have a $14.5 trillion deficit. Washington has a spending problem, and Obama hired 200,000 new Government workers, and wants to hire an additional 15,000 IRS agents (are you ready?) to enforce the ILEEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Affordable (lol) Health Care Act. Get it? It’s illegal, but he wants to enforce it. He’s an idiot as are Pelosi, Reid, and all Liberals, because facts and logic mean nothing to them.

    • pitch_fork_ready

      obama ….not at all!

    • dcslb

      If this is true at least Congressman Walsh’s debt is his own debt that he will have to repay and he is not running up debt that you or I or his neighbors will have to pay. A lot of Americans are in debt “up to their eyeballs” as they have tried to negotiate this horrible economy with reduced income from layoffs, reduction or elimination of bonuses or overtime, so they are not qualifed to advise the President to not raise taxes and cut spending.

    • John Jones

      Are you kidding? Anyone’s financial advice to Obama should be welcome; he has spent an entire country into bankruptcy!

    • Barry A Kenyan

      Ok. I love the acusations with out any FACTS!!! You must be a democrat union thug!!

    • Rip VanBullwinkle

      He plays a mean guitar too

      • Uncle Reggie



    • WrightRev

      Walsh isn’t giving him financial adivce, obamanot. He’s telling him to quit lying which will be essentially impossible for this steaming pile

    • Kevin Stowell

      There’s not a person in the world who couldn’t give Omoron financial advice.

    • Greg Cuen

      3 cheers for Joe Walsh

    • dasbunker

      I bet he isn’t 1.3 Trillion in debt, is he.
      Why don’t you give me some facts, you democratic slug?
      You are typical of your ilk, in spewing Communist talking point and hate mongering comments without providing any substantiation to your Bull**** comments.

    • Incitatus

      can you name some examples and sources to back up your assertion?

    • Rico

      Well, at least it’s his own tab he is running up the balance on. Obama is writing checks the rest of us, and our children, will have to cover.

    • HPS

      Maybe IF Obama would quit being a liar which is WHAT he is saying.. His personal debt is NOT the issue.. OBAMA creating debt for my kids and grand-kids is..

    • Elizabeth

      thank you.

    • Alguien Mas

      What a joke.That was spoken like a true illegal immigrant. More like ninguien. What is Obama’s reasoning for wanting to raise the debt ceiling? Is there any urgent reason why we must keep allowing the national debt to grow? What is it? Hello? There are no more wars to fight, right Barack? Or are there? Just where do you want to spend this extra money? What part of “Stop the unjustified spending” don’t you understand?

    • Joe Davis

      You got that right. Obama’s latest birth certificate is a forgery yet the courts, Congress and the media are covering it up. Why?

  • lisa

    What a moron.

    • Lee

      Oh, so YOU’RE that person who still likes Obama.

      • Incitatus


        we will not take your worthless word for it. So forget about “see my comment above…”. Name some facts and sources and your mom should not let a third grader comment about grown-up matters.

    • Mitch

      Why is he a moron? Because he speaks the truth??? Are you one of the minions that believe everything that obama says?

      • Tom

        @ Mitch … Lisa was referring to o b a m a , I am sure. :-)

      • irene

        yeah what happened to the social security lock box the dumocrats were all scraming about when c.inton was in office. nobama found the key to the lock and spent that money too. never vote for this evil man again he is a out and out liar from the get go he hasnt even provided the American people with any of his background we really know nothing about him. except he hangs with known terrioist and amerian haters and he wants to fundamenatally change America and he is doing a darn good job we have got to stop him now.

      • alguien

        see my comment above. walsh can’t even manage his personal finances.

  • bbQGrill

    I love to know about Barbecue!! Its my passion….

  • An American First

    Everything that has come out of Obama’s mouth since he took office has been a lie. The man deserves no respect until he gives the american people a little respect. Americans erroneously voted in a man who had never run anything in his life and had no concept of what it takes to run a country. Our country is suffering greatly now for that mistake. Everything is worst now than what it was when he took office. (unemployment, the national debt, the american dream) I don’t care if he is black white or purple is is incompetent!

  • Frank_TN

    Bless you Joe Walsh! Finally someone with the balls to voice the truth about our traitor in chief, Barrack Hussein Obama.

    Keep up the good work Joe!

    • Tom

      Correction, Congressman Joe Wilson called out “you lie” during the first state of the union teleprompter reading a year or 2 ago.

      • JulianusRex

        The words “Obama” and “liar” should always appear together. After a few million repetitions people will finally realize the truth.

    • Sam_TX

      You guys are so sick! Get yourselves to to a shrink!! Maybe go see Marcus Bachman and get sicker!!! Don’t you see the polls? “The American people” really are on President’s Obama’s side as he is the real reasonable adult unlike your immature reps like Cantor and Walsh!! And the hypocrisy of Walsh makes me want to puke. When he and his party are really in the pockets of the rich, they keep talking like they are working for “the American people”.
      Just like Oprah said< "I have faith in the intelligence of the American people" to see through the real crooks in Washington.

      • Tom

        Sam, if you need to puke, this is not the place, please do it on obamas’ door steps. The obamas have all the compassion you need, you poor little thing.

  • Frank_TN

    And why should we have any respect for a man who lies to our seniors regarding Social Security checks? At this point in time Social Security is totally solvent with more than enough money coming into the government coffers to cover the checks. If the President chooses not to pay our seniors, then he will find himself looking for a new job come November of 2012.

    This is all on the President. The truth is, Obama wants a default on the national debt because he hates this country and wants to see a financial catastrophe.





    • David

      I think Rita means Borat.

    • Chris Nölff

      Does the ALL CAPS mean that you are yelling? Check your grammar.



  • Mike

    Joe Walsh for President!

  • Rosebud10

    No,Wisconsin still has a legislature run by Repuplicans.STOP LYING! YOU SILLY LIBERAL.

  • Jakartaman

    Our Potus is a compulsive liar – kinda like Casey Anthony!
    Prior to this budget messy business he was going to propose a new name for our country\USSA – United Socialist States of America

  • bt1911

    People also have no respect for the white side of the guy as well…

    • Krammer

      And even less respect for comments by people who do not know the difference between their, there and they’re.

  • conge44

    Lee, pick up a book and learn to read. that way you can have an original opinion instead of just repeating talking points that you do not understand.

  • TheRealKingMax

    Lee the Lying Liberal said, “We already got rid of the joke; Bush lost in 2008. Now, the people who voted republicans into office in 2010 now see that the joke is on them. See Wisconsin and New York where republicans have lost ALL of their races”.

    Lee, only a desperately lying chunk like you would keep beating this dead horse, but that’s what liberals do – they’re brain damaged, so they lie.

    As far as being a “loser”, Bush surpassed Obama in popularity many months ago, and the majority of this country would jump at the chance to swap Obama for Bush.

    Too bad you can’t accept that, but, brain damaged liberals never were much on facts and truth….

  • Extremely Talented

    If you don’t agree with our prsident, it must be because he is black? lol

    With 90 percent of Black Americans voting to put Obama in office, is it because he was black?

    • Dotcommie

      Actually, it was 95% of black voters. That seems pretty racist to me.

  • Rita is a Thug

    I wonder if Rita thinks it would be ok for Obama’s henchmen to line up republicans and execute them. probably so. Rita how would you like to see the barrel of a tech- 9 staring you down? Bring it on

    • Richard

      And you are a right wing traitor who only cares about the Kool Aid you drink made by Rush. Nut cases

  • blah

    Barack Obama voted against raising the debt limit when he was a senator and claimed that raising the debut limit was a sign of failed leadership. Was he lying?

  • MotherRedDog

    Pointing out the obvious is not racist for all you race card players.

  • bjs

    You are really needing a dose of reality. Wisconsin has not voted on anyone and the States are New York and CA. get real.

  • James A Johnson

    What gets me is the libs conveniently forgetting how they treated Bush while he was in office. They even when so far as to make movies about killing him. The man in the office is not worthy of any respect. Regardless of race or whatever he is incompetent and a complete disaster.

  • 3bar

    Bravo Mr. Walsh – thank you for having the courage to call a spade a spade. We need this kind of passion to turn the tides on this horrible President.

  • Michael

    Hey dude, Bush was not up for re-election in 2008. you see we only allow our presidents two four year terms and since Bush was first elected in 2000, 2000 + 4 + 4 = 2008 which means he was not eligible to run again in 2008. Just helping you out bro.. I’d hate for you to look so stupid in front of the world, opps too late.

  • Jimmy

    Project much Donna?

  • Rick

    What a joke! All you libs calling for respect for the office of President. Where was that respect for President Bush? And please stop playing the race card whenever someone disagrees with President Obama. You make yourself look like a fool and diminish true cases of racism.

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