2 Mothers Share Their Tragic Gun-Violence Stories

CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents in Roseland and Pullman say they’re fed up and are demanding something be done about the gun violence plaguing the neighboring communities. 

Sheila Drake and Brenda Copeland share a common fate: They have both lost sons.

On July 4, Copeland’s son, Martell Fields, was shot to death near 107th and Wentworth.  A group of people were fighting.  A man pulled a gun and just started shooting.

“I’m looking at the police records and the papers they gave me and to see ‘first-degree murder’ next to your child’s name, it’s just unbelievable,” Copeland told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot. “Something has to be done in this community.”

On July 12, Drake’s 17-year-old son, Cordre Hayes, was fatally shot near 119th and Normal.  Drake says Hayes had been playing basketball nearby when a fight broke out at the corner. 

Someone pulled out a gun, and opened fire.  Drake says she feels like a prisoner in her own community.

The killing makes her want to “take the rest of my kids and my cat and run,” she said.

In light of the recent shootings, the Rev. Gregory Livingston of Mission of Faith Baptist Church in Roseland plans to converge on City Hall Friday with the families of recent gun violence and members of CeaseFire. 

While police roll calls have taken place in West Pullman earlier this year, Livingston says more needs to be done.

He said his group wants to talk with Mayor Emanuel and tell him, “Here’s how we want you to help us help you.”

Ald. Anthony Beale, whose 9th Ward covers both Roseland and Pullman, said he has been asking for more police resources.

He issued this written statement to CBS 2: “I have been at the forefront of calling for police reallocation to communities that need the most help, especially during summer months.  I continue to fight for additional resources, as the current strategy is like putting a small patch over a big open wound.  While my ward has a thriving Little League, Chicago Park District activities remain underutilized.  There is a community center incorporated into the Pullman Park Development, which we will aggressively promote to get kids involved in positive activity.  However, we still need more positive alternatives for our youth.  I share the grief and anger expressed by my neighbors over the tragic consequences of insufficient city attention paid to these issues.”

  • Taxpayer 2

    I believe that a lot of these shootings come from individuals (devils) with behavior problems. They probably willing to blame all the wrong people for their stupidity. With all these killing is one method of population control.

    All the innocent people that died probably could have made this a better world. Why is it that when it get hot outside, some people lose their mind. It is like a crazy cycle.

    A very hot girl desires any boy. Any boy have a baby and or babies by a very hot girl. One day any boy leaves a very hot girl, because he sees another very hot girl.

    In the meanwhile, a very hot girl (uneducated too) tries to rise a baby of an any boy or a hot girl. Because in time the same will happen with the baby any boy or a hot girl. This is the devil cycle. Then it’s the blame game, because of their stupid, evil, dumb, sad and devilish behavior.

    In the end a hot girl or any boy (kids) suffers, because any boy made a choice he will not take care his kids, because remember he is off chasing another a hot girl. So the kids, any boy and a hot girl is mad at our world and now this is their reaction of their parents action.

    Taxpayers should not have to foot their bills anymore. if a hot girl decides to be with any boy then it’s there responsibility. You get a job and take care your own any boy or hot girl!

    Then some people (devils) got the nerve to wander what is going on in their community. Stop being so so wicked. Stop being with any boy. Stop acting like a dog!

    Grow up! Wake up! Get educate. Get save. Stop the negative behavior stupid. Read your bible. Go to Church. Meet the Lord!

    • Dave Russo

      @Taxpayer, I doubt any of these black homies have been anywhere near a hot girl. Most of them will hit any fat ass nasty ho that will let them. Seriously, how many hot girls have you ever seen in the ghetto? After reading your comment and digesting your grammer, I have to suggest that you get, “Educate”.

  • shister finder

    Chicago has the strongest gun laws in the country. Doesn’t seem to work does it. When are you idiots going to realize that banning guns only makes the bad guys job easy.

    • Jim

      Only a small handful, don’t get it. Unfortunately, they are the ones in charge.

  • Jermain Williams

    What the hell do these women want the mayor to do about the state of the black community? The solution is within the black community itself. The mayor should be concentrating on more gangster shakedowns, more police, and longer prison sentences. Looking to the mayor to solve their problems is like putting the blame on society and the system, rather in the lap of the black community where it belongs.

  • W*T*F*

    I am going to post this again and maybe you will post it this time. I have to agree with the above person. Yes, many of the problems of the Black community begins in the home. Young girls have babies that they do not need and in many cases do not want. Many of the girls do not believe in abortion or adoption and the lord knows that many of the babies would do better in good homes where they are loved, wanted and respected. Many Black women spoil their good for nothing son/sons, especially if they are light skinned with long hair. They teach them nothing and do not make them accountable for their behavior. You see them on television proclaiming their son innocence when they are guilty as charged. They are ghetto moms and they do not know any better. The schools are horrible. I know of some teachers that bust their tails off to teach a good lesson only to be cursed out by a student that does not care about education and to be give a poor evaluation by their good for nothing principals. These children are failing because they come from a failing enviroment. The churches are full of jack leg preachers that get a good pay day on Sunday.hat is how they are able to live lashivily and drive fine CARS. Many of them are no good. It is just a messed up situation.

  • Davonda / Nina

    Parents (Parents Empowering Parents) in West Pullman are outraged that these senseless killings continue. We have reached out to numerous sources, yet the action is still not there. There are no resources or jobs in the area, people collecting monies claiming to be giving jobs, mentoring, etc, but we live here and have not seen any of these things. We have tried to connect with various agencies claiming they want to help the youth in West Pullman, but no one has stepped up to the plate, or answered the hard questions “Where is the money really going if no opportunities are in the community?” We don’t have access to jobs, the churches in the area don’t participate community out reach and we are left with a deficit. With no job or monies how do we get the kids to the neighborhoods that do have positive activities? We want viable options for our children to participate in, movie theaters, sports, mentoring, etc close by where we can access them. Who is going to be held accountable for the continued deaths in the West Pullman Neighborhood? We have shouted for help, been to the alderman, been to the school board all this has been going on for over 5 years and no one has answered. We won’t be afraid to live in our own community, but we need some help!

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