Former Cop, Son Charged In Woman’s Murder Near Dominican University

UPDATED 07/14/11 9:16 a.m.

RIVER FOREST, Ill. (CBS) — A former police officer is charged with conspiring to kill his girlfriend, with his son and another man as accomplices, near the campus of Dominican University in River Forest.

Former North Chicago Police Officer Devin A. Bickham, 39; and his son, Devin Ardvell Bickham Jr., 20, both of the 12800 block of Division Street in Blue Island; and Cardell Taylor, 35, of 9400 block of South Lowe Avenue in Chicago, were charged four counts of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Chervon Alexander, 29.

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Bickham Jr. and Taylor confessed to a plot to kill Alexander, who police said was pressuring the older Bickham to divorce his wife and marry her instead.

River Forest police sources provided the following details of the shooting based on their interviews. The elder Bickham drove Alexander, of the 1300 block of North Mayfield Avenue, to the parking lot near the Dominican University campus at Division Street and Harlem Avenue in River Forest at about 10 p.m. Monday. He claimed he just wanted to talk.

While there, a second car, driven by Bickham’s son pulled up. Cardell allegedly got out, walked over to Alexander’s car and shot her three times — in the head, chest and shoulder.

She was pronounced dead at 11:04 p.m. Monday at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.

Police said the elder Bickham was the first person to call 911 after the shooting, reportedly to cover his involvement.

Police officers responded at 10:22 p.m. to a report of shots fired at Priory Park in the 7200 block of Division Street. On arriving, a witness said a woman had been shot by a man who fled eastbound on Division in a gray vehicle.

The officer immediately broadcast the information, and four minutes later a Forest Park police unit observed a car matching that description southbound Harlem Avenue at Madison Street. The car was stopped by Forest Park and Oak Park units.

The car’s occupants — the younger Bickham and Cardell — were taken into custody, and a .380 caliber handgun was recovered.

“Our residents immediately came forward with information, our detectives worked literally around the clock to establish the case, evidence techs from half a dozen neighboring communities processed three complex scenes, and assistant state’s attorneys reviewed the work,” River Forest police Chief Gregory Weiss said in a news release. “The incident is a genuine tragedy for the victim, the suspects and all their families, but I’m very proud that our Department and our resources could bring this case to a quick resolution.”

In addition to his police work, the elder Bickham was also co-founder of the Chi-City Blitz, a semi-pro football team that plays in the Great Midwest Football League on Chicago’s South Side.

The three men charged in the murder are to appear for a bond hearing Friday at the Maybrook Courthouse in Maywood.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • tom Sharp

    I bet Rahm’s happy, this just missed being added to Chicago’s “violent crime stats.” We all know those go down every month!

    • Curt

      What does this have to do with Rahm? Stop making everything political! The man tried to get away with murdering his mistress. How is that Rahm’s fault?

      • andy

        Curt – Couldn’t agree more.

  • Mr. Justice

    Check out where Illinois ranks nationally when it comes to Personal Freedom…
    10. Illinois
    Fiscal freedom: -0.002 (25th lowest)
    Regulatory freedom: -0.005 (24th lowest)
    Personal freedom: -0.193 (2nd lowest)
    Net Migration (2000-2009): -5.1 percent

    At the number ten slot on the Mercatus list for the least free states, Illinois actually performs around average in fiscal and regulatory freedom, including taxes and excessive spending. Its overall score is dragged down severely by personal freedom, where it ranks the second worst in the country. According to the Mercatus report. “In 2008, more than 2 percent of the state’s population was arrested for a victimless crime.” Victimless crimes include things like drug possession and prostitution. Until a recent court case overturned the measure, it was legal in the state for local governments to ban handgun possession.

  • dan

    I bet Tom and Mr. Justice are those type of people that walk down the street carrying on a conversation with themselves.

    Just plain nuts!

    Rahm and conceal carry have absoluley nothing to do with a dim wit trying to whack his girlfriend.

    I suppose if she had the right to carry a hand gun she could have taken out the shooter before he shot her and then spun around and shot her boyfriend before he shot her, is that your point Mr. Justice? What is your point?

    • Mr. Justice

      @ dan………………Are you really that stupid? My god, stop hiding behind your computer to spew your verbal vomit. Most likely, I make more money than you do, have more friends I can call at my finger tips, and am more intelligent than you could ever wish to be. Now, little man, if you would like to meet at a Starbucks and have a little discussion on any topic of your choosing, please let me know. The fact is, you are a little man, who hides behind his computer, while sucking on the large nipple of the “nanny” state of Illinois. Stand up for yourself and think for yourself you puking liberal. AND this goes for that puke Arthur below. I do not know Tom Sharp, but I would much rather have coffee with someone like him than you two pukes. (Dan & Arthur)

    • Raymond Prudente

      Democratic party is against the right to carry a hand gun please check your facts Dan. The Mayor and CPD has the responsibility with respect to the accuracy of Chicago crime statistics. To project that violent crimes is reduced is simply misunderstood or questionable problematic data. It is easy to reduce crime with the stroke of a pen!

      Between Jan. and July of 2010 more than 220 murders reported. CPD statistics revealed that the city handgun murder rate actually increased, (Huff Post News Chicago)-Updated 09-7-10 05:12 AM).

      We are not prophet to predict 2011 “Bloody Summer Months” stats. Are the people of Chicago really feel much safer now?

  • Arthur

    Who would have thought that a domestic shooting in River Forest would be such a rallying cry for conservative, teabagger nutjobs.

    My sincere condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

  • tom Sharp

    Okay guys, let’s have a raise of hands here: Who believes “violent crime is down in Chicago” month after month, year after year like Rahm and top cop say it is and has been for over 33 consecutive months? Before this “down trend” started there must have been a violent crime a minute! This big lie needs to be pointed out. The flash mob stats the daily murders do count even though many of them somehow seem to miss the official crime stat reports. By the way, one of the murdering thugs in this report is from Chicago, but I guess that doesn’t count because of the venue.

    • Glen

      Who really cares what the mayor says about crime stats. Forget about it.

  • jim peters

    If the guy had done the deed on Chicago’s west side — he’d probably be free and clear. Chicago cops are so overwhelmed, they don’t have time to do things like follow up on murders.

    Yet, the dummy comes out to River Forest, where people actually report gun shots, and get arrested by police departments who have time to do their jobs.

  • lyndia

    I am going to post this again: Peters you are wrong. If this had occured on the west side, the investigation would have been just as intense because the young lady has a relative that is a cpd employee and he is also well like by everyone.

  • noway

    The only thing I can say to these punks, “Was it that serious’?

  • Kerry

    I just knew this was a black suspect, but never guessed it would be three.

    • Bill

      Me Too !

  • dan


    First off Mr Justice I am no where near liberal, 2nd I was not spewing anything. 3rd-The fact is still the same that this story of a former cop who lives in the south suburbs and arranged to have his mistress killed in a near west suburb has nothing to do with Rahm, Chicago crime statistics or the right to bear arms.

    My point was that soap box typers like yourself inject your comments and views about a variety of issues that usually have nothing to do with the story so therefore your an !di0t.

    And furthermore people who feel the need to blurt how much money they make, what possessions they have, who their friend are, and even the size of their male anatomy usually are stretching the truth considerably. So little d!ck you can shove the coffee up your @zz

  • NWA

    The younger you are when you become a parent the less values you have to teach your child.


  • Leroy Goldberg

    Black Father and Son murderers. Nice to see a Black Father step up and accept his parental responsibilities.

    • Tyreese

      That’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHaHa ! Take that, NWA. HaHaHa

  • g-man

    Don’t you worry, any day now Jesse Jacka## will be there to complain about this black on black crime. And he will be followed by the wanna be black, father Flakey

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