Study: Illinois Minority Drivers Ticketed, Searched More Often Than Whites

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — The long-held belief by some that “driving while black” will make you more likely to get a ticket appears to have some truth to it, at least in Illinois.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, the Center for Law and Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago looked at 2.4 million traffic stops by all police departments in the state, in a study commissioned by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

The research found that minorities were more likely to be pulled over, and more likely to get tickets than white drivers.

The study found that only 55 percent of white drivers got tickets, compared with 65 percent of Hispanics and 62 percent of blacks.

Minorities are more likely to have their cars searched. The study showed police conducted “consent searches” for 0.6 percent of white drivers, 1.4 percent of black drivers, and 1.3 percent of Hispanic drivers.

But police were more likely find something illegal — like a gun or drugs — in a white person’s car. The chances of finding contraband were 25 percent for whites, 19 percent for blacks and 13 percent for Hispanics.

However, in Chicago, there was no disparity in the issuance of tickets. Police ticketed both white and minority drivers 65 percent of the time they were pulled over.

The American Civil Liberties Union says police departments across the state need to address this issue.

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  • Leroy Goldberg

    “Driving while Black”…..LMAO. Is there a cure for this horrible disease????????

    • TOO SAD

      Leroy Goldberg, you must be so happy of yourself being a WHITE non-human alien and a black hater: This article proves the prejudice around the world and the messing with Blacks/Hispanics future in the driving records by white cops (which they did not say what color cops in this article). Bet, you never had a license and never got stopped by a white cop: you are so lucky but not in many ways: go check your health, you hater!!!

      • Leroy Goldberg

        @TOO SAD

        I’m sorry you’re Black too.

      • Tropper Obama

        Well they figure those are the ones transporting the drugs and I see it all the time on the road the people with open beer in the cars are black or hispanic

      • Tyreese

        @TOO SAD, It seems you hate everyone. I find Mr. Goldberg’s comments to be quite humorous. By the way, I’m also sorry you are black.

    • TOO SAD

      LEROY, don’t be sorry because I would rather be black and any other color than being what you are a WHITE hater. ATTENTION: People reading this article most people like this one comment on the RACE first instead of the crimes committed and don’t forget blacks got peddy as- crimes and when a white commits a crime it covers all the peddy as- crimes with a huge long story like the Casy Peterson, the other Petersons, John Gacy, Casey Anthony and she got away with it, WOW.

      • Tyreese

        @TOO SAD, Thank you for reminding us all of some very rare, random crimes commited by whites. Funny, you had to go all the way back to Gacy for an example. If you were talking about black murderers, you would only have to go back to yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before and the day before and the day before……….

    • Tyreese

      That is hilarious, Leroy.

    • N williams

      I think they need to look at the offense being charged vs. the color of the skin.

  • NWA

    This is not new. This is something minorities have known for a long time. The hilarious part of the story is what has been finally admitted too by the media. “The chances of finding contraband were twenty-five percent for whites, nineteen percent for blacks and thirteen percent for Hispanics.”


    • TOO SAD

      NWA, yea with non-humans like you keeping score of stuff like this. WHITES don’t make it any different when they want conceal weapons: killing is already in their minds.

      • NWA

        Yeah, you’re SAD alright!

        You have no clue of what it’s like to get pulled over. And, you’re damn right I keep score! I keep score for fools like you. I call African-Americans like you, “mannequins.” You want to be seen but not heard from. So, play your roll and shut-up fool!


  • southside

    The ACLU can kiss my a$$. Let the police do their jobs. Police should have probable cause to pull someone over. Does the ACLU identify why folks were pulled over? I isn’t a stretch of the imagination that the cops will stop you for busted taillights, headlights, speeding or non-signaling. It isn’t a stretch to think that we minorities have crummier cars, hence more equipment problems. Tell me WHY folks were stopped, ACLU.

  • Curt

    Here is how you rectify this situation… according to the rules of the road.

  • smooth

    Let’s not confuse discrimination with facts. Look at the crime rate and what areas are the most dangerous Black and Hispanic. Let’s face up to this fact and be realistic about those groups which are commiting the majority of the crimes, percentage wise. Would you want white trash to be watched closer than the average Joe A person’s behavior in many instances are visible by their appearance.


    Tyreese, I knew you couldn’t hold it in to comment about your hatred over others: especially if they are a different color than yours, WOW again.

    • Tyreese

      @TOO SAD, It has absolutely nothing to do with hatred, I know the difference. This is all about disgust with the daily violent crime, commited by your people. It seems you are the hater, you even alienated your good buddy, NWA.

  • Truth

    “The research found that minorities were more likely to be pulled over, and more likely to get tickets than white drivers.” Well, the research forgot to mention that minorities are more likely to break the law than white drivers, that’s why there is such a disparity in the tickets issued to minorities versus whites. The research is suspect at best because according to an independent researcher, the facts were as follow for 2011: Police were more likely find something illegal — like a gun or drugs — in a black person or hispanic person’s car. The chances of finding contraband were 63.5 percent for blacks, 23.5 percent for hispanics and 13 percent for whites. Therefore, I would like to see how the Center for Law and Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago obtained their facts/evidence for their research.

  • Tyreese

    @Leroy, Is this entertainment or what? Can you dig it?

  • tom Sharp

    And how many drunken white folk have appeared in this blog driving up on a side walk in a City vehicle or fleeing police in a stolen SUV and killing people on the side walk or in another car? Minorities have more bad drivers per capita and get pulled over accordingly. It’s very simple math!

  • Ron

    They should there the ones breaking all the laws. Half are illegal and should be arrested. Look at all the truck drivers they can’t speak english and state law says you need to speak english to have a CDL. Most minorities don’t even have a drivers license. Or car seats for there kids.

    • Right

      Unless they get the car seats for free.

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