The NBA Finals concluded June 12th, 2 weeks after the Bulls bowed out against the Miami Heat. The Blackhawks were eliminated in late April, and then the Stanley Cup Finals ended on June 14th.

It’s been nothing but baseball since the end of the NBA Finals a little more than a month of isolation for the Sox and the Cubs. How’s that been going? Fans have been anywhere from annoyed to downright angry all month. Both teams have lost support, and damaged their reputations, in this finite moment of absolute baseball focus.

It all may be ending this weekend. Reports have the NFL labor talks speeding quickly towards resolution. When football gets back to business, the free agent frenzy as teams add and cut salary to fit into the salary cap will be incredibly compelling. If Chicago fans would like to get away from bad baseball, distraction will be easy to find.

As much as baseball is my true sports love, I will warmly hug football when it returns. Hell, I’ll pick it up at the airport and bring it flowers. Then I’ll examine the wide receiver free agent list with renewed ferocity.

On the show today, Barry Rozner replaces Jason Goff. I guess this shift is just too difficult to survive for 5 days at a time. Jason’s been sick all week, and it got the best of him last night; he’s a junior Daa Maaneeeil.

Todd Hollandsworth joins us at 10, Joe Cowley at noon, and we should have a Blackhawks guest from the convention as well.

Game on.

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