Report: Cicero Spent Thousands On Rubber Chickens, Other Trinkets

CICERO, Ill. (CBS) — At a time when money is tight for most cities in suburbs, the Town of Cicero reportedly has a surplus of rubber chickens.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the 250 rubber chickens are among numerous trivial trinkets on which the town has spent money with a politically-connected firm.

The town also bought 9,500 backscratchers, 30,000 custom balloons and 1,200 beach balls advertising the Rodent Control Department, and 4,000 ice scream scoops, the Sun-Times reported.

They are manufactured by Downers Grove-based You & Me, which is owned by Town of Cicero board member Rosemary Konz – who is also the daughter of Cicero Trustee Lorraine Walsh, the newspaper reported.

Altogether, the town has spent $500,000 for the various trinkets, the Sun-Times reported.

In May, CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reported that the State of Illinois has been spending thousands of dollars on similar trinkets to promote the work of state agencies.

A fake Secretary of State police badge was fund at the Chicago Auto Show, and lipstick holders and coin cases with hotline numbers for victims of human trafficking were freebies grabbed up by two ladies at an Illinois Department of Human Services event.

State records showed that documented the purchase of thousands promotional items purchased in fiscal 2010 by state agencies, handouts that added up to more than $900,000.

  • Rubber chickens tell no tales

    Maybe the rubber chickens are better citizens that most of Cicero.

  • Diane Glinka

    This is the kind of corruption that is going on in our government. This is where are taxes are going. So when are charges going to be filed and a full investigation. These government officials need to be prosecuted. Now.

  • W*T*F*

    Please, Cicero has been corrupt for years. It is now populated by Mexicans and many of them are illegal so their keep their mouth shut and vote as they are told. The Hispanics that are in office do as they are told too. (unless they want a relative sent back home.)


      ILLEGALS CAN’T VOTE….STUP!D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Go to and take a look at taxes in different areas of the country. We pay at least twice as much as most areas!

  • Centurion

    Those rubber chickens are vital to the economy of cicero. It’s also vital to the personal bank accounts of Larry Dominicks friends

  • FR

    Good, at least they were not only American made but locally made as well. I hope the company made them and did not buy them from China. American made puts money into the local economy providing jobs. It is called “priming the pump” in economic terms.

  • GO Southside

    This is the makings of The Son of Svengoolie. He is casting his evil ways on of the Citizens of Cicero and B E R W Y N

  • Svwngoolia GrammarMaster

    Excuse me, but you have misspelled the word “BERWYN” assuming, of course, that you were intending to reference that word in Svengoolian. When referred to in text AND in Svengoolian, the proper spelling would be as follows: “BURR-wyn!” In particular note the double “R” and LOWER case “wyn.”
    Thank you.

  • Town Wastes Money on Rubber Chickens, Backscratchers « Ellie's Blog
  • Greg

    America the free? No, America the corrupt.

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