2 Police Officers Shot On West Side

UPDATED 07/19/11 4:55 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police were questioning a “person of interest” in the shooting of two young Chicago police officers overnight as they were trying to stop a drug deal.

As CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports, it happened in an alley near Karlov Avenue and Wilcox Street on the West Side.

“It’s starting to feel like the police department is under siege. This is the sixth police-involved shooting in the last 72 hours,” said Police Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Pat Camden.

Before dawn Tuesday morning, near 91st Street and Ashland Avenue, police officers shot and killed an offender after they saw him shoot two other people.

But around 10:45 p.m. Monday, an attempted drug stop near Karlov and Wilcox went terribly wrong when the suspect opened fire on police — injuring two 29-year-old officers.

The officers, who had both been on the job for three to four years, were on patrol at Karlov Avenue near Wilcox Street – between Monroe and Adams streets – when they saw a drug deal going down in an alley.

Sources said three people are in custody, including the shooter, but police wouldn’t confirm that.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

As they got closer, police say one man pulled out a gun and opened fire on them.

“A number of shots were fired where both officers were struck. One was grazed in the left head and in the left bicep,” said Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy.

That officer was treated and released from the hospital.

“The second officer was hit square behind his left ear and the bullet is lodged. It’s a very serious wound,” said McCarthy.

At John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, dozens of colleagues and loved ones stopped by to check on the condition of an officer who sources say might lose his hearing in one ear.

Meanwhile, in West Garfield Park, residents there say drug-fueled violence is something they’ve come to expect.

“Two officers at that. People don’t care about nothing no more. That’s crazy,” said Kenesha Price.

What is clear is that Supt. McCarthy suspects a higher power may have been looking out for his officers.

“You know what God was with us tonight that’s for sure,” said McCarthy.

Police said they are questioning a person of interest in connection with the shooting. No one has been charged yet. The officer with the bullet lodged in his head is expected to make a full recovery. Specialists are being brought in to try and determine the safest way to remove the bullet.

Throughout the morning, there were several officers canvassing the neighborhood, questioning residents, and gathering evidence. Detectives were spotted walking in and out of one particular house about a block away from the alley.

“Up and down this block, up and down the corner and all the way back – drugs, drugs, drugs,” said Brenda Johnson, who lives on the block.

Immediately following the shooting, the entire area was surrounded by police, including a helicopter hovering on the scene. Officers are searching area gangways and alleys for evidence.

At Stroger, where the officers were being treated, plenty of officers – even the forensic team – came by to investigate.

The names of the two officers were not being released as of 4:45 p.m.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Centurion

    Whats with McCarthy and hIs GOD WAS WITH US comments? Uh, it wasn’t god, it was a KEVLAR VEST…trust me, god had nothing to do with any of this. You should give praise to Kevlar, Beretta, Glock and the spirit of Samuel Colt. God made men, Sam Colt made them equal.

    • NWA

      And, obviously yo momma and daddy made a damn fool when producing you.


      • Ken Davis

        Again with the yo momma jokes. You need to work on your humor, NWA. Read some of Leroy Goldbergs comments and you will see what real comedy is. You should try to refrain from the personal attacks on others, it makes you look like a very little man.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        NWA knows his momma but not the dozens upon dozens of men who could be his daddy.

        It’s all about the unprotected sex and the welfare checks!!


    • Tom

      One of the cops got shot in the head. Can you explain to me what the benefit of the vest was for that guy?

    • jay

      funny.. you said Kevlar “VEST” but one got grazed in the arm and the other in his head. . last time i checked a vest is something you put on your chest..

  • NWA

    Well, sometimes they bite back.


    • Leroy Goldberg

      Savages bite, you and yours are savages.


  • Toonces

    Did the perpetrators have FOID cards……? Can’t wait to find out! Bet they didn’t know about the handgun ban in Chicago, either. Pshaw.

  • jesse jr.

    In case you dont know the hand gun
    ban was tossed,but their is still alot
    of red tape if you want to own one

  • ZekWoo

    Why do people get all bent out of shape every time some stupid cop is clipped in the line of duty? Getting shot at comes with the job, deal with it.


    • Greg Salvio

      @ZekWoo, You are obviously one of THEM ! Any low life black gangster that would try and shoot a cop, will kill any innocent person who happens to be in the way. Your contempt for the law is a disgrace. Please seek help for your hatred.

    • g-man

      Stupid is the person known as “ZekWoo” You are writing down on the computer about just how bad your momma was at raising you and what a total waste of the 12 years you spent in grade school.

  • TOM


  • Taxpayer 2

    McCarthy was absolutely right to say what he said, ” God or His angels was with his police officers.” The devil and his angel is certainly with the drug dealers.

    We can blame our judges and lawmakers who will not edit some of the laws that is on our books. Seem like some of our judges and lawmakers do not even care about changing bad law

    All criminals (devils, urban terrorist) should not be allow to just go to jail to be with there hommies. Shooting a police officer is automatically the firing squad. These demon spirit individuals have a devil mind to begin with.

    Our whole country seem to be moral attacked in every way. It is time for people to get it right with God. There are treasures of stories in the bible about people who continue to be disobedient about Gods laws.

    But what can I expect if the evil people are spiritually dead to begin with. God bless.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/07/21/man-charged-with-shooting-2-police-officers-on-west-side/ Man Charged With Shooting 2 Police Officers On West Side « CBS Chicago

    […] An attempted drug stop was in progress when the suspect opened fire on police and injured the two Ha… […]

  • kashelle

    man this man didnt do dis MCCarthy know who did this cause he saw his face so dnt go blam him cause of this backgroung MMcarthy why was u creapin in the alley. yall officers no wat yall was doin undercover so dnt lied n change the stpry around and get any black man daniel jones we no u didnt do this f it takes us to protest to get u out of their we will do it. MCCarthy god dnt like ugly so go puton sum make up and dnt make your story………..

  • edward c. stengel

    I have no doubt the cops were in plain clothes, and the individuals in the alley probably thought that when they were approached by these plain clothes individuals that they might be the intended victims of a robbery. If I were approached late at night in an alley by 2 plain clothes individuals, that’s what I’d think. This is all the more reason to put these cops in uniform so people know who they are. If you’re not in uniform, you should have better sense than to approach people late at night in alleys. Only cops could be that stupid.

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