By David Schuster-

CHICAGO (CBS) Major league sources have told me that Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has spoken to Pat Gillick as recently as last week.

Gillick is renowned in baseball circles. He has been the General manager of four different teams and has won three World Series. He is also in the Hall Of Fame.

We can only confirm that conversations have been had so don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Also don’t think that Gillick’s potential hiring would automatically be the end for Jim Hendry. Gillick and Hendry have gotten along famously in the past and there is a frame work for a business relationship there.

Gillick recently went on record as saying that he doesn’t want a full time job anymore. He will be 74 years old next month. So the possibility exists that he could be brought in as a consultant but maybe with extra power much like Scotty Bowman is with the Blackhawks.

And for all those who say what about what Ricketts said that he wont bring in a baseball person to watch his baseball people, people change their minds all the time.

Stay tuned!

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