CHICAGO (CBS) — I never thought I’d ever, ever feel good listening to Rupert Murdoch talk about how his company gathers and reports the news.

Never thought I’d feel good hearing him talk about standards and ethics in journalism.

But, having listened to Murdoch today about his reporters hacking into the privacy of personal computers, and paying the police for information, and being sneaky-cozy with elected public officials, and conniving with politicians, I’ve changed my mind.

I feel very good listening to Murdoch, and I’m hoping to hear more about journalism inside his empire – the deceitful and dishonest, if not criminal, things a Murdoch reporter will do to get a story.

So, thank you Mr. Media King for making standards and ethics in journalism the big news it is. Thank you for reminding us in the business to remember what never to do is be like Rupert Murdoch.

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