Cops: Man Abuses Father’s Cat, Causing Animal To Lose Eye

UPDATED 07/21/11 5:59 a.m.

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) – A Plainfield man faces felony charges, after allegedly abusing his father’s cat and causing the animal to lose an eye.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Michele Fiore reports, Tomas A. Rascati, 21, of Plainfield was arrested and charged Wednesday with aggravated cruelty to an animal. He is being held at the Will County Jail on $15,000 bond, Will County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Charles Pelkie said.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Michele Fiore reports

Employees at the Animal Care Center in Plainfield called police Tuesday evening when Rascati’s father brought his cat in with a severely injured eye, according to a release from Plainfield police.

He reportedly told veterinarians that his son had injured the cat.

Employees could not save the cat’s eye, and said it would have to be removed.

Meanwhile, officers found Rascati, who admitted hurting the cat, but gave no further explanation, the release said.

Aggravated cruelty to an animal is a Class 4 felony punishable by up to 3 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • tom Sharp

    “An eye for an eye…”

  • Dan

    I hope this heartless savage goes to prison and is killed by inmates.

  • ladybug

    I would call this man an animal, but that would be an insult to animals everywhere. Pure evil!

    Hope the cat feels better soon.



    • bee

      let’s see how you look and decide whether or not you should be put in jail for how you look! grow up.

  • patrick

    You guys all going to go out and get a burger now? or have bacon for breakfast?

    • Roberta Waker

      Burgers and bacon are from animals raised for food, cats and dogs are NOT. NO animal deserves to be abused like that and he should get the maximum sentence and fine, which is still not enough punishment. It’s been proven that people that abuse animals eventually abuse children Enjoy your baconburger.

      • NWA

        It all depends on what country you’re in. There are countries where cats and dogs are everyday food items on a menu. Mmm.. Mmm… Good!


    • Vicky

      It isn’t necessary to torture an animal, even one raised for food, which is why I don’t buy factory farmed meat. BTW factory farmed meat is full of antibiotics and hormones; not too healthy. Tastes awful, too.

  • Rey

    He lives on 14290 Arnold st, plainfield IL and drives a Honda Fit that his daddy bought him… I went to high school with this jerk. If he is let out someone please go beat the s**t out of him

  • Vicky

    He should have his eye poked out; that would be justice!

    • Roberta Waker

      Right, but gee that wouldn’t be humane. If we did the eye for an eye punishment, there probably wouldn’t be much crime, but we don’t, so we deal with morons like this. I hope an animal lover in jail takes care of his eye; this tough guy will probably cry like a baby.

  • Morris

    Come On Now DON’T BE RACIST, You know they only come to work and to become real Americans. I wonder if this guy is even here legally?

    Don’t be too hard on him this cat deal is only step one, his next victim will be a human being and then the do gooders can hold candle light vigils in front ot the prison to save HIS sick life>

    • Robyn

      I know this guy and he was born in the USA, he is Italian so save your ignorant-racist comments.

    • bee

      Geez! talk about being racist… you’re questioning whether or not he’s legal.

      i know him and i know he certainly did not mean for anything to happen. but he made one awful mistake and will be behind bars paying his time for it. you have no room to talk about what his intentions are going to be afterwards, therefore stop assuming he will hurt a human being. stop assuming for the worse and hope that this will be his last time; jerk.

  • Jermain

    Dump him off in the center of the Englewood community at 2AM, let the nocturnal animals have him. They’ll kill anything, just for laughs.

  • cai

    How about ya’ll stop and leave him alone. i know what he did want very very wrong im going to work for the ASPCA and the cat didnt deserve it .but hes not a psycopath ive known him for years. instead of throwing him to the nocturnal animals how about we throw you to them hes getting what he deserves and thats time behind bars.. LEAVE HIM ALONE!

    oh and by the way HES NOT MEXICAN!!! hes here legally idiots dont judge him by his skin color he f**ed up and hes doing time so stfu

    • Jermain

      This low life piece of garbage deserves every bit of bashing we can hand out. He is lower than an illegal Mexican, which is saying alot, considering. He deserves far worse than our system will allow.

      • c ai

        He is not a low life piece of garbage. he is doing his time behind bars. although im against animal cruelty 100% im going to sit here and defend him because he is one of my best friends. yes he was very very wrong to do what he did but you guys cant sit here and rip him apart. how would you feel if it was your friend that did it and they cant defend themself because they are behind bars your comments are not needed and im sure you would try t stick up for your friend if they were in the situation.

  • tom Sharp

    Hey cai,

    First, ASPCA should fire you immediately for being a moron who can’t write a coherent English sentence. Second, you should be fired for defending an animal abusing idiot. When you pass 3rd grade English, maybe you can reapply for membership in the human race!

    • cai

      Hey tom,

      guess what you can take your comment and shove it. everything is going through my mind faster than i can type. and if he was truely an animal abuser i wouldnt talk to him.

      • Susan

        I hope he is terrorized and tortured while he is in jail.

  • Steve

    To Cai,

    Get a new friend. He is subhuman garbage and if he is your friend, so are you.

    • cai

      awe thanks for your opinion it means nothing to me. :) and i hardly ever see him but im not going to get a new friend hes the one thats always there for me. so you can take your opinion of me and him and try telling it to someone who cares kk thanks

  • Rey

    He’s italian. Btw i was good friends with him for a year and a half. I thought he was cool, but little things he did that i found very disturbing made me stop hanging out with him. He does have psychotic behavior, I was his best friend for that period of time and I have come to learn much about him. This man needs help. btw, CAI – is your name Eric Culbertson? cause u need more help than rascati

    • bee

      you can shut up if your not friends with him anymore because of reasons. his behavior can lead to all sorts of things, but no one knows why. if you’re truly a friend, you will help him seek help from someone.
      cai doesn’t need help, you do. let me guess. rey= ray villa?

  • susan

    I heard the cat abuser and all his friends posting here are all gay.

  • cai

    Susan- i hope your terrorized and tortured for saying that. hes not a bad person he made a mistake get over the fact that he cant go back and change the past. he was wrong in soo many ways for doing what he did but the past is the past and you cant change that.
    REY- im pretty sure im a girl and pretty sure my name isnt Eric Culberston. by the way tom is not italian hes venezuelan obvuiusly you werent good friensd with him if you didnt know that

    everyone needs to shut up, keep their opinions to themselves, an leave him alone!

    • Dan

      You low life trash use the term “mistake” to describe every crime. I hope he gouges out your eye so we can all say it was “just a mistake” and “the past is the past.” You are trash and he is a psychotic, violent, immoral criminal. I hope he gets the same treatment he would give to a defenseless house pet.

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