LISTEN: Ozzie Snaps After Latest Loss

(CBS) Ozzie Guillen has had enough.

After the White Sox lost to the Royals for the fifth time this season — scoring just one run off of Bruce Chen — the White Sox manager went off in a profanity-laced tirade that has been building for months.

“To lose a (bleeping) game against Bruce Chen once again. That’s more painful than this one,” Guillen said. “(Bleeping) pathetic. No (bleeping) energy. We just go about the motions. We take the day off today.

“Nothing against Bruce Chen. I have a lot of respect for this kid. But the way we go about it, our approach at the plate, that’s not a good ballclub out there. (Bleep) it.”

LISTEN: Ozzie Guillen’s Entire Rant

Guillen, who was sporting a shiner on his right cheek after getting hit by a foul ball Wednesday night, wasn’t done:

“A lot of people say that I talk (bleep) because I have to talk (bleep). No I don’t. I talk (bleep) because it’s what I see. That’s all I see. Very bad. Very bad,” he said. “The way we go about our business here? (Bleeping) horse(bleep). If we go to Cleveland that way? And we going to play New York, Boston and Detroit? Good luck.”

  • tom Sharp

    And the job of the manager is… What a moron!

  • 007

    Amen Ozzie! “All in” with the highest payroll in team history and playing like this? Flat out garbage! Not much else a manager can do when the team still can’t hit and beat their division.

  • stucky

    chris ronji says what he is told to say by management listen to hanley and rozner they are speaking the truth about the sox

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  • jack

    Ozzie is right – these men get paid to play baseball – most are going thru the motions – play like you care…north side or south side – do your jobs… play like you care

  • Anthony Serigos

    Is this man good for baseball? I don’t think so. Our children listen to people in thse high profile positions and have a the wrong influence on them. Further, this is just a game. They have made playing a GAME big business. Families are interested in the game not their hero swearing or outrageous salarlies paid to people who are here for two or three years are then forgotten. Families come first..

    • Dan Outlaw

      Ozzie has played for this team. Won a championship with this team. And loves this team, and city, very much. He is clearly a fan, just like us, and wants to see this team succeed. This team should be 6 games ahead of Cleveland, but our players just dont care. I hope you are a better parent and your kids arent being raised by these “high profile positions.” And this GAME has always been a business at the Major League level. Families come first in Little League, but when I pay good money for a White Sox game, they better Fu*#$!* WIN!

    • MJB

      At least they won’t understand what hes saying…..

  • sweetness34

    Sounds like he’s been hanging with Blago

    • Is I really Blago ? ?

      What the [bleep] are you talking about. I’m the [bleeping] ex-gov and a [bleeping] Cubs fan. How dare you put me with [bleeping] south side. If you haven’t [bleeping] figured out that having Ozzie on the south [bleeping] side is [bleeping] golden. Who else is going to [bleeping] control those [bleeping] lazy ball players…….

      Have a nice [bleeping] day

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  • southside

    Time for Ozzie to go. He gets the least out of the most talent in the division every year. We get pantsed by Minnesota and Kansas City all the time. I am tired of “We’re gonna play the game right” when we never, ever do. Please trade Ozzie to Fla for a bag of used baseballs.

  • MJB

    What Pictures and of who does OZZIE have to keep his Job ?????
    He should have been fired long ago and it is looking like cooper might have to go also….

  • Bo

    Hey Ozzie practice what you preach keep your eye on the ball.As A SOX fan we can’t pitch or hit but we are still better then the CUBS……..

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