Brizard ‘Applauds’ Emanuel School Decision For Kids

CHICAGO (CBS) — The new head of the Chicago Public School system is commenting today on Mayor Emanuel’s decision to send his children to a private school instead of the public school system for which Emanuel is responsible.

Chicago Schools CEO Jean Claude Brizard says that even though he intends to send his 19-month-old son to public schools when it’s time, Mayor Emanuel has every right to choose private educations for his son and daughter.

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“I applaud the mayor for making that decision,” Brizard said. “It’s really his decision and I don’t think anyone should question what he’s doing for his family and every parent should have that choice.”

Meanwhile, Brizard says he plans to review a personality test given to all potential CPS teachers after a report found a third of applicants scored too low.

The personality test is called TeacherFit, and one principal says it kept her from hiring a dream candidate for a teaching job.

Brizard says that’s not how the system should be using TeacherFit, which he says should only be a tool to help guide principals in making hiring decisions

“Principals really have to have the final say,” he said. “A good principal will let a teacher demonstrate to teach a lesson. What you look for is potential. While the tool may be valid, it has to inform the work of principal not be a screening or blocking process or wall for teachers … to get over.”

Brizard is the guest on WBBM’s At Issue program Sunday morning and evening at 9:30.

  • tom Sharp

    For Brizard and all other Rahm apologists, the big question being ignored by almost everyone is: How, after living in Chicago for such a short time, did everyone of his kids manage to jump thru all the enrollment hoops, entrance tests, and waiting lists to get into the lab school. I’m sure there are more than a few parents out there who are somewhere in the middle of “hoop jumping” that would really like to know.

    • limod

      It is a PRIVATE school. Get over it.

    • Lyndia

      They were able to get in because he is the mayor of the city, dummie

      • tom Sharp

        Well Lyndia, aside from misspelling dummy, dummy, you seem to think it’s okay for politicians to have more rights than the people they represent. I’m sure you’re right about how Rahm’s kids by-passed the normal entrance procedures, and I’m sure that is how Patrick (the bat-wielding, sewer-scam son of “Da Mayor”) Daley got into the U. of C. Business School. However, don’t try saying it’s fair or okay. This isn’t Nazi Germany. Democracy demands a little more from it’s politicians.

  • Jim

    Brizard just stated that his school system sucks. It must be nice being privlidged!

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  • Jacqueline Burke

    I agree that everyone has a right to send their child to a private school. But , what is our Mayor saying about public schools. It tells me that he has little fate in the cps stystem.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder why!

    • LYNDIA

      Ms. Burke, come on now. You are not a fool. You know why he going to send his children to private schools. First and foremost, he wants what is best for his children and any parent should want that. Secondly, HE CAN AFFORD TO SEND HIS KIDS THERE. If you are not able to get you child into a selective enrollment school and you were compelled to send your child a FAILING NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL, WOULD YOU? I was a single mother with 2 children and I sent them both to private schools. I could not buy a car because I could not afford it paying tutition but I am glad I did. They are both grown and doing well. THEY ARE ABLE TO READ AND WRITE.

  • gee-man

    What else would this clown say about the mayor who gave him such a sweet deal on his contract ?????

    • momzer

      May be just may be this new puppet does not have tenure and due process rights and he is therefore scared to say the obvious: Rahm Emmanuel made his money as a side kick to the big bankers and hedge fund managers who were exposed in this tape bragging about how they busted the union and he would not endanger his precious children to the union monsters who surely may assist his kids to learn the life lessons of the underclass.

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