Coop Follows Suit, Goes On His Own Rant

(WSCR) The White Sox have obviously reached a boiling point.

Not even 11 hours after Ozzie Guillen snapped following Wednesday night’s 2-1 loss in Kansas City, Don Cooper lost it on the Mully and Hanley Show on 670 The Score.

“I have no clue about that. I’m a coach,” Cooper said after being asked if Dayan Viciedo could help the team. “Do I feel like something (has to be done)? Yeah, we have to score some runs. We gotta find a way to score some runs. That’s what’s gotta be done. And if we do, we have a chance to win. And if we don’t, we won’t.

“Nice try asking me to bring up (bleeping) Viciedo. I’m not in charge of making moves, you know. I’m in charge of coaching.”

Cooper then hung up.

LISTEN: Don Cooper goes off on The Mully and Hanley Show

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  • Spoon

    Cooper is the biggest crybaby b1tch in the entire sports landscape of Chicago. How in gods name does he still get on the air reguarly? Is it a contract with the Sox, do they pay to have him on? He curses every time, he’s combative about any question that is even slightly ‘negative’ and it’s quite obvious that he considers every fan and media member as clueless and unworthy of talking about the game.

  • JB

    Why the score continues to have him on the air is questionable at best. Everytime the guy comes on for his show that past few years he acts like he is doing us a favor…and he is not. Cut ties with this clown and go book someone else that actually enjoys talking to the listeners.

  • John Mokes

    Cooper has more baseball sense than Boers and Bernstein and they contine to be grossly overpaid for their daily antics.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      What do they have to do with this?

    • Spoon

      Cooper has more baseball sense than everyone…

      Just ask him…

  • stucky

    another condescending a-hole from this organization from chris ronji to don cooper

    • Coach

      You said it about Chris Ronge,that guy is one of the biggest As Sholes I have ever listen to,if Rowand was kept after 2005 the Sox could have at least made the payoffs more than they did since 2005,thats just one player,who they got in CF Rios a real dog chech his stats for almost 3yrs you mention Rios Ronge wets his pants,I could go on and on with Ronge,were did the Score pick up these a-holes,you can say what you want about Mike North,but I will take him any day over the a-holes that are on that station now.

  • Wrigley Feild Rat

    Go back to New Yoooooooooooooork Poop!

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    According to the Trib story about it, he’s PAID to do the gig. If I’m the Score, I say the heck with him. Wouldn’t that likely be a violation of his contract?

    • Murphs Upper-Lip

      Of course he’s paid by the Score. Every “regular” contributor is a paid “employee.” Whether it’s Stoney, Coop, Beckham last year, Briggs, if you’re on every week for “X” amount of time, you’re compensated…

  • el yaqui

    Keep Coop! Fire Kenny and Walker!! And put the big swamp donkey on the DL until next spring training.

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    What!?! I’ll start out by admitting to being a Cub fan, but, Coop is radio gold! Today’s segment was great! He is truly a good/great pitching coach AND he gives great material; why in the world would anyone want him to go away now? Can’t wait for his next appearance.

    (Quit talkin’ hawkey!)

    • Spoon

      Radio gold? He berates the fans and media and refuses to answer any kind of question of substance, how is he radio gold?

      • Murphs Upper-Lip

        He’s hillbilly dumb. I think he’s SO close to the “prototypical” stupid B & B caller; nonsense but hilarity ala Mike from Milwaukee!

  • Darren Rector

    Don Cooper is the best pitching coach in baseball, hands down!! No one would’ve gotten the production he’s gotten out of the mediocre talent he’s been given. Boers and Bernstein ask a lot of unnecessary and borderline ignorant questions at the wrong time and some one of the knowledge of Cooper isn’t going to listen to it. Do your job and ask relevant and informed questions and I’m sure they’ll be answered in an educated manner.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Hey, dope, it wasnt on the B&B show. Try listening to the interview before commenting about something you didnt even hear and sound like a moron…

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  • mrBIG

    Don Cooper a classless arrogant ass!

  • Geo. Wallace

    I once e-mailed that Holmes dude about some black player on the bears about his play the dude replys to me calling me a bigot racist,if I ever run into him on the streets his as s is mud this is the trash that was and the ones that are still on the SCORE they are all a bunch of ignorant,arrogant,joos,irish and black JAGBAGS.

  • Somkey Kielbasa

    You are so right Geo Wallace,I quit listening long time ago.

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