Many Summer School Students Going Without A/C

Updated 07/21/11 – 4:46 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s hard to imagine, but some children are going to school without air conditioning during this heat wave.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, parents with children in summer school at William Penn Elementary School were gathering Thursday morning to speak out against what they’re calling “unbearable conditions” in the classrooms.

Their protest fell on the same day that dozens of students have to take a very important test.

“It’s inhuman for them to continue doing what they’re doing,” one local school council member said.

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The school has 150 students currently enrolled in summer bridge and summer school programs, which end on Friday. Roughly 23 of those students have asthma.

The assistant principal said several students went home sick this week with heat-related illnesses.

Parent Cheryl Fox, whose son is among 23 students at Penn with asthma, said fans will only do so much.

“If it’s hot inside, then I feel like the fans are only blowing out hot air.”

The windows at Penn were open Thursday morning so that students can get some fresh air.

Kenya Dye’s son, Dakota Ivy, was in one of the classrooms at Penn, preparing to take the ISAT test. Dye said she’s worried he won’t be able to do his best on the exam because it’s so hot.

“That’s not fair because he won’t progress to the 4th grade if, in fact, he can’t pass the ISAT and if heat is a factor, I don’t think it’s fair,” Dye said. “They should be able re-test or postpone the test until the early part of the school year or until they get adequate cooling devices.”

Rev. Robin Hood, a local activist, visited the school Thursday morning.

“What I see in the school is a fan in the hallway that’s blowing incredible heat,” Hood said.

He said that about a third of the students in summer school at Penn were taking the ISAT test on Thursday. He said the principal tried to bring some kids into her office for the test, because her room has air-conditioning.

“She can’t accommodate, because it’s 53 kids taking the test, so they’re being creative as possible. I’m on my way to get water now,” Hood said.

In an email, Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman Becky Carroll said that CPS delivered 24 fans to Penn Elementary on June 7.

“If children are sick because of heat or any other illness they will not be penalized if they need to miss class. Also, the children there taking the ISAT today will do so in offices that are air conditioned – and if any child is sick today (due to heat or another reason) they can take the test tomorrow,” Carroll said.

“We’ve been advised that the principal has already cleared space to accommodate the testing. CPS had earlier advised schools that children in non-air conditioned classrooms who are taking the ISAT do so in cooler, well-ventilated areas of their buildings. Many buildings have cooler or air conditioned office space, libraries or computer labs that can be adapted and used in the short-term for other purposes. The principal has been rotating students into cooler areas all week at the school.”

On Wednesday, Hood passed out 240 water bottles at the school.

Dye said her son got some of that water on Wednesday, “so I guess it’s helping.”

Water will help again on Thursday, but dye said she’s worried about more than her son suffering from heat exhaustion.

“He’s asthmatic, so I’m wondering if the heat will trigger his asthma, if heat is in fact an issue,” Dye said.

She said she hopes Chicago Public Schools officials will listen to concerned parents like her, who want heat days in place just like snow days.

Penn is a “Track E” school, which means the regular school year begins in about two weeks. If the heat sticks around, CPS might need to invest in more than just a couple of fans in each classroom.

Parents said that air conditioning units were donated to the school last year, but never installed in the 103-year-old building.

Carroll said she hadn’t heard of that, but said CPS has gotten “very few complaints from schools or parents about the heat.”

As CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports, summer school students at Ernst Prussing Elementary had similar stories about what it feels like inside a school with no air conditioning on a day with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees.

“We feel like we’re just … We feel like we’re baking,” student Christopher Nolan said.

Schoolmate Eloy Lopez Jr. said, “It feels, like, super hot. You can barely breathe in there. They had to give us ice today, because it felt like a heat wave.”

Students said the only relief they got was from portable box fans in the classrooms.

“I think they should put in air conditioning and move us to the mobiles,” Nolan said. “If they don’t want to move us to the mobiles, then why not just pick a different school (that has air conditioning).”

Parents said they don’t understand why the kids weren’t moved to the air-conditioned mobile pod units behind the school.

“We can’t seem to get a correct answer,” Antoinette Nolan said. “They’re on the second floor with fans in the window and bottles of water and that’s it. This is the second day this has happened.”

There are two mobile units at Prussing. One has a raccoon problem and animal control officials were working to fix that situation. Then it needs to be re-sanitized and ceiling tiles need to be replaced so that it is classroom-ready.

The second mobile was not used because all classroom furniture had been pulled out to clean the floor. The principal said he will have his custodians move all the furniture back into the rooms as soon as they arrive Friday morning. He has 11 classrooms of summer school and will rotate the students through the air-conditioned classrooms starting Friday.

According to CPS, 80 percent of CPS summer schools are either fully air-conditioned or have partial air conditioning and fans.

“The CPS operations team has been very proactive in assessing needs of every school well before the heat wave hit and have distributed 1,500 fans this summer,” Carroll said.

She also said that CPS issued guidelines to all schools to help deal with the heat, including tips like drawing window shades, turning off lights, using fans, keeping children hydrated and moving kids to areas of the building that are most comfortable.

CPS also has advised parents to have their kids dress comfortably and to wear light clothing, Carroll said.

“For kids enrolled in summer school, our schools are a place where they will be most the comfortable, stay hydrated, get the nutrition the need and stay safe and off the streets,” she said.

Carroll said CPS is already drowning in red ink and can’t afford to install air conditioning in every classroom.

  • John

    I went through all my grade school and high school years and college years in schools without classroom air conditioning. What is the big deal? Some people are always looking for excuses as to why their kids are idiots.

    • Rusty Harris

      I use to think that way also, but, in the 60’s and early 70’s when I went to school, NO ONE had AC, except for the grocery store, movie theater and a few other places. In other words, you were “use” to the heat. I remember very well having fans running inside my bedroom, with the temperature well into the upper 90’s.
      Now, kids and everyone live in a “bubble”. AC at home, in the car, every place you shop or eat. Kids are not use to the heat, like we were, so being inside an building without AC makes it hard, and at times unhealthy.
      I know a nurse, who’s husband is in construction. During the summer, he sleeps in the garage, so when he gets up in the morning he is “use” to being in the heat, and it makes it easier for him to work outside.

      • kittycat77

        Yeah, you’re right. I remember when I was growing up, we never had air conditioning in vehicles. Well, if you had one, it was a very rare thing and costs lots of money that most people didn’t have back then.

        Anyway, I grew up in TX, and it was hot, hot, hot in the summertime. I remember riding around in a car with my dad that had no air conditioning at all. I must admit that if it was late in the afternoon, it would make you pretty much ill even if you were used to the heat. No joke! And I was used to the heat. We only had a water cooler in our house, no refrigerated air. But the water cooler worked fine until our weather got humid. The area that we lived in, our area would get humidity. But it was better than just a fan. Also, we used to sleep with our windows open at nighttime and had fans.

        Later on through the years, my dad bought a huge air-conditioning unit, I think it was a 210. He had it taken back and got a water cooler instead because it almost gave him pneumonia. He got too chilled with it. He just wasn’t used to a refrigerated air conditioner.

      • HPS

        that’s the truth.. we keep our air at 80 during the day in this heat .. sometimes higher.. the only time it’s lower is at night when were sleeping.. (however in the winter we turn the heat down to 66 at night and open a window slightly we like to sleep cold..) as soon as we get up it goes UP to 80 and usually doesn’t even kick on till afternoon..I remember not having air.. I didn’t get an air conditioner till I had my daughter.. that was 32 years ago..and didn’t have a car with one till 20 years ago (it became standard) .. don’t get me wrong now that I’m no longer a youngster I appreciate having some air.. But when I was a kid I was out playing in the park pool or something on days like this..

      • belfrey78

        One can tell you didn’t do very well in school – heat or no heat. It’s “used to” not “use to.”

      • jacques poutine

        belfrey78, one typo buddy relax, its just one typo, in reality that doesn’t make someone stupid or signify failure in school, typo’s happen grow up and reply to the actual comment or become a teacher and change the world.

      • Daniel Morgan

        People used to build homes and businesses to use nature to help keep them cool: Lots of trees, many windows and doors to catch breezes, southern exposure and adjusting a schedule to rest during the hottest times and work when it was cool. You will see these ideas in action in many older homes. Nowadays, most buildings are designed for “safety,” (meaning windows don’t open) and to meet building codes that do not address a comfort level in the event of no air conditioning or power. Think people, when you build a home or business, to maximize comfort.

    • Joe Blow

      Yeah, summer is a-comin’ in, sing cuckoo now.

      • Jack Flash

        amen. Same here and I grew up in central tx. I have to wonder why these kids are in school in middle of summer? are they overachievers? Unlikely. Or maybe they are there for the free meals. Either way, maybe the heat will be an incentive for them to pay attention in class during the fall and spring terms next year so they dont have to attend summer school.

      • Brady

        Yes John – how did we survive without A/C.?

        More excuses to blame someone else aka Mother Nature, in this instance, for the over/under achievers “scores” in summer school.

        I hope the real world has A/C for these students ….

    • Neil

      I also went through all my grade school and high school years without classroom air conditioning. In S. Texas matter of fact and we survived. LOL

      • tnmccoy

        I went to Grammar School, High School, College, and Churches—and nary an air-conditioner. Someone below made the asinine statement that no temperature was higher than the 90s til the 1990s. That’ll be news to baby boomers and the dearly departed who died because of summer heat [over 100] for generation after generation. I remember the 134 registered in Death Valley in the 30s. Other record temps were recorded well before the 1990s. This is summer folks! It’s going to be hot after hot after hot unless you’re in the far north.

    • MadCharles

      Silly person, it’s racism..

    • LetThemEatCake

      I agree – I grew up in around Amarillo and Tulsa. No AC EVER – 100 plus degrees every day for at least the first month of school.

      Suck it up you wussies!

    • Me

      Silly J Ruben Kincaid, didn’t you know that 100 degree temps didn’t occur in the US until the 90’s when global warming started???…/sarcasm intended…

      • tnmccoy

        You must have left your brain at home again. Your comment is inane and wrong. And the Liberal global warming doesn’t exist. We’re warm yes—it’s summer! And the Sun is hot—that’s not new. The US has periodically for thousands of years [ok, North America for you nitpickers] been subjected to hot summers. Where do you think the ‘dog days of summer’ came from?

    • kittycat77

      Yep, been there and done that myself. We didn’t have air conditioning at all in grade school, just these huge fans that blew in hot air from outside in the windows, but we managed. Then much of junior high we didn’t have air conditioning, but we had some in high school. I live in TX so I know how hot it gets, and I definitely knew that as a kid as well.

      Probably is nowadays, some kids aren’t used to the heat, and it will get them really fast. Well, we were used to it in TX. Still made you like a limp flower, so to speak.

      • JWS

        Yeah my school didn’t have a/c until the 5th grade… in the mid 80s… in Oklahoma.

    • kittycat77


      I know what you’re saying, as I did the same thing. But truly, my friend, they have to get used to the heat because it really can be dangerous. So many of us throughout the years have had refrigerated air, and that can make it worse. So basically they have to build up to the heat, otherwise they could die from a heat stroke. It happens every day even with people used to it.

      • Mary Wright Pippert

        I see two problems here. First of all people today are not used to the heat. I didn’t have it until high school in Texas,we didn’t notice. 2nd why are these children in a non air conditioned school. Is this the only school in Chicago. Surely there are some air conditioned schools there. Move the kids. And why elementary school are having summer school is a mystery to me.

    • Rich Pope

      Even prisons have air-conditioning.

      • jay

        But military patrolling in IRAQ don’t. Stop whining, its summer.

      • Deb

        I agree with Jay, grow up Rich! Our military men are fightiing in warmer weather than that and carrying a hundred pounds of supplies on their backs.

        Chicago just needs another reason why they are going down the toilets.

        BTW: I don’t think prisons should have air-conditioning. I don’t have it, why should they?

      • par432000

        Sheriff Joe in AZ does not allow his prisoners to have AC. They live in tents. If our fighting men and women don’t have it why should convicts?

      • sw

        The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion, according to a former Pentagon official.”

      • BOOYAH

        relax. You’ll get there eventually.

      • Marbran

        @sw $20 billion for A/C? You do realize that your link is an NPR hit piece. If you read the entire article, you’ll see that the spit-ball figure of $20B the retired general threw out there also includes all kinds of forward operating base infrastructure expenses, supplies, materials, paving, buildings, maintenance, in fact a whole bunch of things. Rather than say “A/C costs $20B” NPR should have said “logistics equal $20B, some of which goes for A/C.” NPR is doing what leftist NPR always does: trying to paint the DoD in a negative light.

      • tnmccoy

        That’s all very nice SW, but the soldiers wearing packs and patrolling the desert do NOT have air conditioning. So never mind the link. It has nothing to do with the discussion. You must be a snobby [but wrong] Liberal.

    • ruckus

      Ruben, I went to Summer School in tSouth Carolina, we never had AC , the temps were often 90-100 F and we survived. It is almost laughable that these little darlings are so delicate that they cannot stand the heat that all of us endured before AC. Put them in T shirst , shorts, give them plenty of water and tell everybody to stop whining. Remember, the Teachers have to endure it too. These kiids are so spoiled rotten I fear for their future in the outside world.

    • Jay

      Agree! Could be worse, those kids could be in IRAQ having to wear body armor in the 110 degree weather. Its summer!! What do you expect???

    • Obama Bama Bing Bong

      Can’t get sweat on the Air Jordans!

    • looneytoonsindville

      This is just the radical left using another crisis to get freebies for its constituents. They need to shut up and sit down.

    • Recent College Grad

      I graduated from University in 2010, and did not have A/C in my middle school, Jr high school, high school, and in the majority of my college classrooms. I am tired of everyone “expecting” free things. It’s exactly what’s wrong with this country.

      All of these entitlement agreements are bs. I actually PAID to get taught in the heat. If these kids don’t like the heat, they should have studied harder so they wouldn’t have to be in summer school.

      I’m tired of my tax dollars going to waste because some ingrate children that will likely not contribute to society (and actually draw on society) just because someone is afraid the “racist” card will be played. Guess what, it’s not racist. It’s common sense. Man up, and stop expecting things…

      • Liz

        That’s what I was waiting for. What are they doing in summer school? Study during the school year and you are not stuck there during the summer.

    • JohnDave

      I was in the hospital in 63 and they were just installing AC. In school in Ohio in the 50’s and 60’s we also had no AC. These are crybabies. Toughen up.

    • Mr. Kelly

      I think most people did without AC in school that’s older than about 28 or so.
      I never had it at home. My parents built a brand new house in 93 and never put it in. They are 58. I didn’t have it until I was 26. Bought my first car with AC when I was 27.

    • Bill Galluccio

      Amen. I didn’t have A/C when I was in school and I’m only 26. It sucked but we dealt with it. Teachers actually would refuse to send bad students to the office because they realized we would act up and try to get sent to the office where there was A/C.
      The funny thing is in NJ the state required all new construction to have A/C but those classrooms were not allowed to turn it on since it wasn’t fair to everybody else.

  • Brian

    So John, you were such and idiot that you had to go to SUMMER SCHOOL all twelve years?

    • The Trident Report

      Brian is OWNED by John!

    • Joe

      No it didn’t…

    • Rich Pope

      ” duing “…John, you might want to ask your school for a refund.

    • Liz

      Yes, John. My schools did the same thing. But one of the parents in this story said that if her child did not pass this test they would not move on to the 4th grade. So I don’t think that this is the reason that these children are in summer school.

  • JS

    I love that this is even an issue. Next thing you know they’ll be complaining that their high tech touch screen computers went down and the teacher had to use CHALK. I would love to get a count of how many people reading this article had AC in school. For the record, I’m 28 and was under the impression that we were the spoiled generation.

    • brassquintet

      “For the record, I’m 28 and was under the impression that we were the spoiled generation.”

      Every generation gets more and more spoiled until everything collapses and the survivors have to start over again.

      • Fargin Bastiges

        I’m afraid we’ll have an opportunity to learn all about that soon.

      • ps

        @brassquintet which wont be long!!

      • Civil Unrest

        42, and never had AC in school. Most schools don’t have AC since schools are out during the hottest months.

        It’s obvious that the heat is just another excuse for why their poor children just can’t do well in school. It’s always something other than the child’s lack of intelligence, attention, or responsibility.

    • kittycat77

      Yeah, truly, we are a spoiled generation. And we have more problems than that too. Our generation has serious problems. Well, I won’t go into it. But we have been spoiled.

      We didn’t have computers when I went to school, and every teacher really did have to write on a chalk board with “chalk.”

    • Taz

      I will be 40 next month. Down here in Mississippi, we didn’t have air conditioning at my schools until I was in the 5th grade.

  • Dan

    The “journalist” who wrote this must be very young and very uninformed to think it is “hard to imagine” that kids actually attend schools without air conditioning.

    • Bob

      The idiot editor should have realized that it was person opinion and not reporting, Personal opinion in news reporting is the downfall of a wonderful profession.

      And yes, I went to school in the 40s and 50s without AC and used to sleep on the porch during the hot Texas nights to find a bit of a cool breeze,

      America has it too easy.

      • Rich Pope

        Bob, you used to sleep on the porch…right next to your washing machine and refrigerator all the while listening to Willy Nelson on the talkin’ box.

  • Linda

    How about they passed out water bottles! When I was in school we didn’t have A/C and we drank out of a drinking fountain! Guess what? There were actually kids with asthma and they are still alive without air conditioning!!! The children of today are so spoiled. The heat is so bad they are probably getting too tired to text and watch TV. Life is rough!

  • Vicky

    Wonder if U of C Lab School has a/c? Just aksin’.

  • WATCH: Summer School Students Face ‘Miserable’ Classroom Temperatures |

    […] fans available to the 16 percent of the district’s schools that are without air conditioning, the heat is still making a negative impact on many students, CBS 2 reported […]

  • Gene

    Boo hoo………..people have become such wimps. We were in the deep south and no a/c…….toughen up people and quit your whining!

  • Willie Johnson

    How’s everything for the Emmanuel kids over at the U of C Lab School? Frosty?

    • don't be yellus

      Pretty good. Learn to spell their names right so you can put it on the rent check in a couple years. LOSER.

  • k6614

    I’m sure it’s nothing that ‘throwing some more money into the education pit of hell’ or raising taxes on the productive segment of society can’t cure. /sarc off

    • Bruce B

      In Wisconsin our new Gov. Scott Walker (Rep.) fixed the school systems financial problems, but not without a lot of resistance, protesting, whining and near riot level mobs storming the capitol.

      • Tom Kron

        Balanced budget in Wisconsin by 2015

      • Rich Pope

        Scott Walker rocks!

    • brassquintet

      Surely they could overpay William Ayers to come up with a solution!

      • brassquintet

        “Maybe, just maybe, they’ll turn on their overlords.”

        Liberals hate it when minorities try to escape the Democrat Plantation. They send out their whip hands like Al and Jesse to bring the escapees back in line.

      • k6614

        Here, let me help….. those actually paying taxes are not paying enough. There are those in schools without a/c…. never mind that we can’t afford our own a/c and are eating mac and cheese. We’re not doing enough! Never mind that 80% of property tax bills go to the schools and they can’t manage to buy $350 window a/c units. Cry me a freakin river……. let them sweat. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll turn on their overlords.

  • Amalfitano

    TAX DOLLARS!!!!!…Those DOLLARS Obviously have run out of Pockets to Fill!!!

    I le4ft Chicago over 30 years ago to come to a State with NO INCOME TAX…..BTW… Hows That Tri-State (294) Tollway oing…Paid Off Yet…..Look at the Bright Side… a DALEY isnt using your $$$ foe BIG STEAKS and under the table $$$


    (P.S)…I would appreciate a DEAD TUNA………….

  • brassquintet

    Roundup is a weed and grass killer, not an insecticide….

    • Christopher, Georgetown, Kentucky

      Roundup kills almost everything. The active ingrediants (glyphosate for one) can be very toxic by themselves and the combined product can easily kill a human with 50ml ingestion (survivability unlikely to exceed 200ml). Aquatic life is usually less tolerant than weeds. To the best of my knowledge insectoid studies have probably only been cunducted by unsupervised children.

    • brassquintet

      former editor (high school, college), sorry….

    • No One Special

      How observant of you know notice. Obviously, you are far above the mediocre intellect I am accustomed to…you know, like my weakened state of mental processing. Were you always an exterminator of pithy comments, or is it a recent acquisition?

  • GM

    The parents of these kids pay little or no taxes so they shouldn’t say anything.

    • Lyndia

      although most of the children that goes to penn school, are low income parents. they do pay taxes, perhaps not a lot but they pay taxes. they also have the right to complain if there are issues in the school that affects their children. That is called REPONSIBLE PARENTING.

      • Right

        If they’re low-income they’re probalbly in subsiidized housing and not paying taxes.

      • Susan Anderson Robbins

        then perhaops they shouldn’t have had children if they cannot provide funds for better conditions in school. Responsible parenting requires two parents who planned for children and decided when they could not afford more. They also didn’t rely on other people’s money to raise them. Responsible parenting is not a mother who had the kid at 14 and has to go on Maury Povich to find which one fo the fifteen men tested is the baby’s daddy

    • brassquintet

      Uh, schools are funded mostly from property tax, which is directly derived from all homeowners and indirectly from all renters.

      The federal government provides only about 10% of all public K-12 education funding, and most of that is earmarked for specific purposes like hot lunch programs.

      • Julie

        Um, that’s what GM means. If you have taxes that are low, as the houses are not worth much, those property taxes can’t pay for A/C’s.

      • Rich Pope

        Bond issues are what pay for school buildings and thus the air-conditioning. It has nothing to do with taxes.

      • Run for the hills pale rider

        Section 8 housing recipients do not pay property taxes from money they earn.
        One branch of government hands the money over to another branch of government.
        Welfare and food stamps are just money transfers amongst government agencies.
        A select group (that is fast becoming the minority, already the worlds minority) actually pays money into the evil system.
        Educate these kids how to run a register; flip burgers; clean government office buildings; and drive a school bus because those will be the only jobs left to do in the new and unimproved america.
        Civilization is crumbling for a very good reason.

      • brassquintet

        Rich said: “Bond issues are what pay for school buildings and thus the air-conditioning. It has nothing to do with taxes.”

        Yo Rich, how do you think the bonds get repaid if not via taxes?

        Does the bond fairy wave a magic wand?

  • Hulk-Delaware

    It’s a good thing the republicans don’t run chicago else ‘They’d all be screaming racism. Since the dems rule the place no one cares about the inner city children

    • Bruce Brinkmann

      So true.

    • brassquintet

      Google: Chicago most segregated city.

      Isn’t it ironic that the most segregated major city in the USA has been controlled by Democrats for the last 60+ years?

    • jadams76

      Democrat politicians and the quiet racism of dependency on government. Just pull the [D] lever like you’re told and we give you welfare, Medicaid, food stamps and section 8 housing. After that……Meh…..see you next election. Like all rich libs,MY kids are going to private school so I don’t have to be affected by the corrupt deals I make with the NEA and unions for their money and votes. “It’s a family decision” don’t you know.

  • David

    It’s actually what’s hard to imagine that this country not only survived but THRIVED for generations without air conditioning in schools, businesses and homes.

    As for the schools, maybe air conditioning is the problem with poor performance. It’s possible that the cold air is freezing their little brain cells.

  • ralph

    Maybe the little bastids will be more motivated to avoid summer school next year.

    • Pimpy le pue

      Good one!
      School is the only place these urchins are feed. Mattress-back got better “things” to do than feed those kids a bag of doritos and a coke.

      Like mama said, “don’t feed the stray dogs, they won’t go away if you do.”

      They will be back next year.

  • No One Special

    You ladies and gentlemen are being very inconsiderate. Have any of you possess the slightest clue of the difficulty associated with sleeping in class when it is in the upper nineties? Such lack of sensitivity in this place.

    • DM

      And the heat melts their crack and meth

      • lyndia

        how do you know the heat melt their crack and meth? isn that what happens to you kid in school?

      • Obama Bama Bing Bong

        Don’t wanna get sweat on the Air Jordans.

  • Jason, Chicago

    Let me guess, Rahm’s kids were just fine in their air conditioned private schools…

  • fed up

    Gez. . . toughen up ya little candybutts! We never had airconditioning AND had to walk 3/4 of a mile. . .my mom wore starchy leggings under a dress. . .We have a bunch of sissies nowdays. Maybe they sweat som of that fat off while they sit in the heat.

    • No One Special


  • reallynow

    The solution is to increase teacher’s pay and benefits, shorten their work week, and of course smaller class size.

    • brassquintet

      “Pay for performance” is going to be abused so that the local teachers unions can actually purge their ranks even further of anyone not toeing the communist line.

    • No One Special

      Before you start complaining about teachers, remember this…they are hiring. If it is so wonderful, why don’t you sign up?

      • brassquintet

        The colleges and universities in Illinois turn out about eight times as many teacher candidates per year as there are openings. In some fields like math and chemistry, it’s only 4:1, but in language arts and social studies, the ratio is closer to 15:1.

        There should be plenty of applicants – but then again, who in their right mind would want to teach in a school system that has been Democrat-controlled for over 60 years?

    • Rich Pope

      You should read “Freakonomics”. The book correctly points out that incentives like performance based pay for teachers only caused teacher in Chicago to cheat on standardized tests.

    • brassquintet

      Rich Pope said:

      “The book correctly points out that incentives like performance based pay for teachers only caused teacher in Chicago to cheat on standardized tests.”

      Ah, there is only ONE way to do performance based pay, and Chicago tried that approach and it failed, so we should never try anything to do with performance based pay ever again!

  • DM

    Why don’t they open up lemonaide stands to raise money for air conditioners?

    Oh, that’s right, they need a permit.

    Maybe they could get some gubmunt stimlus money.

    Oh, that’s right, it was given to the unions.

    I guess the kids are SOL. I wonder how kids got thru school 50 years ago before A/C was common place.

  • Johnny

    I guarantee most of you never went to unairconditioned school in 100 degree heat. Stop trying to act like you’re better than the younger generation.

    • dm

      I did, numb nut.

    • brassquintet

      Is that because it was much cooler when we went to summer school?

      • k6614

        OMG… that was priceless.

    • Georgia cracker

      I guarantee that anyone who grew up in the deep South before 1970 did.

    • Wolf

      I bet you’re wrong. All we ever had were a couple of fans and were happy to have those. Try unloading / loading trailers (UPS) by hand, that have been in the sun all day. You learn what salt tablets are all about. Think of our men and women in the military and what they have to put up with to protect your whinny backside. The world is not air conditioned … get use to it.

      • Francesca

        Get USED to it.

  • brassquintet

    “It was the most memorable time of my life. It was a touching moment. I mean I never thought this day would happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won’t have to worry about paying mortgage….You know, if I help him, he’s gonna help me…”

  • Julio Pezuka

    Oh, poor Dakota Ivy. Hes aint gonna bes able to take hims test. Please Chicago, keep your schools the Democrat created cesspools that they are so that these idiots can never leave. Keep the slavery to uncle Rahm alive and well. I never attended a school or university with air conditioning and believe me warmers, it has been this hot before.

    • brassquintet

      Democrat Plantation.

      It’s ironic that those who suffered the most under slavery so willingly give so much control of their lives to the very party that oppresses them the most.

  • Crow

    Change you can FEEL.

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